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  1. ya cant beat the chevy 350
  2. i recently visited so cal (temecula, murrieta, lake elsinore) and i must have seen about 100 lifted chevy trucks....not ford or dodge, lifted chevys. and they all looked sick, i only saw one lowered truck. lifted trucks are very popular in so cal
  3. mx221

    2 stroke or 4 which on should i get?

    first off i own both....but my 2 stroke is a ktm. the only 125's i would ever buy would be the yz or sx, the cr just plain sucks. IMO, after riding my new 06 crf, i will never buy another 125 smoker agian <--i think that just answered your question.
  4. mx221

    what i hate about 4 strokes!!

    uh check your valves? changing your oil shouldnt make your bike hard to start. dont know how to check your valves? go to your local honda delar and have them do it.
  5. mx221

    the best air filter

    well, you should not be concerned about the best "preforming" air filter, what you should be concerned about is the oil/filter combo you use. i use no toil filters with no toil oil, it works awsome. trust me, you will feel no difference between a k@n, twin air, no toil ect...theyre all the same.
  6. im thinkin about doin that to my 83' toyota 4x4
  7. mx221

    07 silverado

    its not the best looking chevy ever i think the 03-06's were my fav. but, it is WAY better looking than the dodge mega cab and the new interior kicks ass. chevy seems to be more advanced in interior and technology than ford and dodge. not saying that those are bad trucks, but i dont see dodge with a nav system, or a ford with onstar. but, i gotta give credit to dodge, they have awsome looking trucks, and the Hemi just kicks ass.....untill you compare it to he 6.0
  8. that truck has been beaten to hell...do like i did, buy truck from an old guy...mine had seat covers from the day he bought it to the day he sold it...my interior looks brand new, and my paint is perfect
  9. my 5.7 gets 14.5, my dads 5.3 gets around 20-22
  10. mx221

    will it pull?

    get a CR 500, they tow a ton
  11. nor-cal, like 30 miles east of sacramento
  12. thanks, the stock sterio goes away as soon as i get payed. the truck was $4200
  13. 92 silverado, 2wd, 72,000 original miles 5.7TBI http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b111/mx221/100_0137.jpg http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b111/mx221/100_0136.jpg http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b111/mx221/100_0135.jpg http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b111/mx221/100_0134.jpg
  14. mx221

    sx145 for 2007?

    well i am personal friends with patrick Garrahan, the northern california KTM rep, he says it will be a complete 144 motor...
  15. mx221

    sx145 for 2007?

    its not a 125 with a bore kit its not a race motor its STOCK and it just happens to be a 144 pump gas will be fine