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    Riding & racing moto x and Baja 500 and gp My bikes yz450f and yz250f,ttr230 pit desert race wr450.
  1. Racin Jason

    Differences between wr 426 and xr650 ???

    426 Hmmm well im a yamaha guy and i wont own a 426 somthing about them make them harder to start . Way fasy and handle great but my yz426 would have me tired befor even riding it . I raced the baja 500 on a 05 wr450 It worked great more power than you can use and its light had a great time . 15-45 steel sprockets worked for baja .
  2. Racin Jason

    TTer's at Baja 500

    Hey If you have any questions let me know I will try to help . Here are some pics http://www.myspace.com/175458 If you have any vid ome me that would be cool You have my team mate on your vid looking for his rider change spot . lol He looks lost 305x . Let me know if you want to pre run or just go riding . ttyl ...........................................................Jason here is my e mail address jasonseamans@yahoo.com
  3. Thats is so messed up thats why i was not going to take my enclosed trailer to mexico when I raced baja . But for it to happen here just makes it even more messed up . Sorry 8-(
  4. Racin Jason

    whos switched from a 450F to a 250F

    I have both but i really like riding my 250 it is like more controled . I tend to use the 450f when i race desert or gp race when i race moto x i like to use the 250.
  5. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    I ran out of gas and water and allmost died preruning baja this year . The race was still fun .
  6. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    Ha Ha so robert are we going to do the 1000? We should start training now. I still cant believe you ate that taco . Yuck Some people just love dick taco's Somebody please find some pics of Robert He got beating his section was tough and i want to see what he looked like taking a beating .
  7. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    Thats cool I saw your bike on the start I had some trouble in that race but we still finished . That bike sounded mean was it beat up after the race did anyone go down on it im just wondering if the heads hit the ground and if it held up good . I liked that bike we where both the odd balls it wasnt a yamaha event thats for sure . maybe to in the race in dif classes . hit me up
  8. Racin Jason

    XR 650 inverted fork ?

    Upsidedown forks are not so great when it come to desert racing . If you talk to my tech steve at shock theripy he will tell you why . I have them on my 05 wr450 but i dont think it would have made a dif either way . One thing bad about the usd forks is the tripple clamps tend to cause friction and the uper tubes bend slightly and cause stiction in a long desert race when things get hot that is not good. std forks are casted and they cant flex down there and if the tubes bend a litle bit at the top it will not effect the ride . The std forks allso absorb vibration and front hit shock beter . The whole upsidedown fork thing is just bling when it come to desert bikes . For Moto x it is lighter and the track is groomed so the your not hitting rocks at 100 mph . I would save my money and get things that make racing easyer . a great steering stabilizer and large tank and get your stock shocks set up . Good luck im done rambling . And my spelling sucks today im tired .
  9. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    thanks that is Patrick hes rider 2 cool
  10. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    Yes it is a BMW he was fast for how big that bike was he was in my class. He did great .
  11. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    Great vid Yeah my guy that was in the vid had a tristed leg and he was looking for his rider change so he was going way slow he didn't cruz the whole time . You saw my pic in the post befor this one I couldnt even see (( Notice no goggles))and I was pinned he would have dont the same but its hard to lok around while haulin ass and dealing with other things. We finished that was good for now .
  12. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    Dave you rock thats me My goggle got wrecked i was blind with dirt in my eyes but i was pinned lol How can i have that pic? WHat does it cost to buy all my pics? I am a photographer i use a Nikon d2x and a nikon d70 depending on where I am going I know what a pain it is to take your gear in the dust and beat it up . Im ready to buy all the pics of 305x I like the one you posted a lot . Let me know my reg e mail address is jasonseamans@yahoo.com 8-) thanks
  13. Racin Jason

    Yamahas winning the Baja 500 again?

    I was the yamaha in class 30 the bike worked great the whole race I started the race and i ended the race rider 305x jason Seamans a couple of my riderer where injured but we still finished the race .
  14. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    I just saw the vid and out injured guy is riding where the cam was . That sicks b/c he was limpin along just to make it to his stop . Oh well I rode the start and finish of the race so there should be some good pics and vids of that .
  15. Racin Jason

    BAJA 500 - part 1 - Bikes N Quads !

    I am looking for more pics of the 2005 baja 500 Im rider 305x I want to see if there are any good one's . If anyone see a site that has the pics up let me know . I looked at dirtfocus.com they didnt have any good pics of out team .