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    my habit is motocross
  1. 723onYZ250f

    YZ250 which one to get?

    Hey if u want a yz250 u should just get an orange one aka ktm. Its faster, hydralic clutch and all the other madness that comes stock and at some point they made an ignition plug that gives u a choice between a "race" or smoother powerband yet it's still fast enough for the pro class. No clutch flicking really required to get through corners either
  2. 723onYZ250f

    need help clearing jumps...

    Dont guess that your bike is revving too high or loud or whatever. You will know when it is hitting the rev limiter. It may have that weak, hollow loudness to it if you are just holding a constant speed . You wont jump as far and you will think its revved but I doubt it. Always be accelerating or slowing down. Dont hold it constant. My second guess is fryed clutch. Have a more experienced rider check it out if you arent sure. Should be able to tell in a few seconds though.
  3. 723onYZ250f

    making it through the first corner

    Ouch! Did I mention I would never try that in a SX? anyone with a pipe and big rear sprocket might pull on my bone stocker on a lil SX straight.
  4. 723onYZ250f

    Dirty Rider

    ....Sometimes the dirt doesn't make good enough berms. what? When you get the big paycheck, it is even worse to be dirty in my mind. YOu're expected to ride agressive, block pass, make close passes, etc. but we have all seen some of these top riders throw away races for trying to hard to put someone in the dirt or payback. Just in Atlanta, Sorby takes out I think Preston? they get back up and preston wings his bike at Sorby. This was in the heat and they threw away a chance at the main. I would be one pissed off team manager. And I still remember when J Grant completely flew off the track trying to take someone out and missing! hahaha
  5. 723onYZ250f

    making it through the first corner

    My style is to start from somewhat outside to far outside and cut down on people. I practice getting off the gate a lot ahead of time so I almost always have a good jump and when I cut down it seems to really scare most guys and they back way off. If they don't back off then I get right up next to them so they really know I'm there. Probably wouldn't do a lot of good in the pro class but you're racing kids, right?
  6. 723onYZ250f

    im sore!!

    Stretch when you are done. Ride more. Your body will get used to it again. I took 5 months off and then rode 5 days straight, took a day off, then rode 2 more. I felt your pain, not to mention I had huge rashes by day 3 because all the hairs that grew back on my inner thigh were being ripped back out.
  7. 723onYZ250f

    making it through the first corner

    What track you talkin bout man? If you get a bad jump off the gate, that is when you maybe let off a little bit and hug the very inside when everyone is sliding outside. If you have a front wheel on the riders around you, you have to be confident to stay on the gas and use the whole corner, unless you have the skill to cut down(james stewart style) and still hold your momentum. But even he gets slammed when riders behind him don't expect him to do that. Visualize the start ahead of time 3-4 times before your moto on top of practicing it on practice day alone.
  8. 723onYZ250f

    making it through the first corner

    Preperation adds to your confidence so make sure you are well practiced before you ever get to the line. Be calm but think cocky. I feel like the more confident I am, the less likely I am to go down, whether I get hit or not. IF the guy behind you is hitting you maybe it is saying you need to practice carrying speed through that corner rather than slam the brakes. Could just be a madman, too.
  9. 723onYZ250f

    Quick question about mid-air revving???

    It also can help keeping the rpm's from being idle. Helps a little with landing for me. My bike has quite a hesitation when I get on the gas from idle. It's so cool. . . . .
  10. 723onYZ250f

    staying low

    Easiest to see at 2:24 and other places, too. Smaller jumps. Its subtle in some places. look close. Hips are right up against the bars on takeoffs.
  11. 723onYZ250f

    staying low

    The best and easiest way to stay low without using much energy is to lean way foward up the face of the jump, and then let you legs come up under you as you leave the lip. It is like the anti preload. It helps you to drive foward instead of up and you will need to carry more momentum. It will feel really wierd at first. Watch the pros. Stewart seems to exaggerate this more than the rest esp in SX. YOU TUBE!
  12. 723onYZ250f

    Im I to late to have to become a pro

    Not to shit on on your dreams but I might possibly be dropping a big dump here. First off, I want to point out the fact that you more than likely will not become fast enough to make money with support or not, so just make sure you have a lot of fun while doing it. Lots of things come in to play. Injury- Either your body or your parents might get fed up with them. They come with big bills and scare the crap out of your loved ones. I have a handful of friends that instantly lost all money support once their parents got sick of those. As far as money goes, you better have a lot even to think about competing. Being 14, Im assuming you don't have an income? In the past 3 weeks I have spent $2200 on moto JUST TO PRACTICE LOCALLY. just needed some routine stuff, top end, clutch, tires, bars, oil, filters, fork rebuild, gas, and track entry fees. And guess what, now i have another blown fork seal and a bald rear tire, a wobbly cracked rim and a leaky radiator. I only practiced 12 times on one bike. Many of the kids I race against have 3 bikes and practiced almost everyday. If you want to turn pro you have to put in serious ride time. When you do that bikes tend to last 6 months or so. It would be easy for me to spend $20+k a year just to race locally. In most people's case, unless you're really lucky, somewhere between 16-18 your parents start to expect you to grow up. As soon as you go for that J O B forget about it. I know this is looking at the top level but there is a video on youtube where trey canard's mom said they spent about $500,000 on him as an ameatur and I just read I think ,Josh Hill, estimated his parents being $400,000 in debt so he can get to where he is now. Big numbers
  13. 723onYZ250f

    How many hours do you ride?

    Are you looking to ride for fun or race motocross competively? These bikes can handle a lot of time on them if its in the desert. You might go a whole year or 2 before needing a top end depending on how you ride(making sure you clean that air filter like every ride and oil every 3). If you are trying to see how much time you should put in to race and actually get good, think of it this way- Imagine yourself going through grade school trying to read, but you only had reading for an hour and a half every week or even 2. It would be hard to get good or even retain much information at all. In reality, you read everyday in school. To become good at dirtbikes, you have to treat it like learning to read.
  14. 723onYZ250f

    How many hours do you ride?

    I dont have an hour meter myself but my riding buddy did. I got my bike before him and he was at 100+ hrs when he did his top end on his CRF250. I did it 2 weeks later so its safe to say it was up there but still fine. All of this was track time put in in about 5 months with lots of hard laps. The guide saying 25hrs for a top end or whatever is BS if you keep strict maintanence. Another friend of mine rode about 5 days a week for a year straight in the pro class before thinking he needed a top end, which it turned out he didn't necessarily.
  15. 723onYZ250f

    Fingers on levers???

    I almost always do both as a habit but one of my trainers(whom used to be one of the top national guys back in the day) prefers to only keep the clutch side in case fatigue or mental error sets in and you grab a lever on accident. This guy is quick, too. In his mid 30's, I watched him run with Alessi on his pro debut. Anyone know which track that was truely at?????????