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    glamis closing by thanksgiving?

    i was on speedvisions site http://www.speedvision.com/ and was shocked to hear that the feds are planning on closing this popular riding area, are we too late? has gore won even if he looses the election? you guys that have the pleasure of riding there please call your representitives get active for most of us this place is a dream, a riding heaven away from rocks roots and mud we hate to see you loose it cause we know we're next.
  2. yo_its_matt

    best pipe for 426?

    the last test i read showed the stock pipe to make more power than any tested! i think it was in dirt rider, unless you just want to look cool for about $500 do something else
  3. yo_its_matt

    I have a theory on all this plug fouling...

    ive read alot on fouled plugs on this message board and others , and nobody seams to mention what plug they're running? a flooded engine will wet the plug and it should dry out and fire again unlike a 2 smoke that will oil foul a plug and your not going anywere, on my 01yz426 i was having lots of trouble after a stall restarting i pulled the plug and it was an "nd", when i bought my xr400 a few years ago it also had an "nd" and when i got it home i couldnt make the thing run! i towed it with a 4 wheeler and it still wouldnt fire, i changed to an "ngk" and off she went as an experiment i changed back to the "nd" same thing it wouldnt start to save its kickstarter! i have since changed to an ngk on my 426 and what a difference! thanks to clark i changed to a 48 pilot 3/4-1 turn out and now she starts much better and stalling is almost gone completely, i noticed that the nipondenso plugs dont seam to self clean as well as the ngk's after being flooded just my 2 cents worth.....
  4. IF YOU DONT VOTE....DONT BITCH!!! al gore has said the greatest enemy of the 21st century is the internal combustion engine!, forget the fact that the manufacturers are bulding engines that put out little or no emmissions and that the factories get away with dumping huge amounts of waste and emmissions into the environment because the make large contributions! lets get this right and go roost a tree hugger next weekend!
  5. yo_its_matt

    new needle problem

    james have you used a 4 gas analyzer to set idle mixture? i was thinking of taking my bike to the shop and getting a base line for comparason before i change to the 48 pilot.
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    the clutch is supposed to be fixed, i ead it in one magazine i think it was dirt bike, make sure you change the oil soon mine was clean after 1/2 hour and silver after 2! and the forks were real stiff at first but oh what a powerhouse!
  7. yo_its_matt

    new needle problem

    the stock jetting on the 01 yz is: 168 main 42 pilot 1.25 turns out on pilot screw needle obejp 4th clip position
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  9. yo_its_matt


    i guess im the odd man out! my 01 yz seams really lean, i ride in the woods mostly at about 1000ft and it stalls really easy,sometimes on a 1/4 throttle roll on on a hill it will just flameout! but hey theres no hessitation at all! and it really rips in the open i just have to make it work in the woods too. ive turned the air screw out to 2 turns and im getting ready to try some jetting.
  10. yo_its_matt

    new needle problem

    hey guys, is this info the same for a 01 yz? this is my first yamaha so of coarse all my honda and ktm jets are not the right sizes! mine has no hessitation at all, it does stall really easy though here at 1000 ft elev. idle too long and the pipe turns red, i turned the screw out to 2 and it helped starting and idling alot, still seams really lean? any had the bike a week so its all stock i got a 48 pilot from my dealer today, he didnt have a 45 any thoughts?
  11. yo_its_matt

    Trying to understand the hub/chain logic

    just a thought, when i check my chain tension i usually check it with weight on the bike ive noticed that if i set it to specs and weight the bike they are too tight sometimes! if you check your chain like you would race sag, say a 1/4-1/2 inch if its muddy a little less in dry conditions, you wont ever have it too tight, it may look too loose on the stand but who rides it on the stand anyway!
  12. yo_its_matt

    One more hub.......

    there is one other possible cause, for the chain to be too tight, a rock! i had this happen on an xr600 i had but i was lucky i was running the chain kind of loose and all it did was break a few teeth on my new sprocket, i hope this isnt a manufacturing defect i just got my new 426 on thursday!
  13. yo_its_matt

    Wisdom Requested for a Teardown

    just a thought on sidewinder, theyre expensive, and they didnt stand behind mine like they guarenteed, i bought the chain and sprocket set for my xr600 and rode 1 ride and when i got home i noticed i tooth missing off the front sprocket, i only had them 3 weeks so i called them and said these are guarenteed right? they said sure send it to us and we'll send you a new one, 3 weeks later i called and they said send us 27 bucks its warrenteed not guarenteed so its pro rated and for $27 well send you one! i didnt see much difference it wear in the rear or chain as opposed to others like did and renthal so to me it wasnt worth the extra cash. just a thought....
  14. yo_its_matt

    help! yz or wr?

    my biggest concern is how different is the suspension and transmission? i am only gonna race and trail ride, the lights would come off anyway, do i need to revalve a wr for serious trails?
  15. yo_its_matt

    help! yz or wr?

    i took the last year off from racing hare scrambles here in n.c. and i wanna get back on a 4 stroke, ive pretty much decided on the 01 426yz or wr? any ideas? pros? cons? my dealer is little help. i raced an xr600 2 years but it was so heavy, an xr400 but it wasnt what i really wanted a ktm 300mxc great bike but i was better on a 4-stroke. amy healp would be apreciated