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  1. I want to go out and find a Trx roller frame now! And start a project! Omg I wonder if it would fit into my crf250 frame? [emoji38]
  2. Omg that engine in the Trx Quad would be totally nuts! Don't think you would be able to put away your smile for a while. Wow, wonder how much it is for the full kit?
  3. Totally worth it! If you got the money and Mechanical team in the garage to change everything for you daily, that 10 ounces saved will shave 10 seconds off your lap times!!!! [emoji106] That's if you already ..........(you guys can finish my thoughts🤣)
  4. What' better Green bikes or Drzs?
  5. I love my DRZ!, what other bike can be beat up all day long, has low maintenance and performs well on both street and dirt? And who says the DRZ can't be ridden hard off road? Skip to 4:43 for dirt action👍
  6. Oh yeah, that too[emoji23] Also forget about going up hills (trail riding) you think your on dirt? Nope it's really Ice disguised as dirt. Lol the Dirt is so frozen it's as if your on ice and get no traction. Be careful....
  7. Besides freezing you Nuts and Fingers off and Jetting issues (carborated bikes) have fun! I let my bikes really warm up before riding it though. ONLY issue for me is after riding, I could not clean the thick frozen mud off cause my water hose was frozen so the mud caked on after every ride and the Frozen mud became a temporary fixture on my bike for a bit. It got stuck around the front sprocket and chain and other tight areas and made noises till I got a chance to clean everything thoroughly and lube and grease everything again. IF your handy and can do maintenance yourself, nothing should stop you from enjoying this awesome sport we all looovve[emoji7] Have fun and take video and pics and share with your friends.. Later!
  8. Oh man I wasted my brain energy on this?![emoji32] [emoji33] [emoji51] when I could have wasted it on Other things like arguing with the wife or drinking beer! Lol
  9. - After looking more into it, your absolutely right. Small wheel no electric start makes it way less expensive and attractive. the prices I quoted is for mint LE big wheel models. I don't even bother with the kick start small wheel model. No disrespect, this could be a excellent bike for a Dad to buy for his beginner son or daughter and fix it up together as a project bike for some awesome together family time, but you will have to knock off at least $350 bucks to make it more attractive. (Hopefully You bought this year's ago and won't really lose any money ) This bike would have to be ripped completely apart and rebuild from the ground up, then it will last forever with proper maintenance. Again good luck.
  10. I buy and sell TTR125 ALL DAY LONG AND THEY ARE EASY TO MAINTAIN AND FIX. JUST SOLD ALL THE PARTS YOU NEED FOR THIS BIKE LOL. $800 IS A BIT MUCH, I get mint ones for $900 - 1000 that need nothing. Be prepared to negotiate. I'd pay $600 max. Good luck.
  11. Wow, what's your weigh? You sure you have them at the smallest/tightest level? My comp 5s are so tight, I have marks from my socks for hours!!! Lol Sent from my SM-N950U using ThumperTalk mobile app
  12. Its gotta be mint though, Like I don't have to do anything to it. Since I don't trust sellers, I buy bikes in super used condition or get it from someone who doesn't know anything and rebuild/restore everything. Kx125 got for $500 because "it had a pinging noise comming from the top end" - turned out to be 1 exhaust spring was hanging and vibrating/hitting the engine. Lol free easy fix and all I had to do is new plastic/seat cover/Graphics, Fork rebuild and clean the carb. Kx250 - paid more but it just needed bearings everywhere, forks and shock rebuilt, and new cables. Plastic and graphics were great. Both bikes with upgrades came up to about $2000. If you have YOUTUBE, a manual and tools, no need to spend $3000 on a old 2 stroke. 👍
  13. I agree with William and the other awesome dudes on this post. You Will End up losing and spend more money, just for a Orange bike? Right now you do not need it. That yz125 is a RIPPER! learn every thing you can, for free (just by riding you will improve daily). That Bike Is Reliable and parts are cheap. Plus You Did Everything to it already. Seems like your worried more about looks or bike name than riding skill and fun? Don't Worry This Is A Beginners Disease That you can be cured of, just by not listening to people and concentrate on yourself. Get out and have fun, give it more gas is TURNS and whoops, jump further, wheelie longer and become a BAD ASS BLUE BIKE RIPPER! Save money for the next bike and after you rebuild the top end on the yz for the 1st time, then think about making a move. Good luck P.s. I see 2010 -2013 yz125 go $2500-2700
  14. Hahaha Same Here, I Laugh everyTime I hear people say " Riding seasons" I'm like whaaaa?😅