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  1. Sounds about right! [emoji3]
  2. Hey guys, so here is my dilemma. I part bikes to make side money. I just had my 3rd son and I don't use my 2008 Crf250r anymore. Many mods and zero hours on the brand new Valves and top end. (Never started it cause I'm tired of kick starting bikes... I know I'm weird.....[emoji44] plus my Drz and Raptor keep me entertained) I will start it this weekend if I don't have a Honey Do List to complete [emoji20]. So, I want a bad ass 2 stroke (just because) and somebody said "dude, drop a cr500 engine in that Bitch" I'm like hmmmm "not a bad Ef-ing idea, but a 2 stroke 500 is to much engine for what I do here in NY) So I have a complete 250r and I can get a 2001 cr250 engine off of EBay for $1600 (same price I can sell my 250f engine for[emoji3]) My question: I'm worried if I part out this bike and make $4000 (yes I can do that) that I will kick my self in the ass in 10 years for not doing the conversion. I only see Service Honda making their own shit! But not offering a kit or instructions on how to do it myself. If I have all the parts, do I need them? Are their instructions on how to cut my frame so I can give it to a welder to complete? Let me know guys, I know you guys on TT have Godly Knowledge and I appreciate any info you can give before I bite the bullet and rip this CRF apart and sell. Thanks a million in advance for all your comments, your Awesome!
  3. Good to know! Is this for Brand New? I wonder if its a used Buyers Market as well? I know the dealers want to hit quotas and move product to make room for newer models.
  4. So I got a warning for a post that I put up. Probably one of the engine post from eBay. Honestly I posted that to help this post creator and hook him up with a good deal for a engine. I was not using thumper talk to advertise. I don't need to "use" thumper to advertise cause all my stuff sells on eBay on its own. If I was using TT for this I would be posting my Parts all day everyday with my own post. Anyway, sorry for innocently breaking the rules. Enjoy yourselves... Braap!
  5. I watched all his videos and I'm a expert now! Lol Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app Hope this helps, good luck. Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  6. Pinnacle Studio Pro. Only $59 on eBay new. I paid $110 and its easy to use and very good. Also you can YouTube editing tutorial and learn that way, that's what I did. [emoji106] Sent from my LG-H918 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  7. Don't live there but find some woods or field that cars can't get into, and make your own pit bike track. Pit bike tracks are fun and easy to make.
  8. I got the SS valves also! They will never look as good as this ever again...[emoji20]
  9. I used this and another video plus the specs in the manual to get the job done.
  10. We are thinking alike! I want the ktm 300 also! The crf250r was fun, but on the 2nd shim job (super easy btw, you can be done in 1-2 hours even if you don't know what you are doing) my valves were zeroed and after spending unwanted money at Honda to seat the valves, (I did everything else) I discovered, I will never get that money back. I tried selling the whole bike with 30 mins on the engine and I am getting super low balled. So I will part the bike out until I have enough for my next bike.
  11. Just did mine, they were zeroed out! Had to change everything! Never again! Going back to 2 strokes.... [emoji3]
  12. Honestly me neither, I like to be the 1st person to crap all over my own stuff!­čśÇ but I see some sold on EBay so I will most likely put it for cheap. With the extra cash I could buy air filter, oil, gloves or goggles. That's where my head is at. Thanks for the reply.
  13. How are you TT world? In parting out my 07crf250r and I have these extra valves and springs that I forgot about. My question to you is, How the he'll do I know what type/brand valves these are? Oem, SS or TI? In your opinion, do you think these valves are sellable/reusable? Thanks a billion.