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  1. ChampWazza

    08 yz450 no spark

    It is classed as a 'one piece' stator, but the coil shown in red is the spark pulse coil...Pickup Coil mate. How does this measure out, hot verses cold?
  2. ChampWazza

    XR80 points? NO Spark

    Looks like she's been left with water inside there...poor 'ol girl. Replace those points with new, set the gap at about 35thou and timing and you will be good to go. If you have no pilot light to check timing, we used to use a cigarette paper back in the day. While you're there, check those stator windings
  3. ChampWazza

    2018 FX Winter Starting

    I remember reading on TT that #Kraynialhad an ECU re-calibration tip on the 450s. Not sure though if that was for ambient temperature or elevation. Maybe he could chime in if it was relevant to you?
  4. ChampWazza

    Blown 2009 YZ250F Project

    Does the Head look like there has been some blow-by to a water jacket...possible blown Head Gasket? Water ingestion will give you similar looking detonation scars mate.
  5. ChampWazza

    08 yz450 no spark

    Sounds operational heat related by the OP top comments. Have you checked the Signal Generator? If your ground connection was bad and needed cleaning, just how good are the rest of your electrical terminations? I would be starting at the bottom and testing each connection resistance up the line till you get to the coil. You seem to have covered the majors, so start looking for the 'so-called' simple fixes...good luck.
  6. ChampWazza

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    #Diverdown...Love that tool roll mounted under your seat on the left frame ...please tell us where it was sourced ??
  7. ChampWazza

    Grease fittings

    Your pressure washer is the cause if you're not riding water as you say above. I work on hours/rides done. Axles ever forth or so ride, swingarm/headstock every year for me works well. Maybe a better suited grease might just be enough for you? A high temp or marine grade?
  8. ChampWazza

    Grease fittings

    https://www.steelhorseinnovations.com/store/bewlbar/ Nothing beats regular maintenance though in my books...
  9. ChampWazza

    Low fuel/maintenance light yz450fx

    From memory, the pumps are the same. The 17+ bikes have a sender unit at the front bottom of the tank now, #25.
  10. ChampWazza

    New rider!

    You are learning about the quirks of the modern-day 4t the hard way. Keep at it. The Hot Start is a tool when the bike has fallen over and/or flooded for any reason. WOT a couple of kicks will work too, but you may get a 'kickback' this way. Again, it's all learning...and you won't forget the nacks that work.
  11. It's not the Power Tuner you need, you need the FI Tool. There was mention on here about some Ohm settings with a Multimeter...maybe someone in the know could chime in for you?
  12. ChampWazza

    Drive Sprocket Install Help Needed

    To my knowledge, and I am very happy to be corrected...all 250f have the same style front sprocket for all years.
  13. Do you mean #4? Do you have a manual, 'cause it's all in there mate.
  14. ChampWazza

    Drive Sprocket Install Help Needed

    No offence...but really? A 1000 posts, and you are having trouble with a front sprocket install? Vernier the width at the boss...the boss looks to be wider and maybe causing the sprocket to bind on the oil seal. Which ever way, it's not rocket science mate, something is not within spec with your new sprocket.
  15. ChampWazza

    WR450R 2-Trac (2WD)?

    We didn't get the Dakar version. we got the bike as posted by Bryan above...check the bottom line below to see why it didn't sell in 2004 !! DATE: 8-Jun-2004 After comprehensive testing on a variety of different local terrains, the answer from members of the Aussie bike press is a resounding ‘AWESOME!!’ Yamaha’s WR450F 2-Trac is set to be the most important motorcycle development in living memory. Put simply, this superb motorcycle is an off road revelation that inspires confidence in all riders. When the rear wheel loses traction and starts to spin, drive is transferred to the front wheel. The effect is both astonishing and effective. Here are some comments from testers at the national press launch of the 2-Trac where it was pitted against a standard rear wheel drive WR450F: “Confidence inspiring, sure footed, tractable and above all… stimulating!” - Professional tester “Stability is increased in all terrain whether it’s rocky, slippery, loose, uphill, downhill, flat corners or off camber.” - Professional tester “The 2-Trac enables you to carve a much tighter corner than you would dare attempt on a rear wheel drive motorcycle.” - Professional tester “The whole bike feels very stable, you carry a higher corner speed and you can give it the herbs much earlier to get out of the corner.” - Warren Jack, ADB “In thick sand, both drive and steering is dramatically improved. The 2-Trac makes sand riding a breeze compared to a standard bike.” - Professional tester “We tested the 2-Trac from a standstill at the bottom of a big slippery hill. The bike powered to the top effortlessly while the conventional bike required several attempts.” - Professional tester “I thought the 2-Trac must have had a tweaked engine because it clearly felt like it had more horsepower than the standard bike. But this effect was a direct result of the increased front wheel traction.” - Professional tester “My riding style was easily adapted to the 2-Trac… the harder you push it the more the front end grips.” - Professional tester “It’s a big step forward for not only dirt bikes, but potentially road bikes as well.” - Ben Foster, AMCN “The 2-Trac is the next great technological leap that we have been waiting for since the introduction of long travel suspension.” - Warren Jack, ADB “I circulated the whooped out motocross track at nearly 50 per cent of the effort the standard WR-F requires, yet still recorded lap times within a few tenths. Amazing.” - Ben Foster, AMCN Developed over a number of years by Yamaha in conjunction with Swedish suspension firm Öhlins, the WR450F 2-Trac features variable hydraulic drive to its front wheel. A chain driven pump situated on top of the gearbox pumps hydraulic fluid to the front wheel hub via high pressure hoses. The hub is equipped with a single gear hydraulic motor that powers the front wheel. The beauty of the hydraulic system is that it’s self-regulating, meaning that when the rear tyre loses grip, power is transferred to the front, dramatically improving grip and therefore performance. Yamaha Motor Australia has imported a strictly limited number of these ground breaking models and intends to enter the Australian Safari this September to highlight the benefits of the system in Australian conditions. ENGINE Type 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 5 titanium valves Displacement (cc) 449 Bore x stroke (mm) 95.0 x 63.4 Compression 12.5:1 Lubrication Dry sump Fuel Management Keihin FCR39H Ignition CDI Starter Kick and electric Fueltank (L) 10 Transmission Constant mesh, 5-speed Final Transmission Front wheel: hydraulic / Rear wheel: chain CHASSIS Length (mm) 2171 Width (mm) 827 Height - (mm) 1303 Seat Height - (mm) 998 Wheelbase - (mm) 1485 Clearance - (mm) 371 Dry Weight - (kg) 119.5 Suspension Front Öhlins upside-down telescopic fork - 300 mm travel Tyres Front 90/90-21 Brakes Front Single disc, Ø 250 mm Suspension Rear Öhlins shock, link-type suspension - 315 mm travel Tyres Rear 130/90-18 Brakes Rear Single disc, Ø 245 mm OTHER Handlebars Reikon alloy Steering damper Öhlins RRP (Aus) $24,990