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  1. Update I put my jet kit and fuel screw on ebay if anyone wants to bid on it. 14T front sprocket gets thrown in for free... Edit: SOLD!
  2. Update: $4250 for cash! There is a bike on ebay I want to bid on but I need to sell the DR first.
  3. PM me for details, I am selling my 03/2005 DR650, 425mi. I am asking $4495 OBO and the advert can be found in the motorcycle classifieds on www.dfw.com, as well as the TT classifieds. It is blue and white
  4. Skid plate $65+ship (was $129.99 new) As for the dynojet kit and extended fuel screw, $40+ship - again 50% of what I paid for them - I think the jet kit was about $60 and the screw $20. I'll throw in the oil filter for free with the jet kit and screw package This is all dependent on if I sell the bike of course I'll PM anyone who expresses an interest in these parts as and when.
  5. Smashinz -if you are interested I'll sell you my kit if I sell my bike - I have put my DR up for sale at dfw.com...I've decided to get me an RC51/R6/R1 or something of that ilk... I also have the genuine suzuki skid plate and an oil filter... BTW, for just the jet kit and opening up the airbox, my seat of the pants dyno says about a 5-10% increase over stock.
  6. The streetbike I had the most fun on over the last 13 years of riding was the Suzuki RG500 smoker, 90hp square 4. As for dirtbikes I can't really comment - I've never owned a true MXer/Enduro machine
  7. Yes, you are quite right, it was a twin cylinder liquid cooled. I guess I will have to ride one and get a feel for this abruptness you describe. I just thought a 500 would be easier to ride on the street than, say, a KX125 with it's razor-thin powerband. In traffic, 1/4 throttle and shortshifts, just using the torque from that big single... Good luck selling your KX, like I said if I'd not have already bought the DR I would be very interested myself... What is the maintenance schedule like on the KX? Does it take much looking after? How often does the top end require a rebuild, for example?
  8. I usually wave to other bikers if it's safe to do so. The only people that don't wave back have been the odd cruiser rider, and a pair of State Troopers (on HD's or some kind of cruiser).
  9. I'm using stock bars/bar ends/mirrors and have no problems once I move my elbows out the way! Most (99%) of my riding is below 60mph though.
  10. I'd gear it up as much as I could, and also put road rubber on it (proper street tires, like on supermotos, not trailwings!!) I might be wrong on this one Smashinz2002, and I've only ever ridden a 125cc MXer...but...I used to own an RD350... Given that the RD350YPVS put out 59hp and the KX500 puts out 64.5hp surely it can't be that much more violent, assuming the final drive ratio is the same? The RD weighs 100-120lbs more (best guess) so I'd expect the KX to be quicker, but rideable. I won't begin to make comparisons with the Suzy RG500...but suffice to say it is still the most frightening piece of machinery I've ever had the pleasure of swinging my leg over!
  11. texasjohn

    dr650 exhaust

    Quieter and good flowing don't often go hand in hand. Search these forums and other DR650 (DR650BBS, maximum suzuki) sites as I remember people saying that one particular aftermarket exhaust for the DR isn't too loud compared to some of the others, but I forget which it was (might be the FMF Q, but I am not sure so do a forum search)
  12. texasjohn

    Dr650se On Mx Track

    I guess in theory you could take it on a track, but I'd not want to. As everyone else has said, it is just not designed for that - it's a DS bike not a MXer!
  13. You still can in Texas. Had I known this BEFORE I bought my DR, I'd be down in the garage mixing 2T oil in a can of gas right now! Don't get me wrong though, the DR is a great bike!
  14. 155 MJ or 160 with the stock muffler, you should be able to go to the 170 with the FMF pipe. If you are getting parts via Jesse ask him - hes far more knowledgable than I! I'm running 160MJ, dynojet needle, ext air screw and side cover off with stock exhaust. It feels ok to me but I really need to get to a dyno and do the job properly.
  15. texasjohn

    Suzuk DR250 Help?

    Hello fellow brit To be honest with you mate, there are plenty other bikes out there that will have a less suspicious history and I would walk away from this particular one if it was me. Do not buy anything without a V5 (logbook) regardless of whether or not you are going to use it dirt only or (as I suspect in your case) dual purpose street and dirt Happy hunting and you might be better off with the DR350 anyway, just my 2p worth.
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