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  1. tripleup05

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Nah Roper built them for Sears. Late 70's. It's a 16hp Onan twin
  2. tripleup05

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    From back when Sears sold good stuff...
  3. tripleup05

    CRF50 carb frustrations

    Just ordered it...four years later lol
  4. 2 I purchased and installed Eddie's free power mod harness and his over-sized battery box bracket many years ago, and the Yuasa YTZ10S I bought to go with it finally died. Time to replace.
  5. tripleup05

    NoToil filter for 02-06 model fitment issue

    It's an 05. I didn't realize they were different in 02. I've heard Twin Air filters are great, but ive heard that about NoToil as well. I think I'll just get another OEM and start using No Toil on it after washing out the Maxima FFT or whatever unholy concoction Honda oils their filters with.
  6. I recently decided to move away from the OEM filters and petroleum based oils and the harsh chemicals they require to clean. I bought a No Toil filter due to its supposed ease of use. However, I'm definitely concerned about the fit using the stock filter cage. As you can see, it doesn't fit square at all. Visually, it seems like it fits the airbox very nicely at the top, but on the sides, which is unfortunately impossible to see, it does't feel like its fitting at all. I can push my finger between the filter and airbox base until I hit the lip of the base. Anyone else have this issue with No Toil filters on their older CRFs? I feel like an idiot, but I can't get the darn thing to fit like the OEM filter to save my life. With that said, the lip of the base did push into the filter pretty deep everywhere but the top right. Maybe its fine to run like this? And yea, I know I need to clean my airbox. I haven't rode at all with the filter. The grime it picked up was from me fighting to get it installed correctly.
  7. tripleup05


    I was killing it pretty good all year. I was about 35th with two rounds to go last year, but did terrible and ended up 500-something
  8. tripleup05

    DIY Fuel stabilizer?

    Awesome advice. Thank you. The 450R and DRZ400 stay in the folks' basement, whereas the kids' bikes and the KLR are stuck outside under a shed. Its the ones outside that give me trouble. The shed is dry, but definitely exposured to the Georgia humidty and temp fluctuations. Being from Va, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I might see if he'll move them inside as well, or maybe I'll bring them here to stay in my garage. I'm tired of cleaning carbs
  9. tripleup05

    DIY Fuel stabilizer?

    Thanks for the input. I have 6 bikes ( (2) 50's, (1) 100, 2 dual sports, and a 450mxer) that I keep at my parent's place.. Sometimes me and the kids get over there to ride every weekend, but there are often stretches of 2 to 3 month periods where at least a few of the bikes aren't run. If I know one of the bikes won't be ridden for more than a month, should I shut off the petcock and run the float bowl dry (dry carb, full to the brim tank)?
  10. tripleup05

    DIY Fuel stabilizer?

    So you guys leave your tanks full with Stabil treated gas, but what about fuel in the carb? Do yall drain the float bowls if the engine isn't going to be run for awhile?
  11. tripleup05

    Non-running 2004 450 EXC value?

    I think I'm gonna pass on it. I'm not in the mood (or financial position) to shell out big bucks to fix it if something goes wrong with it. Heck, I can't even fix the bogging issue after multiple tries
  12. Long story short, a buddy brought his poorly running '04 to my place over a year ago to work on it. I cleaned the carb numerous times and improved it slightly, but I never got it running good. It still bogged and backfired terribly. I've heard the header on these bikes can be faulty and never seal right with the engine, and I suspect that may be going on with this bike. Anyway, its sat for about a year at my place without being started, and even though the bowl was drained, it won't start now, so I suspect the carb is gummed up with gas residue. Friend has apparently lost all interest in it, as he's hinting about selling it to me. I'm not opposed to the idea, but I don't really know what it would be worth. BikeFinds has these things from $2500+, but I feel that's way too high for a non running bike, especially for one that ran rough when it was actually running. I hate to insult my buddy, but I'm feeling about $1K. Am I way off base?
  13. tripleup05

    DRZ400sm idles but won't rev

    I don't think this is completely correct. Years ago, my Z did something similar to what the OP is experiencing. My bike would idle fine, but wouldn't rev. Granted, it didn't die like OP is experiencing, but it would miss real bad and not rev at all with the slightest throttle. After chasing electrical gremlins and all electrical specs within service manual guidelines, I swapped my stator with a fellow TT member to check it. With his stator, my bike ran just fine. Stator was the problem, even though it passed all the voltmeter tests.
  14. tripleup05

    Found my stolen yz450f!

    Glad you posted this. I thought I was the only one scratching my head
  15. The pilot jet is defintely clear, as its brand new. I could not get fishing line through the passage in the carb body as previously suggested, but brake cleaner shot through it no problem, so I'm not sure if its clear or not. Fuel screw is set to 1 3/4 turns out, which I think is factory. Its a buddy's bike, and without a service manual, there's no way I'm putting the valve cover off a bike I don't own and aren't familiar with. He's on his own there. As far as the air leak goes, how would I check for that? Spray brake cleaner around the boots and listen for an RPM change?