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  1. Since I dont know what year... check these... http://www.afabcorp.com/AFCO_Dynatech_USbrake/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=Dynatech&Category_Code=truck_suvGM
  2. Get some long tubes, throw in an H pipe and make it a true dual system.
  3. jason230

    Pic of bad head, Advice needed

    about the only thing that could maybe be done is have it weld filled and then clean it back up with a die grinder and carbide bit.
  4. jason230

    Polishing or cleaning the frame

    i used Soft Scrub and a sponge and that did pretty well.
  5. jason230

    Leaking Fuel Help!

    Yea the issue is crappy fuel sitting in the float bowl for too long.
  6. jason230

    Cool Pic From My Race Today

    that is a pretty sweet pic... where did u place?
  7. jason230


    400sm with the 470 kit haha
  8. jason230

    White RMZ plastic

    Shoulda tried your local dealer... I know most of the time I can get stuff for people in about 3 days.
  9. jason230

    Working on my scrubs

    Riding A locally and B at Loretta's cause everyone there kicks ass... think about it.
  10. wow that track is super rocky... would suck to go down there. great pics though!
  11. jason230

    Pics of my buddy crashing!

    yea that looks like it coulda hurt pretty bad, nice hard packed and rocky dirt... last time i wrecked was almost 2 months ago and im still recovering from it (strained back muscles and disk slightly knocked out of line). glad to hear he didnt get too hurt
  12. jason230


    from what i understand the answer is yes... you will just have an extra bolt hole in the '07 shroud.
  13. jason230

    RMZ450 Jetting

    the only time you will really need to re-jet is if its gets very hot/humid or very cold... im kinda having that problem right now as its been very humid and hot lately.
  14. jason230

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Here is an updated pic of mine... Doesn't look like much but I've added red ASVs, black Pro Taper bars, and cycra fenders and front number plate. New chain and sprockets will be added probably after this weekend as I need to get the top end checked out so I might as well swap them out too while the bike is down. Lots of SC-1 was used as well
  15. jason230

    Stewart Scrubb?!?!

    Yea Stewart had some nice scrubs this weekend... For anyone that knows Randall Everett, he had some very nice ones as well during the day saturday that were very worthy.