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  1. Bought this 03 crf450r recently with zero tolerance on the intake valves. Put Kibblewhites in it and new piston. Was running "ok" before actually but only wanted to fire up with choke off and throttle cracked). Now, yeah power is up for sure but running lean, or so it seems. Now it'll start with the choke on, but doesn't really want to idle well and I get too much popping on decel. Running stock carb jets 172 main, 42 or 45 pilot but went down one clip position from 5 to 6th, I have a PC pipe and airbox mod. Like I say it wasn't popping before, I wonder if it was jetted to run with incorrect valve clearance? I've got no air leaks to attribute the popping to and I'm running at 3 turns out on the fuel screw, I'm afraid to turn it out more cuz it's a flex screw and it seems to have less adjustability than the stock adjuster and I'm afraid it will come out... should I try a larger pilot at this point? I will at least run the fuel screw in tomorrow to see if it makes the popping worse which would confirm a step up in pilot would be appropriate? Thanks
  2. Just got this thing the other day, it seems to start wierd compared to my old WR. Basically I can't get it to start when cold with the choke on, but after a few throttle twists it will start reliably IF I hold it about 1/4 open. I ordered a fuel screw for it... does it sound like my jetting is off, dirty pilot jet? It runs good, doesn't exhibit any signs of running lean, popping etc, and the plug looks on the dark side. Any hints appreciated.
  3. radish150

    2010 WR450 suspension adjust for desert/dunes ect

    No high speed whoops, mainly concerned about bottoming on jumps off of dunes. I'm trying oil and clicking first, but re-valving probably gonna happen eventually. Can't wait to be in the saddle again, one of lifes finer things. Thanks.
  4. radish150

    single finger clutch pull

    Well, rekluse clutch 0 finger pull ?
  5. Hey all, I'm looking at this model right now, found one with 3500 km on it, too much $$$$ but that's they way it is here. I know the susp is a bit soft on these and I want to use it for desert riding mainly. Question is, being 180lbs, is it realistic that I can just adjust the clickers on this bike and maybe play with the oil a bit and make it at least decent? At some point I would at least revalve the shocks but to begin with I'd like to wait a bit on that. Also, I've ridden a WR400 quite a bit on the street and didn't have any trouble with overheating, is this bike going to be worse in that regard than my old 400? Don't plan on doing 80 for miles and miles, but do wetting agents really help here? Also, for the wide open desert, will a steering stabilizer be a smart investment on this bike? Any advice appreciated.
  6. Looking at this model, too much money but that's south America for you, 3500km, shop owner, still hasn't had the stop removed. My questions are about the soft suspension. Considering I'm only 180lbs, am I going to be able to get the shocks to handle desert/ dunes by just adjusting the shocks, maybe some stiffer fluid? Or am I still looking at least at after market valves? Also, I rode my WR400 on the highway quite a bit without any problems, is this going to be actually any worse than the 400 for longer distances? Feels WAYY better than my 400 btw, thin, wanna flick it already Also, on these newer bikes do they still reccomend deleting the "octopus"? And, when removing the stop will it need rejetting? Sorry, I know i can find this last info online, just asking.. .thanks.
  7. I live in South America and want a street legal bike that has enough power for dunes. I'm 5.9 180, most of my exp has been with 125/ 250 2T's when younger, except for a WR426 which I had for a few years. Honestly, though tough as a mule and decent power, I always loathed the thing because well, it felt like the tank that it was. I can't re-reg a 250 2T with a "kit" here, but that would really be my inclination if I could. So... I'm wanting to pick up a used 450 enduro bike (if it breaks I'll deal with it) and I'm looking for recomendations on what's going to be the best "fit" for my tastes, which is, feels on the light side and turns well. The new KTM 450 XC-W sure sounds like it would fit the bill for me, but my piggy bank's a little light for that, so I'm looking at a 2004 and up model. Guess the options are a CRF of some configuration (know how to fix the valves), a WR, or the RMZ's seem to always get good marks, and a bit smaller too, for my shorty legs. Any thoughts appreciated. Oh... I know of a 650 FE Berg I can get hold of, but haven't ridden it yet, sounds... big.
  8. radish150

    BAD stumble over sharp bumps

    My 99 every since I bought it has had a problem of stumbling pretty bad when I hit several harsh bumps in a row. Today I went down a steep embankment to a river, I had to get back up again of course and the thing barely made it, sputtering and loading up so bad I thought it was going to quit in the middle of the climb. So... honestly I have posted this question in the past but without a resolution. I have adjusted the float but it´s been a long time since I did it and at this point I´m not even sure I did it correctly. But, is there ANYTHING else this could be except float misadjustment? I´m nearly positive my floats are indeed floating properly. Anyway, I¨m going to take the carb off soon... this really is a pain in the AYSE, any help grandiosly appreciated. Thanks yall.
  9. radish150

    Tire size making bike squirrely?

    Gee, thats what it said on the tire... Suffice to say that less is probably better and I will try it. Thanks
  10. radish150

    Measurements of WR400 fuel screw o-ring?

    How "wierd" is it? I´m not really understanding what you mean, maybe it would be easier for someone to just send me one so I can see for myself I´ll trade one o-ring sent in an envelope, to "Deepest darkest Peru, for one wierd and quirky Peruvian Christmas present to be delivered in December... anyone? thanks
  11. radish150

    Tire size making bike squirrely?

    Yah, thats right, "on harder trails" I´m feeling it most. Yes, I´m pretty sure they would qualify as crappy tires, "Duro" them is, YAY TEAM So what would be a good place to start for tire pressure? I think they are at the recomended 32 give or take a lub. thanks
  12. I´m living in South America and the section of parts here is crap, and am trying to get an oring on my fuel screw. I might need to get one sent from the states but I thought if someone could send me measurements for it I could match it up to something commercial. thanks Mark...
  13. I have been using my 99 WR for quite some time now with street tires and recently decided to take it out out and use it like it was meant to be used. When I took it out, in the dirt it feels slightly "wiggley", or maybe like the front and rear are not wanting to track exactly the same. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? The rear tire (sorry I know you need the tire size... later) is a bit large, and not very "round". Anyway, just wondering if anyone had any ideas what might be going on. Its not extreme this sensation, but something is not quite right. Thanks Mark Sheldon
  14. Nevermind... terribly sorry, I know, check the forum first, I did not however find info on the filters Here it is btw, 99-2000 WR400. 2x 6904 2RS (20 x 37 x 9) Rear: Left: 2x 6222 2RS (22x50x14) Right: 1x 6022 2RS (22x44x12)
  15. Nevermind... sorry, I know... check the forum first.