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  1. poonslayer2000

    Crotch Rocket Question?

    r6 best street bike 600 dont buy a 1000 for your first bike completely different than a dirtbike. i dont care unless u have ridden on the street a lot a 1000 is a hell of a bike. i have ridden a lot of bikes and a 1000 is no learning machine a 600 u can make a mistake, a 1000 u will die for the same mistake. listen go and ask any eduated rider and they will tell u the same thing
  2. i heard it was around 60-62 is this a joke it has to be right?
  3. poonslayer2000


    u gotta be kidding me?
  4. poonslayer2000

    My dad and I just picked this up for my mom.

    those are the afforable x5's but nice choice. id rather save the cash and get a real bike transporter. a truck so i could go anywhere. just my .02
  5. shoei v moto. awesome helmet comfy and i do notice the vents actually work
  6. poonslayer2000

    450 sx vs. 525

    i have a 525 sx it is a torque monster. if thats what u want thats what u get if u like an easy power low end go with the 450 u got.
  7. poonslayer2000

    KTM shift lever issues

    u can weld aluminum, go to some one that does race chassis.it is a mig welder or a tig welder it has been a while i think its tig welding to weld aliuminum.just a little knowledge
  8. speed after 130 all seems to look the same. i have done 186 before on my r 1 and it seemed like after about 130 it all looks the same. just my .02
  9. poonslayer2000

    Thinking orange might be nice

    ktm 525 will put you where u dont want to be fast
  10. poonslayer2000

    stator cover damaged

    1st ride i guess
  11. poonslayer2000

    stator cover damaged

    where can i get parts if this falls through. need em cheap
  12. poonslayer2000

    stator cover damaged

    help anyone
  13. poonslayer2000

    What other toys do you own?

    i thik its cause we work hard and play hard. sometimes people put other things infront of fun.looks like this forum is all about fun. my kinda place
  14. poonslayer2000

    Story of The Year trailer

    story of the year sucks
  15. poonslayer2000

    New Bike For Son?

    i know a dude selling a ktm 65. hes a scum bag but u could probably get it cheap. i know it runs and that but dont know its total condition. its a pro i think. let me know. i have his number.