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  1. Dan_Mitchell

    450 EXC Mileage???

    I usually see about 30MPG, mostly Single Track.
  2. Dan_Mitchell

    Need to make 450 EXC street legal

    Cycle Zone!!!
  3. Dan_Mitchell

    Recommendations for DSing an EXC

    I just installed the factory dual sport kit form Cycle Zone, a couple of weeks ago, on my new 450EXC (leftover '04). Cost $450, kinda steep, but I like the peace of mind knowing that I did not have to cut, splice, or "Rig" anything. It was all plug in. Very easy, even with the very basic instructions. And only two or three small pics. Everything from the horn, to the turn signal lights, to all switches, was included. Not only did I not come up short, or need anything that was not in the kit, I did not even have any extra parts leftover when I was done! Factory parts all the way was the only way to go, as I will be racing this bike as well as Dual Sporting. (IMHO). Dan. P.S. When I went to get the tag for the Bike, no one even wanted to look at it! State of Kansas only wanted their Tax $$$ and "Threw a tag at me". When I told the wife about that, she said at least I will not be getting any tickets for not having it "street legal" I told her that made me feel so much better spending $450 to avoid a $60 ticket!
  4. Dan_Mitchell

    525 EXC aftermarket stuff

    Do a search on the James Dean Jet kit. He seems to be "The Man", when it comes to RFS motors. I just installed a JD kit in my new 450EXC, and am very happy. Well except for the price, but what you gonna do? Dan.
  5. Dan_Mitchell

    Washing, How Often?

    34 Years, 17 off road bikes, Thousands of dollars in quarters at the car wash!!! "Quote" (Never ever use a pressure washer). B.S.!!!! Get that Bike DIRTY, then hose it down at the car wash. Use your brain, do not spray close up directly into bearings. When your bike is Spank'n clean, ride it a couple of miles to get it warmed up, and dryed out. Then take the next chance you have to get her dirty again!!! Do Not listen to people who tell you to clean it only with a Kleenex and a Q Tip. They may have time to waste, cleaning there prized possession, that has never even seen a dirt road , but do not be afraid to clean your bike. 34 years 17 bikes, and not ONE failure due to water getting into anything! "Ride'em, don't FOOF'EM" Dan
  6. Dan_Mitchell

    18.5 Mpg Wtf!!!

    OK, Just bought an '04 450EXC. Brand new left over, off the show room floor. It actually had a full tank of gas in it . I tool around the yard a few times to get some heat and cool cycles on the motor. Then go for some easy trail ride'n, at a lake shore ride'n area. i dont remember how many miles I had total, but when I filled it up I put 1.1 gal. in it. This weekend went Chadwick Mo. to ride the trails, still taking it easy on the motor, no full throttle wound out screaming around, just fun trail riding(of wich there is a lot of at Chadwick). Get it back home and go to fill the tank, this time I put 1.7 gal. in it. Now the odo. has a total of 52 miles on it. 52 divided by 2.8 = 18.5 &%$#@! I say again &%$#@! . Must be something I missing here, a range of 30 miles of rideing on a tank of gas. I love this bike, coming off a DRZ400, this bike is from an other planet! Even with a aftermarket 3 gal tank that is only 45 miles range, that ain't gonna cut it. Please clue me in on what I'm missing here Thanks, Dan.
  7. Dan_Mitchell

    Holy Moly!!!

    Hi Rob! You are right! Donnie has planted the seed in my brain. He and Terry F. have ridden the FCT with us down in Ar. the last two years. I'm going to try a race or two with them in the spring. Hope things are going well for you. We will conquer Box Turtle Road when you get back. Come home safe! Dan. P.S. The best mod I have done for my bike in the last year is I have lost 105 pounds so far!
  8. Dan_Mitchell

    Holy Moly!!!

