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  1. Back in 2001 Red River trails in Bulcher TX used to be the sweetest single track. All red clay and sand, and great woods..... I went last year for the first time since early 2000s and was totally disappointed. A &%$#@! ton of SxS there and you could drive a school bus down all the old single track trails due to these a** hats. Bunch of spoiled chubby fred durst looking mf'rs and their aged leathery looking over tanned skank women riding around getting sauced up.....sad. That place was trail heaven. RIP RRMT
  2. Without a rekluse wouldn't you have to use clutch, or down shift to rear steer anyways?.....rekluse only changes engagement of the clutch at low rpm, not how much it holds in the middle or while cruising. That's preset by the springs just like any other manual clutch bike. I ride both types of clutches. Other than initial take off, and on gnarly uphills, they dont work any different. They engine brake just fine as well unless you pull clutch in for a long time and let engine return to idle where there is no engagement. Think OP was referring to wheel spin when hill climbing. Not sure he would want to blow the tire loose to steer on a hill climb.
  3. I may have one beer while I'm gearing up...but then its water with hammer tabs in the camel bak from then on till end of day....then the cooler gets lighter the longer we shoot the sh*t about the days ride. Anyone who gets mashed and rides isn't really in control, or considering what could happen. My brother in law has a THC pen and a few times a day when we are waiting for guys to catch up, he give it a toke or 2. I know I could never ride stoned. I drove a truck once stoned....the needle had vanished on the speedo...I freaked out and let off the gas pedal..."HA there it is!"..never again. Few times Ive smoke, everything goes stupid slow and feel like im creeping along.
  4. Normal.
  5. Thanks. tid bits of info like this are great when explained nice and clear. Cheers! My bikes quite heavy so log crossings have been a little bit nerve racking so far.
  6. Its all in the setup too. If a rekluse is set up for one style, then it dont work best for another style of riding. However, one can learn how to ride a little different and gain from it. To each their own.
  7. Its 3 pieces. Friction disc with larger ID inner hole, spring seat that fits into the friction disc, and then the judder spring. My brother in law installed it all based on recommendation from Rekluse. So far so good.
  8. Well when he sprayed it on his chain...don't think I was hallucinating.... Just for grins, I looked at the MSDS sheets for both PJ1 air filter foam spray and their black label chain lube.......not a lot different between them. Have a look yourself. CHAIN LUBE FILTER OIL
  9. Rode with a guy at Matagorda beach. Real nice fella that seemed to have his *hit together and he could ride pretty damn fast. We were shooting the breeze after loading up and I noticed his chain had no sand on it but looked well lubed. No spooge all over his rims and sprockets looked pretty clean for having rode through sand and all sorts of goopy mud puddles behind the dunes. Anyone who has ridden behind the dunes of a TX beach knows its basically swamp bike looked like it had been drug through a sand crusted sewer pit... I asked him what he lubed his chain with and his response was very odd.....however it seemed to work pretty damn well. I have yet to try it. PJ1 air filter spray.... I asked again thinking he was joking, and he pulled out his trusty can of it....I would have thought sand would stick to it like crazy, but it didnt. Strange but I my have to try it.
  10. My brother in law just put a core xp 3.0 in his 2012 450X and after riding it a while it started chattering like crazy. He ended up installing the later model CRF450R judder spring assembly in the clutch and it killed about 98% of the chatter. What oil are you running on the trans side? hes running MTL75. Do you know what model rekluse is in yours? Maybe you have the Zstart pro. My katoom has the Z start pro and it doesnt chatter at all.
  11. Does it chatter at all on take offs or if you lug it too hard?
  12. Regardless of lighter or heavier, if its a balanced assembly and the piston type is changed, it will no longer be balanced. OEM will yield the best results overall.
  13. A cast piston and forged piston machined to the exact same dimensions both internally and externally, the forged will weigh more as its denser. The cast piston I took out of my sons bike was uber think compared to the thick machined forged piston I installed. Weight different could be felt by hand with wrist pins removed from both.
  14. Didnt see it mentioned. One other thing to consider when changing piston types. WEIGHT of the piston. I swapped from a cast piston in my sons bike to a wiseco forged. Broke it in properly, runs great. I have noticed however that it has more resonance in the bars now at higher rpm as the forged pistons are heavier than cast pistons since they are more dense. A gram or even half a gram doesn't sound like much, but when its moving up and down at 9k rpm, that type of weight is compounded. I will go back to a cast piston on the next top end. Seems the crank balancing is more tailored to the lighter cast piston.
  15. I also do the same thing. I actually apply some pressure to the lever while I loosen up the banjo bolt so it forces the air out and then tighten it back up while still putting pressure on it, this prevents the chance of letting air back in. The brake switches that replace the banjo bolts have 2 or even 3 holes in them. When I durf it to the right, I tilt the bike over to the left from center upright and flick the lever a lot and let it snap back to get the air back into the reservoir instead of the banjo bolt as well.