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  1. crf450x4me

    Met Bruce Penhall in San Diego

    met Brucen at Shane Hollys party in Garden grove back in the 80s and of course went to the collisium and watched him race for the championship.He was real cool and down to earth back then too.
  2. crf450x4me

    Let's ride !

    monday morning at the spanglers we will be at teagle wash white chevy with little white trailer and 1 NRG toyhauler.come out should be EPIC
  3. crf450x4me

    Rain @ Spangler

    will be in the spanglers on monday should be epic
  4. crf450x4me


    go to Spanglers you and the boys will have more fun
  5. crf450x4me

    Is there a SUPER STAR of KNEE Surgery in SoCAL ?

    Dr Karazi,Lakers dr, he is the best.did my shoulder a few years back and it has never been better
  6. crf450x4me

    Johnson Valley/Spangler...

    according to the satellite images they both got a few showers since friday.nothing major,
  7. crf450x4me

    The Original Saddleback Park

    i rode saddleback in the early 80s.One time we were there riding when they were having a national and my self and about 5 other people watch Bob Hannah fly off of the Matahorn,burm the bottom flip a u turn and roost right back up.Like it was nothing.I was 17 at the time and it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen done on a dirt bike.Saddle back was awesome i really miss that place.
  8. crf450x4me

    BLM / Sheriff Incident

    i wonder if those guys would like to go out shooting with me and a few friends?
  9. crf450x4me

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    did a few of you guys truck your bikes in today?If so i believe i seen you leaving.did u get stuck behind the Parade?
  10. crf450x4me

    Why do you guys with 2005-2006's move upto 2009's+ ?

    yeah,get a EFI dirt bike and then have to get it smogged ,thats sounds awesome "not"
  11. crf450x4me

    idle screw

    Run some STABIL through it.If your bike sits you MUST use STABIL.You will be amazed what that stuff will do.Give it a try I think its the jets in the carb are gunked up.
  12. crf450x4me

    jawbone sat sun

    take the time to go out to the Spangler hills riding area. you wont be dis appointed.Jaw Bone just down right sucks,unless you ride up into the Piutes.i am going out on a limb but i think most of the Piutes are closed.Snow more snow and last years fires ruined the Piutes for now.
  13. crf450x4me

    California Cal City CLOWNS

    This goes out to the CLOWNS that roosted mud,dirt and sand on ME,Thanks for the tire tracks on my new helmet and you got my DIRT bike dirty.You are lucky i wasnt wearing my helmet cam cause i would ?????????
  14. crf450x4me

    Where to go this weekend?

    dont waste your time with Stoddard OHV.If you are going for a couple days you might as well go out toward Cal City or Red mountain area the riding is awesome and beginner friendly.Stay away from the Spanglers,unless you like crowds.There is an AMA National out there this weekend.Have fun and be safe.
  15. crf450x4me

    Jawbone Canyon now OFFICIALLY SUCKS.

    I think Jawbone has SUCKED for the last 5 to 6 years now.You should take your family to the RED MOUNTAIN area.Very large area and pretty much every type of riding for every one.