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  1. http://www.sellusyourbike.com/what-we-buy/dirt-bikes/ What about this place, any good? I’m looking to sell a 2017 250x in the next month.
  2. CTA

    Peick Injury

    So glad to hear he is progressing to recovery
  3. CTA

    Peick Injury

    Same here, stay on the topic of Weston!
  4. CTA

    Starting over, bike advice

    You will love it..
  5. Fly F2 - fits my block head [emoji3]
  6. Barcia is kicking a$$. Great to see his come back....coop needs to get more humbling [emoji3]
  7. I struggle talking juice.....
  8. Where is Barcia? Let’s go...
  9. CTA

    Dungey back on the bike?

    Jeff Ward and Ricky Johnson are lining up today, should be a great race
  10. Yes, to Pomona. I worked with Sydney Brown Service Manager 1501 Pomona Road Corona, CA 92880
  11. CTA

    Congrats to Barcia

    I hope they keep Barcia on Yamaha the remainder of the season as well. I think it would be good for webb to have some competition on the team to drive his results.
  12. www.racetech.com They did a great job setting it for my weight and riding style.
  13. Been thinking about this myself since I got my YZ done last year. Love the suspension on that bike since race tech did the work. Still on the fence on getting my 450sxf done by them.
  14. CTA

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    I would like to see that happen given last nights performance, but he needs to stay hungry if they do
  15. CTA

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    I thought the move was great. Rubbing is racing and Webb was racing....