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  1. Can do top only with engine in frame. Giving your previous frugal use of oil, you might as well do a complete strip down and do main/be bearings too. Gasket set vrs top set not much more, just more labour to do a complete strip...but the peace-of-mind would be invaluable .
  2. I second the Graphite Power. Cheap from a Locksmith, goes on dry so no attraction to dust/dirt. Great stuff on brake pins too.
  3. Your dealer is correct...if the engine happens to stop at TDC, the electric starter will not have enough grunt to rotate the engine. Rocking in gear, or a slight push with the kick starter will push over the TDC and allow the elect starter to carry on. Very normal on a big 4t, especially with an auto decomp mechanism. (You have two posts.......on same topic mate)
  4. Maybe check the other 'Dealer Mods' have been done too........air filter kettle removed, uncorked pipe, and definitely check on ECU mapping. Happy Riding.
  5. ....or it is here too, but it might be 'upside down' from our mates in Aussie, ha.
  6. 9mm mate
  7. Very, very nice build...enjoy.
  8. Honestly, read into what everyone is saying is false economy to do a patch-up job. While you are in this far, do it properly.
  9. Don't take the PO word as Gospel...get in that carb to see what is actually in there mate. You are definitely running lean, so find out what you have to work out where you need to go.
  10. 2GC is the programmable ECU. As Timberview says above, retrieve your map first. All operations here should be identical to your y12 model. You will of course want different maps from the y12 model.
  11. Flick the starter button to engage the electrics. If the dash panel is not illuminated, the programmer will not connect mate.
  12. Better than a fender bag, I have both from Wolfman...but tend to go for this 'Number Plate' bag as the most user friendly. Pic from Wolfman website.
  13. Personally, I would only adjust the 0.08 shim mate, leave the rest as they are.
  14. That's a good looking set of readings...remove chain tension, inlet cam and measure your 0.08 shim to get a replacement. Nice easy job.
  15. Excellent stuff in here...