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  1. Steel frame and modern fuel control ftw. Suspension is a big deal too. I'm kind of in the same boat. I have ridden KDXs primarily for the last 8 or so years. So when I finally step up to the 300i plate, it's going to be niccceee. Congrats on the bike!
  2. Are the pipes on these bikes good enough to keep on the bikes? I guess for 2020s we wont know as I dont think people have had a chance to buy different ones and test them, but how about 19s? Usually it's one of the first things I do to a bike. 'Torque' pipe and a SA muffler.
  3. Wanted to get a 19. But good thing I didnt. Would have never rode it. Plus I'm really liking the 20s. Maybe once I move, I'll jump on one. Interested to hear the thoughts on the 20. Hopefully they are just better and better..
  4. I was first out day 2. Low sided on last jump just before the offroad section on the first lap. It was hard to pick that bike up knowing what I had gotten myself into. Bike was the right bike, suspension was super off. Everything was a jar and knife edge with my setup..
  5. Is that WORCS photo from mesquite? I got handed myself at that race. What an animal.
  6. smelonas

    2004 Rhino 660 Chronic Overheating Issue

    Well, in the interest of my sanity, I did 2 things last weekend. Unhooked the carb warmer, it doesnt get cold enough any time of the year to justify it. And second I took every single jet out and blasted it clean with carb cleaner. Also blasted the entire carb out. Appeared as though some orifices and passage ways had been clogged. Given by the presence of the deep yellowish colored stuff that came out of the orifices at I cleaned them. So i think what happened is that the carb got buildup in some places and this caused it to lean out, in gasoline world, that means hotter engine. It seems to run a bit better and smoother now. Also starts better and has a strong gas odor when cold idling indicating its rich, something it didnt do before. Moral of this story is clean the carb every couple of years and unhook the carb warmer is you live in the southwest. I'll post back after our next hunt trip. This will be the true test.
  7. smelonas

    2004 Rhino 660 Chronic Overheating Issue

    Well upon looking through the parts catalog and other various sites, the rhinos dont have thermostats, so it cant be that. I remain unsure how to go about checking the water pump. Its mechanically driven, so it should either work or not work. No in between. I dont think this is a coolant issue. Usually when there is this much heat involved, it has to do with ignition and or exhaust issues.
  8. We have owned this UTV since new. Only use it to go hunting a few times a year. It always has run well for us except for last couple of years. So I started off with some basic fixes. One, the fuel pump would lose prime and not reprime, so I replaced with a new Yamaha updated unit. Fixed that problem. Two, the intake was not the updated style on top of the center cover. Bought all the pieces to make that work. Helped with dirty filters and poor performance when it got warm out. Three, wired the fan on a switch that jumps the thermostatic switch. This is for when we are going up washes while hunting. We go about 8 to 10 miles an hour on sandy washes, so airflow was a problem. This helped, but not really. Four, I wasted half a day pulling the fuel tank because my dad insisted that there was slime and goo down in it that was plugging fuel filters. That was fruitless in its entirety. So basically we get a heat problem, and that tends the gas to start boiling and thus vapor lock. Keep in mind this happens on 80 degree days. It's not even that hot out, but the whole entire machine is just so hot you really dont wanna touch it. The motor cover is hot, the radiator is hot, the gas tank is hot. The whole thing is F**NG HOT. It always starts well(just bump the key) and runs well in the morning when its below 60. I'm losing my mind here trying to figure out how this machine used to run so well for so long and now the overheating/vaporlocking problem continues to worsen every time we go out. Anybody have this problem or know where I can start at? Thanks guys!
  9. That's dope. I didnt know custom cut heads were a thing. That's amazing.
  10. Maybe fan is kicking on too soon? Is the temp sender on hot or cold side? You did say it only seems to come on after hills, so that shouldn't be the issue..
  11. Pin should just push out. Not push out, tap out. Obviously you wont get the pin out with assembly tightened. An awl and a small ball peen should push that pin right out. Then just do the easy swivel swap.
  12. smelonas

    trx450er electrical problems

    Rubbed through wire? Sounds to me like you have a grounding issue. But that also seems wrong because well, that's not typical of grounding issues. I would check the wire harness really well first. The readings you were getting off the CDI seem odd too. As if its bad. I would just try and hook up the bare minimum to make it runa and see if it does run. If not, then you know it's a wiring or computer issue.
  13. Like that lift.. got a link to where I can get my grubby hands on one? Nice bike and thread. Loving it so far.
  14. smelonas

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    Since we are on the trail to changing subject... my dad had to mount a tire 8 times before he finally got it on without a pinch hole. And yes he patched that tube 7 times. If your vacation is going to be ruined, just throw a regular tube in the damn thing and move on.
  15. I'm looking to get the same here shortly. Maybe early next year I'll get myself a birthday present. I'll be keeping up on these reviews for sure. I'm interested to hear what power mods will yield what. I'm looking to build a bike with a ton of mid punch, good overrev, and a smooth bottom. Also looking forward to the tuning systems that will become available.