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  1. Oh I read this after ranting. Still $350 max
  2. I think you should listen to the good people here on Thumpertalk. We are the angle on you right shoulder but the devil on your left shoulder is really working hard I see. (No offense) I have been where you are right now, I really wanted something bad because I was borderline desperate and it was right in front of me. Huge mistake!! Look at the bike - 1) anything rusted and missing you will have to replace. And from the 1 pic you posted we all see many things. 2) can you do the work yourself? And do you have the tools? If this is a no, run away as fast as you can. 3) do you have the know how to find good priced parts and have at least $600-800 just for parts (not including the purchase price) if no, run away as fast as you can. 4) is you friend willing to come down in price? I wouldn't pay more then $250 for it but that's me. If no, you know what to do. 5) the money you put into the bike will not be a investment for a flip project unless you completely RIP everything apart (including engine) down to just nuts and bolts and restore everything back to how it was in 1985 . Even if you do that, you would have to wait before someone gives you close to what you want but by then, YOU WONT MAKE A PROFIT. The money put into this bike will evaporate and it will only be for you to enjoy and RIP it around the woods or Street as you say. 6) you want to fix this up to ride on the streets?? Cmon man, that's like a sin to true dirtbike riders and that bike will last you like a few rides before it blows up (unless you are a great 2 stroke mechanic) 7) if you have $600 plus a few bucks more to invest in it, buy another complete bike that only needs minor work like a piston. Check my pic of a bike I got for $950 (kawasaki) and it really needs nothing but I will do a top end cause I dont trust sellers. And $1400 (honda) Hope my rant sets you on the right path. Good luck
  3. Way to much!! $200 max cause once you take it apart (if your mechanically inclined) your going to find a lot of things that need replacement and your going to spend close to $1000 bringing it back to its former glory. But hey if you like projects and want to fix it up back to prestine, Go for it and sell it for $2000 grand when done or hang it on the wall and look at it. [emoji7] But like someone said, if you buying it to ride, eh that's a big fat no.
  4. Holy cow, so it was someone you or your friend/renter knows! The knew use the remote in the parked car? Wow... from all the kidnapping /murderTV shows wifey watches, it's going to be the person who is most sorry and tries everything in their power to help you find it. When that person comes forward, follow him to his house and stork him for a couple of days. ( hopefully this story has a happy ending) I will keep my eyes peeled on social media market place for you. Again not to many mint xt so once one pops up, its probably yours.
  5. That sucks man! What state and town? That's a older bike in mint condition that they wont be able to change , so it should look pretty much the same if they try to sell it online. Only thing that really sucks is that's a popular bike in the Caribbean and Spanish countries. Hope it's not halfway to Dominican republic in parts by now. Good luck and hope those &%$#@!ers get caught.
  6. I really dont approve of the whole street wheelie boy movement but it's a smart move for fox business wise. Now they will get all the wheelie boys business, and we all know they like the flashy colors and will buy everything cause their pockets run deep. [emoji36]
  7. Now the dude that pull in with there trucks and trailers, they question. Dual sports rock!! But yeah you have to figure if your area cops are tough or leinant. In my area they want to check if bikes are registered and stolen. We have plates on our bikes so they dont even mess with us.
  8. Hopefully a warning and a thumbs up and send you on your way, if he/she can catch you. [emoji6] We have a illegal riding spot by me and the cops park in the lot to hide and get people speeding on the main road. I approached one before and he said, I'm not here for you and said nice bike and I went riding. [emoji1]
  9. This bike look better than the new crf450l!! It looks so aggressive, for dirt though! to bad you got sm tires on it. [emoji32]
  10. Holy shit! Excellent choice but that is waaaay to much bike for me. And yes, your beast will destroy the Crf!![emoji33]
  11. Doesn't it sicken you when people say the DRZ is a pussy or incapable bike? We DRZ owners know the true value of our babies, and even though it's old, it still kicks ass! Nice action pics! Your still badass!
  12. So how many DRZ owners are planning to sell their baby for the new crf450l? Or will you keep your Z and also purchase the 450l?
  13. Very nice!
  14. I hope it will be a plated Dirtbike, in Ny we dont care about emmisions, once plated and I remove that restricted Exhaust, I wonder how much HP It will gain? Can't wait to see the aftermarket parts for this beauty.
  15. Wow, I can't wait to see all the Drz 400 for sale now! The only thing that sucks is , The DRZ will lose so much resale value now that everyone will sell them. Boo I put to much into my Drz har i still will want top dollar for it!