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  1. Don07DRZ400S

    How much is my 2012 pig worth?

    I absolutley LOVE this bike.. I really do. It has 1000 easy miles ridden by a 49 year old man... following mods; DG pipe (sounds awesome) Rejetted carb cut hole in top of air box Led tail lights (front and rear) small rear tail/brake light assembly. The bike has never seen the dirt... all road miles... all by me. I drove it at the dealer with .2 miles on it.. I have ridden every mile. I changed the oil and adjusted valves at 600 miles... it really is a cream puff. My wife has agreed to ride along with me if I buy a street bike... so in the spring.. the XRL my need to go.... Still not 100%, and I am not desperate.. just wanting some input. Thanks!!! Don donlx90@yahoo.com
  2. Don07DRZ400S

    My New 2012 XR650L..?

    Congrats on the new bike. I just bought a 2012 XR650L about 2 months ago.. just turned 500 miles and am gonna need the 1st service (600 miles) pretty soon. I actually purchased the 4 year extended warranty. I have already; de snorkled removed smog Daves mods & rejet Aftermarket DG slip on pop LED turn signals (front & rear) took HUGE tail light assembly off and put on the small tail light. I absolutely love this bike. The small mods that I have done really WOKE the bike up... power is everywhere... I also ride more on the street than the dirt... I am 48 years young... so I wont to much aggressive dirt riding... so for the tires have been satisfactory on the road and what limited trail and hill climbing I have done. I love this bike! Don
  3. for what it's worth.... a month ago I traded in the 07 DRZ400S and bought a 2012 XR650L. I could NOT be happier. I SO should have bought this bike to begin with but, I did buy the 07 used (obviously) and made about a grand off of trading it in. I paid 3200 for the drz and received 4100 trade... AFTER they took off 700 of the price of the XRL... strange.. but I jumped on it. 400 miles later and like I said.. for ME, I couldn't be happier. The gearing is perfect on this bike. 5th gear on the highway feels about the same on the DRZ after I put on a 16 front and 39 rear. Only difference is that when I did that, the DRZ lost a lot of grunt.... not so much with the XLR. This XLR would climb a tree if it could get traction. I did put on an aftermarket slip on pipe, rejected and unrestricted the air box... HUGE improvements.... Again, for ME, the XR650L is the ultimate dual sport IMO. Now if I could only get the website to allow me to change my name... grrrr... I keep getting errors!!!!
  4. Don07DRZ400S

    installed DG pipe on the XR650L

    stock everything (so far). I am planning on taking carb off wednesday and rejetting / daves mods.
  5. Don07DRZ400S

    installed DG pipe on the XR650L

    I have a 2012 XR650L - about 150 miles so far on it. I have a box full of parts to install next week (jets, uni filter, smog block off kit etc..) and I also received the DG pipe that I bought on ebay. I just couldnt wait - so I installed the pipe yesterday. Holy cow - not only does it sound like a THUMPER (and oh does it!!!), even without jetting, it has pickup up some serious power.. no kidding... a 2nd gear wheelie is almost every time if I am giving it more than 1/3 throttle... I was thinking it might be the placebo effect at 1st (louder=more power) but not a chance... this thing rips. I cant wait to rejet and put the filter in... The DG is much louder, but imo, not too loud. I live in a pretty new subdivision and its not too loud for me to leave at 6:00am, or to come strolling home at 1am (like I did last night with my guitar strapped to my back - I am a musician) Selling the DRZ400S and buying the 650L is probably the BEST move I have made in a long time. I am not hatin on the DRZ but for me, hands down this is THE bike for me. Have I said lately how much I freakin LOVE my XRL???
  6. Don07DRZ400S

    just bought 2012 XR650L - many questions - mods related

    Thanks for the reply. Since making my original post, I have ordered; DG slip on pipe 52, 55, 58 and 60 pilot jets 152, 155, 160 main jets uni filter smog blockoff kit I absolutely cant wait to get it all in and installed this weekend!!!
  7. I have searched using several different key words and haven't come up with answers. First of all - I traded my DRZ400S towards this bike and I absolutley love it.. I SO should have bought the 650L in the 1st place (I was going back and forth between the 2 when I found the used 2007 for a good deal so I bought it). Ok, the 650 had 7 miles on it (I put them on it 3 months ago when I was test riding it deciding what to buy)... it now has about 60 miles. It is SO choked up it isnt funny. Popping between every shift and deceleration... its soooo lean. I am going to open the intake, put on an aftermarket filter, rejet (daves mods) and put on aftermarket exhaust. I would be ok if this bike were considerably louder than it is now as right now its about as quiet as my vacuum cleaner however, I dont want it as loud as a drag bike, or your average harley. I do about 90% street and 10% light trail riding (I'm 48 years YOUNG) Questions; Does the stock header flow enough to let the beast breath adequately with only a slip on? If so, which is the best bang for the buck slip on? If not, which full system is best bang for the buck? What is the general consensus for an aftermarket air filter? Thanks for all/any input!!!
  8. I have a 2007 DRZ400S - blue. Pretty much mint condition. All stock except for; gearing changed to be more street friendly (went from 15/44 to 16/38) Smaller LED turn signals Smaller tail light assembly (forgot what its called, but most people put them on DRZ)
  9. I'm a good sized guy (girth wise), I'm 5'10, 250 lbs.. and 48 years old... I rode dirt bikes in my youth and street bikes up until 3 years ago. I sold the Harley Davidson and quit riding. I recently got the bug and was guided towards buying a DRZ400. Its a very nice bike... I just wish that it had LOTS more low end grunt... like my old early 90's XR600L... Anyone have a newer XR650L they are dying to swap for a DRZ? I ride mostly street.. and some off road trails.. no motorcross, nothing dangerous... I do like the looks and stance of the DRZ and the XR/L... dont want another street bike. Just thinking out loud here....
  10. Don07DRZ400S

