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  1. DRZ400SK4

    These Sure Are Great Sand Bikes....

    Some recent GoPro video from my sandy beaches ride along the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland, on my KLX450R. Be sure to select 720p HD, for best quality playback...
  2. Some recent GoPro video from my sandy beaches ride along the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland. Be sure to select 720p HD, for best quality playback...
  3. DRZ400SK4

    A Day At The Beach

    My day at the beach last week (Select 'HD' for best playback results). Let's see your's...
  4. DRZ400SK4

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    My 'Life's a Beach' GoPro video (June 2013). KLX450R & TE310...Select HD for best playback results...
  5. DRZ400SK4

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    An update from me, along with a video clip from a recent coastal trail ride...
  6. DRZ400SK4

    For The TE310 Guys

    Thought you might enjoy this... http://www.thumperta...nt-rosie-trail/
  7. DRZ400SK4

    The Point Rosie Trail

    My buddy Lorenzo took Friday off work and we headed down the Burin Peninsula to run the trail along the coast from Garnish to Point Rosie. Of the many trails I've ridden around the island, this one's my all time favorite, so I was eager to give Lorenzo the tour, since this would be his first time riding the route. The new bridge at Scott's Brook was out once again, this time thanks to heavy river ice last winter, so we had to cross the old school way. Unlike the last time I rode through there, the water level was pretty low, so it wasn't nearly as dicey as when my buddy Brian and I last crossed it. Not deep this time, but still very slick and strewn with boulders. Here's an HD GoPro video of some of the highlights from along the route. It looks best if you use the 'change quality' feature on the player, once the video begins, and select 1080p... And here's a handful of photos from our most excellent afternoon on the trail. Try not to give Lorenzo too much of a hard time about forgetting his MX pants, and having to wear his jeans on the ride......
  8. DRZ400SK4

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Just a recent shot of mine...
  9. DRZ400SK4

    Photo of my KLX - let's see yours...

    Just a few clips of mine thrown together from last year's riding season...
  10. DRZ400SK4

    Doh!...Blue Smoke

    I thought of that, but there's no sign of oil being blown into the airbox through the vent line, and no sign of oil, other than the red filter oil I use, on the foam filter. I ride my bike harder than many people do, but maintain it well. If it doesn't puff smoke for 2,000 kms, and then suddenly starts doing it, that indicates there might be an issue which needs attention, in my opinion. Nothing to do with polishing. Yep... Same moto-tune style break-in I've always done with my bikes, and it ran very well and didn't smoke for many miles of hard technical trail riding, after break-in. That was my feeling too, but was hoping there might be something simple I may not have thought about. But if there are lots of other riders experiencing these same blue/white puffs of smoke when they blip the throttle, I may just live with it for another season of riding, and reconsider new rings and piston next winter. Thanks to all for your input.
  11. DRZ400SK4

    Doh!...Blue Smoke

    Doesn't seem to matter...I can start it after it's sat for a week, and when I blip the throttle I get the puff of blue-ish oil smoke, or I can go for a ride, and when I return blip the throttle, and it will give me the same little puff of blue oil smoke. That's why I'm doubting that it's valve stem seals, because in that case you'd probably only notice it after the bike had sat for awhile. besides, bad valve stem seals at only 2500 kms would be unusual. If I'm using oil it's not much, but it's hard to tell, since I change the oil so often. But it's definitely oil smoke, and not smoke from a rich state of tune. Aside from the colour, you can smell burnt oil in the puffs of smoke. Unspent fuel smoke, caused by a rich state, has a definitive gasoline smell.
  12. DRZ400SK4

    Doh!...Blue Smoke

    It's blue-ish/white oil smoke, not the black smoke you typically see from a rich state.
  13. DRZ400SK4

    Doh!...Blue Smoke

    It may be something common with these bikes, as you guys have suggested, but it's not black smoke like you'd normally expect from a rich state, and it has only started doing it recently. It's definitely blue-ish/white oil smoke, that has that distinct oil smoke smell. The bike starts easily hot or cold, and runs top-notch (pulls like a freight train), but I'd love to know how oil is reaching the combustion chamber in amounts great enough to cause the puffs of smoke when I blip the throttle. In my experience that usually means bad valve stem seals or blow-by getting past the rings.
  14. DRZ400SK4

    Doh!...Blue Smoke

    If I give my bike a shot of gas while it's idling, I get a little puff of blue smoke from the exhaust. But not seeing any blue smoke under hard acceleration. And no blue smoke on start up on the choke when cold, or on warm start up without the choke, as long as I don't blip the throttle. -The air filter isn't over oiled. -I'm not over full on oil. I changed the oil and filter and refilled with the correct amount to make sure. -No sign of oil on the exhaust valve stems when you look through the ports, so I'm pretty sure it's not the exhaust stem seals. -I'm thinking of pulling the carb to get a look at the intake valve stems to look for oil on those, but haven't done that yet. -The bike has fairly high hours but low mileage (2500 kms). Lots of slow speed bump and grind technical riding. -Plug electrode colour looks spot on and is clean, but I do see a small amount of oil residue on the plug threads. -Full FMF exhaust system, AIS removed, JD jetting kit, airbox opened up. Looking for input on something simple I may not have thought of, before I tear down the top end. Thanks in advance.
  15. DRZ400SK4

    Marysvale to Harbour Grace

    Those are railway trestles, left over from before the railway route was decommissioned. The old defunct railbeds make for excellent ATV throughways, with most of the old trestles still holding up well. There are usually bypasses or homemade bridges in place, where the trestles have become washed out or fallen into disrepair, too. Hopefully we'll squeeze in another trail riding adventure soon, bud.