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  1. Badgerbear72

    Oil smells faintly like gas

    And by the way, the bike runs totally fine, oil was at normal levels and I hit 60 mpg when I filled up yesterday. I think a bit of gas mixed in, but was a fairly minimal amount. I think I'm fine.
  2. Badgerbear72

    Oil smells faintly like gas

    Did more reading and apparently gas can leak into oil if it lays down on its side for a while. I was teaching my girlfriend to ride and she dropped it. I made sure she was okay for five minutes while the bike was chilling on its side. Could the combination of that with the few hours of being on Prime be it?
  3. Badgerbear72

    Oil smells faintly like gas

    I bought my DRZ new in April and have since accumulated 1,000 miles and use it to commute to work (I live 5 city miles away). I was starting to remove the air filter to begin the 3x3 mod and the filter was sticky and smelt like gas. I did some digging around the forum and found out there could be two reasons for this. The petcock is leaky or I left my carb on Prime for some time and the gas flowed backwards. I'm pretty sure it's the second one as I remember one occasion where I left it on Prime for a few hours (my first carbureted anything). I currently have a cup under the petcock and will see if anything leaks out of it, but I am doubtful that is the problem. So I'm looking for some advice on what to do now. I've changed the oil twice already, so it's only been 500 miles or so since the last change, so any gas in the oil is since then. And the oil just faintly smells like gas. It took a few attempts to smell anything like gas. Should I just change the oil, call it good, not do the 3x3 rejet and use the warranty if needed? Or could this be something much bigger and I should go back to the dealer?