    B4 I start modding my drz, should I get a different bike?

    I appreciate all of the replies guys. I really dont want another street bike unless I buy another Harley. I dont want to spend 15K on a bike. Also, I have had 2 different Harlies in the last 12 years and I really dont want another one (at least right now). I dig the dirt bike feel. I'm not into Jap street bikes - if I bought a street bike, it would be a harley (like I said, dont want one). I think that I am going to put the 15 tooth back on it, and run 15/39 and see how much I pick up (from 16/39). I live in Illinois and winters are cold - I might ride it like this until I put it up for the winter and drop some coin in a big bore kit, FCR and full exhaust. I have build several V8 engines before so changing the piston, jug and supporting hardware wouldnt be an issue. It looks like for about 1300ish I can buy those parts I just mentioned.
  11. Don07DRZ400S

    B4 I start modding my drz, should I get a different bike?

    Thanks for the input guys.. I did a web search on the SV650 and I dont really care for the look. I do like having a dirt bike and being able to cut thru a field if I want to. I just need more seat of the pants down low rpm torque. I have riden a 2012 XR650L.. from what I remember, the torque was killer... but its a BIG bike... I havent ridden a DR650 or KLR650... I could prolly find someone to trade for a super clean drz but I would have to ride it first...
  12. I have a 2007 bone stock drz except for the sprocket change to make it more streetable. I put 16/39 on it and it loves the 2 lane highway much more however I lost some torque obviously. Before I start throwing parts at it (FCR, full pipe, maybe big bore?) should I have bought a different bike? I do 80 to 90% street... and my 10 to 20% trail isnt real aggressive... I do some hill climbing on rare occasion as well. I'm 48 years young, and weigh 250, and am 5'10. I will never do aggressive trail or dirt riding.. just mostly put around but I LIKE torque... I want a bike that will pull like a tractor.... I am not in the position to go buy anything new, or so expensive that I would need to borrow money. My budget is either put 1,000 in my bike, put a 1,000 with my bike and get something better suited. Any thoughts?
  13. Don07DRZ400S

    Need input on "seat of the pants" feel of mods

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your experience with the 3X3 mod.... Ryel - after looking at your link.. that 1100 looks bad ass.. I would love to have it.. but my budget wont allow that. I actually did a couple of hours of trail riding yesterday and the tall gearing wasnt really an issue.. there wasnt many tight, techincal areas where I would need a lower 1st gear... I am not disagreeing with you, the original gearing is way better for dirt/trail.. but honestly the tall gearing doesnt make it not usable on the dirt. Anyone with more input on full exhaust/3X3 mod input? Don
  14. I bought a 2007 DRZ400 all stock, just about 2 months ago. It has 3000 miles and its in great shape. I have always had a soft spot for dual sport. I have had street bikes forever, and a few dual sports in the last 20 years (XR650L, KLX) I am 48 years YOUNG - however I weigh 250 lbs. I was fairly satisfied with the power until I changed the gearing for highway use. I put on 16/38. It loves the highway now and I really love the gearing however, I have lost some "seat of the pants" power. I have been a motorhead my entire life. I have had 10 second street cars (mustangs, and LS1's... etc) with Superchargers, N20 and all of the supporting goodies to go along with it. Is there much "real life" power to be felt by adding an aftermarket pipe and the 3X3? My biggest concern regarding modding is I dont want to lose the reliability of the stock bike. I have built cars to the point that I didnt enjoy driving them anymore just because they werent "daily driver" reliable. It still needs to start right away, idle good and have good manors. I dont really want it EXTREMELY loud.. I live in a subdivision and my screaming guitars already make my neighbors nervous... so I dont want to hurt them with an obnoxiously loud bike... but it doesnt have to stay stock quiet either ;-) I ride 90% street and 10% light trails.... Any experienced input is greatly appreciated. Don
  15. Don07DRZ400S

    Looking for stock tires

    I just bought a 2007 DRZ400S and WOW< I love it... the tires have about 50% or less tread and I do a lot of commuting so I am ok with the factory tires. Anyone have a new take off set or an extremely low milage set they wanna sell? hit me up email donlx90@yahoo.com Thanks!!!