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  1. Uugh when you break it down like that, it sounds like a buzz kill! But that's the reality of it.
  2. Good point, that's the part my wife worries about. So what do you do with the non sellable parts taking up space?
  3. I agree with you and want to do the same. Just got my 1st junker for $200, hope people buy all these parts! Now! ๐Ÿ˜Š Any updates on your progress, since this post is from 6 years ago?
  4. Agreed on the liability issue (the reason why their is so little tracks in our area) but its going to be your personal track that you lend certain Paid/contracted members ride on. We just lost our last MX track in Long island NY so if your not that gr8 away from us, you will get all of long Island Traffic. Maybe offer incentive to LI,NYers and we will come.
  5. Nice! Cherish that sight, it will never look like that again[emoji7]
  6. Awesome! Damn I knew I should not have water $100k on shit! I could have gotten this as my dream retirement riding spot. [emoji20]
  7. This is one of my dreams! Good luck. What state will this be in?
  8. 06 3100 Miles[emoji106]
  9. I won't tell anybody your sandbagging if you won't!๐Ÿ˜‡
  10. Nice, have fun be loose and safe!
  11. Just got done with mine. Removed radiator shrouds, tank, seat, valve cover, top end (cams, lifters etc, loosed top shock bolts (to make room for the carb) intake boot, timing screw, and cylinder. This was my 1st time and it was not hard at all. Make sure you have all the tools necessary for the job and a mechanic friend on speed dial.[emoji16] I got mine done by watching YouTube videos and reading thumper talk advice. [emoji106] Only issue I had was the timing chain guide, (see pics) I didn't realize it has to go in between the top end and cylinder and getting the intake boot back on the carb. You can do it, just be patient.
  12. How are you Riders? I am contemplating on selling one of my bikes but I have a question. I buy and sell bikes pretty often and I have been noticing that many people ask top prices for their bike and it seems they are for sale for a while. I understand why people ask top prices because my 2008 crf250r is completely rebuilt with brand new valves and other parts. The new owner doesn't have to do anything but continue to break the bike in. This particular bike goes for anywhere from $1600 - 2500 (I have seen people ask $2999) honestly I should ask this price to because if you add all the money I put into the bike, I will never get this price. Someone told me if you part a bike out to hundreds of pieces you can get $5-6 k for it. Has anybody done this successfully? How long did it take? Thanks for your comments.
  13. Details? [emoji3] Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. Exactly!!!!!![emoji4] Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  15. Awesome thanks! Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app