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    Got snow? Bored in the winter? Check this out!!

  2. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Computer Gurus...I need some help!

    After re-formatting my PC and re-installing Windows Millenium, I had zero problems logging onto TT. Last night, I downloaded I.E. 6. (I had it on my PC before re-formatting). Now, I cannot logon to TT at all in ANY MANNER. I enabled ALL COOKIES and minimum security levels. I tried (3x) w/ the "forgot my password". I have been re-issued 3 new passwords and none worked. After putting in my logon and password, the logon screen comes back after I hit enter. I tried this logon "Kevin_in_New_Hampshire" which works AT WORK ONLY. It DID NOT work on my home PC. I guess it came from the I.E. 6 upgrade... It worked two days ago, now nothing! Any experience w/ this? My fix would be to remove IE 6 if I had to...but IT DID work before...
  3. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Need general break-in advise

    What does your manual recommend?
  4. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    building yz450

    airbox, throttle stop, exhaust cam, jetting mods. If you want to be super fancy, you will get the adjustable cam sprockets and have them spec'ed out for real. If you are going for a big bore kit, see >> www.eric-gorr.com I AM sending off my 400 cylinder and head to Eric on Wednesday for his 420 kit (and possibly a set of hot cams/YZ cams).
  5. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    BK mod Question

    for your 6-32 tap, you will need a 7/64 bit or a #36 bit. As for the rest of your questions, I have a 99 and used the "KL" mod for my accelerator pump. Can't hep' (southern for "help") you there.
  6. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire


    This California BS will spread through this Country like a storm. Now where did I leave my stock WR exhaust again?
  7. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Beware of Dealers' Service

    None of you mentioned torquing your forks in the triple clamps... 18# upper and 12-13# lower. Star torque is easy (torque it until you see stars ). It is those dang low numbers that get me.
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    San Francisco Visit

    Simon, Check your PM's !!!!!!!!!
  9. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Missle, our Swedish TT'er, check this out!

    Missle, A quiet tip now exists for our Stroker SX-1 silencers! PM me for details. Cost is $65.00 U.S.
  10. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    motor filled with sand after powdercoating

    Freebie, I agree w/ EGO. Tear it apart, blow all oil lines free to be sure. Get a quote from some big engine place (Pro Circuit!!) for engine terardown and cleaning. Give this extimate to the sandblast people. If the punishment is enough ($$$), next time they WILL know better!
  11. A guy at my job cannot afford a newer bike. He is looking at a 98 YZF400. As I recall, the clutch basket was weak, the carb sucked (the 2K got the good carb). Anything else? Are the above assesments wrong? How about: suspension, hubs, rims (did not have the good Excel rims(?), steering angle tranny...???
  12. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    intentionally left blank

    oops...wrong forum . fixed! [ September 25, 2002, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: Kevin in New Hampshire ]
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    Totally Off Topic SMP Don't Read Whatever you doooo

    It's not education (condoms for a 13 yo girl or boy)...it's MORALS.
  14. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Is WR426 overflow bottle needed???

    Slow plonking WILL overheat your bike >> the reservoir is nice insurance to have. For fast riding and/or cool temps you are all set >> remove it. If you remove your overflow indefinitely, you can install a YZ side panel (on the left side >> It is sleeker and does not protrude so much. I carry maybe ~< 1 qt. in my overflow. Water weighs 8#/gallon. Salt [sea] water weighs 8.8#/gallon. Coolant is somewhere in between. >> We are looking at 2# + hose and bottle weight.
  15. Kevin_in_New_Hampshire

    Know of any riding near Vail?

    Hey Bry!!! Long time! How is life treating you??