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  1. ChampWazza

    yamaha xt350 1992 restricted ?

    You will probably have a Pee-Shooter exhaust insert in the muffler too. That's how we got these delivered to us in NZ and Aus. Was done to pass decibel restrictions on the 350 and 600 of the day.
  2. Have them Love them. '07 WR450 till '17, 9000k of mud, rock and sand. Yes, serviced every year...but only two sets of seals ever needed. Got 'em on my '17 now too.
  3. ChampWazza

    Questions and a Hand IV

    If you place two internal cuts inside a standard nut with a hacksaw blade, on a diagonal, then use copious amounts of cutting oil (kerosene or light oil), and then run this nut up and down this stud thread...it should clean up pretty well. If you are that worried about it, just replace it for the $1.50 it's worth.
  4. ChampWazza

    FCR float bowl gasket...o-ring

    Quite a few places to try... https://www.amazon.com/Sudco-Keihin-Float-Bowl-Ring/dp/B0055DNK8Q
  5. ChampWazza

    2013 WR450 blowing regulators

    I'd be looking for a bad main earth line. Check the main battery lead to the frame, and also the engine to frame lead. Do you have a manual...check the output from the stator.
  6. ChampWazza

    YZ450FX Battery Dead within a few hours

    Some areas sell the WR with a non-adjustable ECU. The WR conversion is to replace this ECU with the adjustable type. Your YZ comes with this as std equipment. Your new ECU will be mapped at all zeros.
  7. ChampWazza

    Sport four wheelers

    Where are you, what are your tracks...and most important - what is everyone else riding? Do you need reverse, height, Trail-Riding, Racing...lots to look at buddy. All as a general dart in the board here, LTZ/KFX400, or EX as you say. YFZ 450, LTZ450 etc if you want a racier bike. Can-Am 4x4, Polaris...the list will be shortened by your terrain and needs really.
  8. ChampWazza

    Can you identify this diode? (Pics)

    ...and I thought the new FI Yamahas had bad wiring, ha. Have you tried a local Electronic, Electrical repairer for the individual items. It seems the ID numbers are all intact and just the connections are bad/corroded. These items are testable too...
  9. ChampWazza

    Rattling Carb

    Classic FCR rattle, totally normal. ^^^^do what 'highmaker' has said above mate.
  10. The only way to really satisfy that question would be to actually see what other bikes are using, and where they are riding. Personally, I have a full Yoshi RS4 stainless system. I like the sound, it has a spark arrester, it will allow for 'quite inserts' and is forestry approved. Riding single track it is great, put it with a group and it gets different.
  11. ChampWazza

    2018 YZ450F Maps for Trail Riding

    After trying lots of maps in my '16 WR, I bit the bullet and put a G2 throttle Tamer on...by far, the best investment I have done so far.
  12. ChampWazza

    Unknown yz426 part

    How far did you tear the motor down, if you got as far as the oil pump, it may be the drive dowel, #3?
  13. ChampWazza

    Cheap rim lock

    No harder to install than rim locks, less chance of a tube pinch too. Works more on the friction rubber-to-rubber than making the tire a tighter fit to the rim. Hey, not for everyone, but it works fine for me.
  14. ChampWazza

    Unknown yz426 part

    It may be the return spring dowel, #5.... The neutral pin is more of a mushroom headed pin with a spring behind it mate.
  15. ChampWazza

    Cheap rim lock