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    enduro computer with a full time ligh

    Thats my only problem. I work 4pm to 12am and need a light on my speedo. The trail tech works great during the day.
  2. Tree_Crippler

    What's in a name?

    My magnetic attraction towards trees helped me pick out my name.
  3. Tree_Crippler

    midrange bog

    I put the ELN needle in my 2000 WR. It works a lot better than the DRS and DVP needle. Lots of hit in the mid range.
  4. Tree_Crippler

    Dualsport horn sources

    I also found out the Baja Design horn is touchy. You have to keep it clean and adjust it alot.
  5. Tree_Crippler

    Front tire needed

    I'm not sure if the MT44 is being discontinued but Chaparrel is not selling it. They are the cheapest. I have been using the MT32 which is a DOT motocross tire and is close to the MT44. The 32 is working great in mud and northeast conditions.
  6. Tree_Crippler


    I use the moose fanny packs. A lot of drink systems also have room for tools for the short rides.
  7. Tree_Crippler

    Polishing aluminum?

    Wayneo I found the best way to clean up aluminum is with a scotch brite pad. It brings back the new look.
  8. Tree_Crippler


    I've been using DOT knobs for 12 years now. My best combo is the Pirelli MT44 or MT32 on front and the Kenda Trackmaster on back. I'm still in search of a longer lasting back. The new Pirelli DOT rear is the MT83. I've used the Dunlop 905 front with good results. Others used Dunlop 903, Metzler,Brigestone and ChenShin with good for a couple of rides results.
  9. I also have the fold down mirror with that mounts on the back of your clutch. The clutch mount does not come with the mirror.
  10. Tree_Crippler

    license plate mounting

    I used the Scotts Performance plate holder and mounted a license plate light from Auto Zone under the fender. The light is in the shape of a 3/4 roll of lifesavers. I know wierd desciption. But it works great. I think its for trucks.
  11. Tree_Crippler

    DOT tire recommendations?

    I use the Pirelli MT44 or32 on front and Kenda Trackmaster II on back. This is my best combo for eastern woods.
  12. Tree_Crippler

    Street legal WR in PA

    Yes its a real pain in PA. You have to go to a notary for all of the paperwork for a reconstructive title, take pictures before and after, have all receipts instructions, a mechanic willing to inspect it. Need Baja Designs or similar kit, DOT knobs Pirelli MT44 or 32 on front Kenda TrackmasterII on back,Speedo/Odo, Mirror, rear fender at a 75degree angle from rear axle,front/rear brake lights. $$$$$$$$
  13. Tree_Crippler

    Did a header and bent my header!!!

    First off, never let your friends at a wedding talk you into riding the next morning. I still have a stock head pipe hooked on my W/B e-series which was slightly bent after finding a hidden stump in tall grass. It doesn't leak and now I can change the oil filter without moving the pipe. Will this be OK? Also, my back brake lever was sheared off and I found out that fancy bolt cost $13.
  14. Tree_Crippler

    Tire shipping $20?????

    Wow 2 day service. I have to check them out next.
  15. Tree_Crippler

    Tire shipping $20?????

    I always buy my tires through the mail order system. I usually pay around $8 for shipping. The place I always get the tires discontinued my favorite Pirellis the MT44 and 32. I saw the Hipersport ad online with my tires for the same price. Only catch was the $20 shipping fee. Why don't they just say $75 a tire and free shipping.