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  1. tenntomatohead

    klx 650

    undefined I am willing to pay premium $$$ for klx 650 for a supermoto project. my phone is 901-650-7005
  2. tenntomatohead

    650 lemon?

    Well, oil was changed @ 500miles. I noticed that I had to add oil a couple of weeks later. I was easy on her for the first 1000miles, not taking her past 5500rpm. I only ride my bike. I sold my truck and have gone hardcord! She has not been off road, but likes to tote the wheel at a red light. I spoke to the dealer today. Engine rebuild, said perhaps had a monday or friday build. LOL Installing new jet kit and sprocket change to 16 toother in the front, new chain and rear sprocket. He is replacing the shock. I am a former linebacker @ 255 hope that didnt blow the shock. Perhaps I need a heavier duty shock. 400$ darn.
  3. tenntomatohead

    Little sturgis Ms ride

    My name is Thomas Dees and I live in memphis tn. August I am going to Little Sturgis, south of Starkville Ms. I will be posting the exact date and time we are leaving. Any interested riders feel free to call me 9016507005. Ride on Bros.
  4. tenntomatohead

    650 lemon?

    3500 miles rear shock blown, engine smoking and using oil! klr bulletproof myth! The next question. How good is the warranty? If anyone here is with kawasaki, now is the time to shine. I am almost ready to say that if my bike was a honda, I wouldn't be typing this message. I hope I am wrong. I just don't think the big honda would be sick after 3k miles.
  5. tenntomatohead

    Memphis area riders

    I live in Collierville Tn. Anyone wanting to ride? ttdees@msn.com Peace Out
  6. tenntomatohead

    950 supermoto

    I will order a ktm 950 @ the end of august, when the new prices come out. If any know more about it or the superduke, help me make my decision. Tom
  7. tenntomatohead

    KLR 650 carb issues

    I feel violated with a yz rider stalking us. Pants around the ankle and a wet behind.
  8. tenntomatohead

    Mew BIke Smokin

    Well, My new KLR 650 is using oil and smokin @ startup. I have an appointment with Kawasaki dealer the 13th. I sure hope they fix it. 3500 miles and smokes like a Jamacan beach bum.
  9. tenntomatohead


    Well let's see. I guess they, being the beaner majority, don't teach spelling in old Cali. Border is the correct spelling. Not bourder! You chose to live in that liberal, butt humpin, homo loving, open our borders to everyone who wants to come in and take our tax money state. Phew! I however live in Tennessee, and I say DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS! You liberal goodbuddies had freedom in Cali, and sold it off to the tree hugging, self righteous homo electus. Peace out!
  10. tenntomatohead

    klr 650 smokin

    Well hell, 3030 miles and I am smokin. Had oil changed @ 500 mi. and have added 2.5 quarts since the oil change. I am still within the 90 day warranty with Kawasaki. Any suggestions? Or did I just eat a 5000$ piece of Japanese Poopie? undefined
  11. tenntomatohead

    klr 650 front wheel change

    I want to know if it is possible to change the front wheel to 17in. Can you change the front forks to accept wider front tire, Supermoto style? Where who and what do I need to do. I purchased the bike new in March 20th I now have 3000 miles on it. I have installed supertrapp pipe, drilled airbox, jetkit, I am putting new dunlop D607 140/80/17 rear tire. New chain installing this weekend, with 16 front sprocket and dropping 2 teeth in the rear. I really enjoy this bike. Thanks for all the help.
  12. tenntomatohead

    klr 650 engine rebuild

    just wondering if anyone out there has rebuilt their engine. I wonder if she can be punched out and bigger piston added with 11.1 compression and a good cam. Someone with the expertise please advise me on my options.
  13. tenntomatohead

    klr 650 tires

    I need some bad a$$ street tires for my 650 wider is better any suggestions
  14. tenntomatohead

    sprocket change

    I want to change to a 16 in the front and drop 2 in the rear. I have a 650 and travel on the hiway a lot. Can anyone tell me how this change will help in top end performance?
  15. tenntomatohead

    KLR 650 Mods... Jetting, Air Box, Exhaust

    I have a 650 and I got the supertrapp muffler and pipe, took out the baffles, loud but seems to have some more performance. I am interested to find out about the sprocket change. I want to go to the 16 in front and drop 2 teeth in the rear. Give me some input.