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    Strange Spark Plug Pattern

    My 07 is/was the same way. The lighter side of the plug is what you want to go by, at least in my case that's how it worked out. I run 100LL fuel and the plug is half dark brown, half tan color.
  2. Same problem with my 07 RM one day and then it went away for months. Convinced myself I just had a rock jammed under the shifter amongst all the mud. A few months later the bike locked up solid over a jump and restarted once I landed so I tore it apart before I hurt myself. Third gear broke into 3 or more pieces and was destroying all the other gears as well.
  3. Have a 2007 RM250, cracked the frame while pressing out the swing arm bolt. Got it welded but if I could find a frame cheap I would rather swap it out with one that hasn't been welded on. Will my 07 motor fit in any previous year frames without modification? Obviously if I have to buy new head mounts to make it work that is okay but not if the frame would need to be altered. Thanks
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    Suzuki RM250 (2007)


  5. MotoXRyne

    07 250 motor in previous year frame?

    Thank you! Been doing a lot of googling and have concluded it will most likely be okay. Maybe have to buy new motor mounts to match the year of the frame which would be okay. But it would be great if someone on here told me they swapped an 07 motor into an 04 or vice versa and it bolted up perfectly!
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    DEP CR250 silencer question

    Anyone here have the standard DEP silencer on their 02+ CR250? How does the length compare to the stock one? Thanks for the help!
  7. Have a 2006 Honda CR250 two stroke with a worn slider. Just wondering if the slider from a 2004-2008 CRF450 or 250 would interchange as long as I swapped out the bottom lug? Thanks
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    Showa fork slider interchangeability

    So if I swapped the bottom lug then I should be good to go correct? Unless the length is different?
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    Suzuki RM250 2007

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    Lets see The Rm's

    Got a makeover today.
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    Amature day @ the Out door Pro-Moto x 2014

    Washougal has racing Wednesday-Friday before the national
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    LT250Rs Welcome?

    Sure why not. I had one when I was younger and my dad had the Quadzilla. Fun machines.
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    Rm 250 front fork question

    My RM makes a click noise when I compress the forks, its the brake rotor moving due to slop in the rivets.
  14. His front break braked.
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    What happened to Herlings

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    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Anyone got one to PM me? Can return the favor if they email me another one.
  17. MotoXRyne

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    They are at the very bottom of the shipping confirmation emails. I didn't notice them until recently either.
  18. I ordered a pair of size 11 Crossfire SRS boots and when I got them they were a tad too big. They have the ankle pivot covers that look like the ones in the pic below. They are just rubber pads with no exposed screws: Since the size 11s were a little too big I ordered a pair of 10s to try and I would just return the pair I didn't want. I got the size 10s in the mail today and they fit perfectly but they are a slightly different boot. The ankle pivot covers on these boots have exposed screws and seem to protrude further away from the boot. They are the style below: Which of these boots are the newer style? The ones with the screws seem to protrude pretty far away from the boot and seem like they would get in the way when trying to grip my bike when riding. I called the place I bought them asking about it and emailed them a couple pictures but haven't heard back anything yet. Anyone up to date on Sidi boots? It seems like the style in the top picture is significantly lower profile and wont get caught on the bike as easy. Thanks for the help
  19. Thanks for the help . Looks like both of these are going back and I'll be ordering a new pair in a month.
  20. Both pics I posted are the SRS boots which are what I have.
  21. Both pairs I have were drop shipped from Motonation within the last 2 weeks which is why I'm confused. Do you ever notice them getting caught up on the frame?
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    Stewart out of MEC and Reed to race in Aus

    I think you read the ESPN article from last year
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    '13 CRF450R Convert

    I'm pretty sure I saw this bike at Canyon yesterday, or one exactly like it. Nice bike!