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  1. When it's -34 F outside we can resort to some odd means of entertainment. If there is reasonable interest in the US to host a PS4 - MXGP 3 race or series, let me know and I'll see about coordinating it.
  2. Whopharded

    SCARED of crashing and jumping

    Ok here is what works for me. In short setups I have to be on the gas harder so then my head has to be further over the bars. If it's a long set up then steady acceleration and head more over the triple clamps. General rule is I shouldn't be pulled by my arms so the harder I accelerate the more I've got to be forward over the bars. I always want at least some degree of acceleration on the jump face. Just a flat throttle is dangerously close to chopping especially as the bike starts to tip upwards on the jump face and the throttle naturally rolls off because it tilts under your body.
  3. Whopharded

    Weight loss equates to earned felt HP

    No dairy? Dude, I'd eat a shotgun if i couldn't eat dairy. I have like, 8 kinds of cheese in my refrigerator. Ementaler, gouda, Beecher's, chevre both fresh and cave aged, parmesan and American. Oh, and garlic Vampire cheese curds. Also have half and half, milk and sour cream. I'm betting you are up here in Wisconsin with me.
  4. Whopharded

    Weep Hole 08 CRF450R

    1st off... Are you loving that 08 like I love mine? I don't care what other bike I ride, even if it's a 2018, it's refreshing to get back on my 08. I just wish it had some of the traits of EFI like starting easier no matter how hot or cold it is. Anywise, I had to replace mine too. Some people go the easy route and just do the impeller side but 'any' sense of movement on the shaft is an indicator to replace bearings and seals all the way through balance shaft.... as you did. I don't know if its super important but I paid close attention to the direction of the seals. It sounds like you did everything right. If you don't have oil or coolant or a mix there of coming out, you are golden. By the way, I used Engine Ice for coolant, claims to run up to 20 degs cooler. This past summer I attest that it did it's job.
  5. Whopharded

    Grip reccomendations

    I can tell you what grips I absolutely do NOT like. EMIG grips. Interesting concept but major vibration transmitters.
  6. Whopharded

    Grip reccomendations

    I just looked at them on ebay. Priced right. Interesting bulge through the middle.
  7. Whopharded

    Weight loss equates to earned felt HP

    Cheers to you. Probably delish but I'm having a little trouble visualizing the savory. LOL
  8. Whopharded

    Weight loss equates to earned felt HP

    Those are good links. I'm looking into Six Days. I've never heard of it. I don't intend to stay on 1k per day. More of a fasting momentum thing.
  9. So I recently got on a 1000 calorie a day kick to melt off some tucker. Mainly so I can be a bit more nimble and easier on the knees getting up and down off the seat and landings... Doing good so far, about a pound a day. What do you think 5 or 10 lbs taken off the rider equates to felt horsepower gain on the bike? I mean if its something like one HP gained per 5 pounds rider weight loss then 15lbs off might feel as good as $1500 worth of Daniel Crower I&E Cams. Some nice inspiration for gym time there, I reckon.
  10. 57. I race 55+ Super Senior and 40+, trust me there's fast guys in there. I'll put in 4 motos on race day and up to 30 laps on practice days. Also, I've got a near 100% torn rotator cuff. I asked my friend/Ortho Dr if I needed to quit riding/racing to prevent further injury and he replied with a half grin, "Hell no, you already tore it all to sh1t. There's nothing there left to tear up. In fact if you are going to fall make sure it's on your bad shoulder and not the good one". Then he wrote me a prescription for Viagra and told me to go have a good time. I figure I can go to 60-65 then I'm selling all my bikes and building a Baja truck.
  11. Whopharded

    DIY strapless tie down

    That is an awesome picture
  12. Whopharded

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    Yeah I've seen that. My sensation is that the bike is ejecting out from beneath me. Probably just a result of occasional bad timing on the unload.
  13. Whopharded

    Brake Pedal - Repurposed (hook a toe)

    I was thinking that the case with my Honda and Yamaha.
  14. Ken Roczen has the underside of his brake pedal grooved so he can hook a toe to stay latched to the bike in the air or add lift. I hate those times when I've jumped and feel like both boots have got some daylight between them and the pegs.