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  1. I believe i check the whole length, I replaced the whole wire harness with a really good used one. I guess i could wrap the wire in a few places but it did the same thing with both harness and I check all connections with a multi meter and (remember I have 2 of everything) both came up with the same readings from the spark plugs to the CDI to stator to the tps and the coil/spark plug cap. I am not a seasoned mechanic but I followed the instructions plus I have common sense being around bikes for 30 years. I just don' know what to do anymore, Im debating to bring it to Honda and and have them charge me $300 to tell me " Blank was loose or something" Debating on just selling her for parts, but it' so hard to after the money and work put in, and now I cant even ride her for a few hours.. I just put her in the corner 😣 while I rebuild my Project Kx125. ** PLEASE IF YOU KNOW OF ANYTHING ELSE/SUGGESTIONS, LET ME KNOW!!!! I WILL SEND YOU A STARBUCKS GIFT CARD OR SOMETHING. 👍🤣
  2. Then after that get on a 125 2 stroke for single track! Omg ..... it feels like handle bars and wheels.... 😁
  3. Omg. It's so not worth it to swap for the kicker, im sorry, I am for the Mods but this is not necessary unless your racing, maybe... Also this freaking bike will still be HEAVY with the kicker, i have been on uneven single track hills where after a crash/(Mis calculated lay down) "MCLD" , i was so happy to have the electric start cause the kicker would have made me tumble down the hill. Ok maybe it' ok if you have the parts and you know how to do everything yourself then ok. The amount of weight your going to save is not going to be enough to make you pro level my dude.... on my stock drz I make the Orange KTM boys raise a EYE brow and come up to me afterwards, like 440 kit? What class do you race? Inside I'm like (YEEEAAH BOY👍) The Key is to ride to the DRZ limit! This bike handles well. Many people dont use the fullest out of a bike. They just want 60+ horses & wont even use all the horses. (Unless you are racing) Keep the thottle pinned🤣 dont use the brakes😂 and have a strong upper body so you can throw that 300 pound monster around. Thats it.
  4. What's great about them is their low maintenance, reliability and flexibility. I live on dirt roads and ride dirt roads, paved two lane country roads, into town to run errands, some two tracks, etc.. I don't ride much single track with it because I have my KTM for that. ** AGREED [emoji106] Powerwise they are about 32HP stock. Opening up the airbox (aka 3x3), rejetting and putting on a free flowing exhaust will get you about 38 HP. I haven't done it yet, but moving to an FCR39 carb will get you to 40 HP but supposedly it runs stronger everywhere so the 2 HP peak gain is a bit misleading. - AGREED [emoji106] I picked this 2012 up with 2,043 miles on it for $3,500. You got a sweet deal!!! Mine is a 2006 - 2100 miles $ 2900
  5. I have a Drz400s (set up for 90% OFF ROAD) the power delivery feels different, its a smooth predictable power curve with no crazy oooomf. Now it's not weak, once your used to it and the weight you can do anything on it. That 250 2t powerband punch that your used to, you won't have. But again, just stay on the throttle and you will make it up any hill, you just have to be aggressive. The drz400s has a little less power than my crf250r and Kx125 but has more torque. The reason why I bought the DRZ dual sport is, I'm my area they shut down the legal mx tracks and I was only left with my 3 secret single track Enduro trails LOCATIONS (only me 2 other guys know this these spots) that is 1 mile and 2 miles away from my home. I hate riding on the street but this was perfect for my DRZ. Gas up, gear up, ride 5 minutes away, rip it up for a couple hours, get a beer and lunch at Applebees down the street and I'm home by 1pm or later, just in time for my daily "Honey do list" PERFECT...[emoji106] This is the flexibility a dual sport can bring to your life. P.s. - My wife prefers "the blue bike" because when I take the "red or green bike" to the track, I'm gone all day. Happy wife = Happy Life [emoji23]
  6. The Drz is super fun, and i take it on the same tracks I take my mx bikes and I can't break this bike. Now your used to 2T 250 power? The Drz in stock form will feel like a scooter. But a go anywhere fun one. This is the reason I have 3 bikes. 2t mx 4t mx/Enduro and the DRZ [emoji16] Good luck.
  7. I'm going to drink 10 Monster Energy Drinks and Sprint there in 24 Hours!![emoji16]
  8. Gillette Stadium - I guess that's a option, was thinking of flying to Daytona or something and checking that out. 4 hour drive or a 2day walk. Hmmmm
  9. Yeah that sucks, No Supercross in NY (NJ) this year also, im so pissed. Been going for years and have great times with friend and fellow RIDERS. What' HAPPENING to supercross in 2018? I thought it was getting bigger these days?!
  10. When I 1st got my bike it didn't have the actual kill SWITCH bottom attached, just to two wire things and my bike ran like that until I got a new kill SWITCH when the Bike was taken apart. Can't even test it cause, my bike won't start, this is so frustrating. I recorded everything I did, in case people have questions, I may post it.
  11. 2008 crf250r - I too have a similar issue. Bike ran until it was impossible to start. Had Honda redo the valves, spings, seats, etc.. I did the piston and rings. Etc. Put everything back together, didnt start. Check the plug for SPARK and nothing. Got a multimeter- Didn't know how to use it- thought the stator was bad - got a used working stator - no spark. Got a whole harness with coil and CDI, ICM (whatever it's called) complete - I compared resistance with the multimeter with both my harness (old and new) had the same numbers. Check my stator vs the new - Same numbers. I checked everything! Both coils, plugs (old and brand new) same numbers. Lastly I check the TPS in the carb - it's was like 460 something with I think is good compared to this youtuber with the same bike. So I just now put everything back together, made sure everything was nice a firmly plugged. Guess What? No SPARK..... What in the hell is going on? Please advise, I would like to pit 10 hours on this engine before selling it. THANKS in advance.
  12. I'm so dumb. Correct look at the frame. Yeah something is up. ask for the vin# and Google it. If he doesn't know it, bring a few tools and check, it' s on the frame behind the front #plate. If not stolen, I'd still get it and now you have a owesome bargaining chip. "Dude it' not even a 04!" $700! And work from there. Again good luck.
  13. Looks good, I'd get it without thinking about it. since he is asking $1200 and if it didn't sell for a While, he may take $1000. I would message saying I will give you $1000 today and see what he says. Once you see it, you should understand the condition and if the guy maintained it. Be prepared to Rip the bike completely apart to check for issues once you own it. I just got 98 kx125 for $500 that I will make it a trail bike ALSO. Weighted flywheel, changed gearing, heavy duty clutch springs, fmf pipe (fatty)/silencer(shorty) and ported head for low end power and i will have a super fun trail bike. Good luck.
  14. Ok you won the contest[emoji6]
  15. Omg I love the IT490[emoji7]