    Dan, No need to remove the carb for the jetting. I think getting to the carb is a pain in the ass on this bike. I remove the muffler,and the black oil recovery box. then take the throttle and return cables off the carb. Then loosen the intake and airbox clamps and rotate the carb to get to the bottomn of the bowl. After removing the bowl, you will see which plug to drill out for the adj. fuel screw. Of coarse we all know what a pain the easley striped phillips screws on the float bowl are. I had to grind flat sides on mine with a Drimmel Tool and turn them with a pair of needle nosed vice grips. I replaced them with cap screws. If I can be of any specific help give me a privat E Mail. Dan.
  9. Dan_Mitchell

    Holy Moly!!!

    WOW! Finally droped the $$ for a full Yosh SS. 2001 DRZ400S,Dyna Jet Needle, second clip,147.5M. 27.5P. Adjustable fuel screw 3 turns out. 14/49 sprockets. I can not overstate the suprise, when I twisted the throttle on it this afternoon . I am not a "Wheelie King" at all. But no sh*# just with a twist of the wrist 3rd and 4th gear wheelies!!! Yes this is with 14/49 gearing, but still........ Yes it is loud, but not much louder than my stock exaust with the end cap drilled out to 1 3/8" and both of the baffles swisscheesed. This was more than worth the $$ spent! If I had known just how much difference this would make I would have begged, borrowed, or stolen the money for this pipe a long time ago. If you are on the fence about the price of any of the top of the line exausts, and you can come up with the $$ DO IT. You will not be sorry !! P.S. Kudos to the TT Store for matching the low price! Dan.
  10. Dan_Mitchell

    KLX 300 for Hare scrambles?

    OUCH!!! But I'm not giving up yet! Although it looks like with that much $$ needed it may be time to look at used 450 type 4 stroke Mx'ers. I still like the KLX 300! And I'm waiting for a quote from a dealership known to make good deals. Thanks, Dan.
  11. Hi KLX crowd! I'm a DRZ400S rider.I'v been thinking about raceing in the local Hare scramble tour, this spring. My DRZ S is striped down to almost an E, but at that,304 Lbs. with a full Clarke 3.9 tank. Number one I don't want to crash up my DRZ. It is the BEST Dual Sport for the $$$ going. I don't want to buy a 2 smoke. I'm a four stroke guy all the way.(have not had a 2 smoke since 1973). I thought the KLX 300 looked like the perfect blend of Trail Bike/Hare scramble bike. 4 stroke,great handeling,40 or so lbs. less than the DRZ. I don't have the $ or I might go with a KTM. The price of the KLX is a BIG part of me looking at it. At 47 years old I am not trying to be a top competitor, but will a brand new KLX300 without another 8 or 9 hundred bucks worth of mods make me happy? I'm sure I would like the KLX in the woods, I have no worries about that. I'm convinced already the KLX is a better trail bike than the DRZ. Thanks for your opinions, and help. P.S. Is there a larger capacity tank available? Dan.
  12. Dan_Mitchell

    Tera-Flex and rim locks....

    Don't have them, and now with the TF I do need them. Noticed the stem slanted real bad, after this last rocky single track ride!
  13. Dan_Mitchell

    Re Jet?

    Ok I give up! Time to make her quiet again. There will be a sound check this month at what will be my 4th "Ozark Fall Color Tour". (I also belive this will be the last FCT). I have the exaust of my 2001 S. end cap drilled out to 1 3/8", and both baffles "swiss cheesed". It would never make 96db. found a washer that was a perfect fit inside the end cap, drilled the center out to the 3/4" stock size and spot welded it in place. Poof! Much quieter! Also got back some low end torque. Not a bad trade. Now to my question. With my jetting at the burned recomended 142.5 main, 25 pilot, DJ needle at the 4th clip, fuel screw 2.5 turns out, (1000ft Alt.) Do I need to rejet? Is stopping up the end cap back to the stock dia. of 3/4" warrent a rejet? What do you think? Thanx in advance for your sugestions. Dan.
  14. Dan_Mitchell

    Seat swap?

    Mike you have a PM. Dan.
  15. Dan_Mitchell

    clarification on the "blue nut" needed

    I havent had a case of the" Blue Nuts" since that date with Cindy Feltersnatch, back in 1974!