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  1. ChampWazza

    2018 WR250F Forks Sticky

    If your axle alignment is OK, I would be thinking it just needs to settle in...
  2. The cushion spring is there to help with the initial release of the clutch plate stack, mainly on a cold engine. A lot of after market kits will not include this as a replacement part. Road bikes use them a lot, not seen them used in off-road as much.
  3. Dry sump engine, will be fine.
  4. ChampWazza

    Part problem

    If you have had your clutch cover off recently, and your clutch is no longer working at the lever...I would be looking at part # 14, 15 and 16 mate.
  5. ChampWazza

    Dust In Airbox '17 WR450-Valve Cover Breather?

    I too have dirt/dust accumulating in this corner inside my airbox. All stock except removal of the kettle, running the airbox cage that came with the OffRoad kit, I suspect it is the same as the FX screen? Was going to redirect the tube to a filter under the tank somewhere and block off the airbox whole. Maybe 40hrs on the clock and filter done every ride.
  6. ChampWazza

    FX fan not running

    Thermostat, relay and then the ECU that controls it all. I would start at the relay, checking all terminals along the way. Of course the fan is not blocked?
  7. ChampWazza

    To Darn Loud

    Check the packing. Also you can put inserts in to quieten a Yoshi down. You will definitely need a spark arrester in the woods, and that will help quieten her down a bit too.
  8. ChampWazza

    New 2017 450FX Owner/Build up

    Why the change of heart to go to Mud Scrapers from the Seal Savers?
  9. ChampWazza

    2016 Wr250f - modifications for tall riders?

    Tusk have a kit available to us in New Zealand. I found the alloy inserts far superior at keeping the bars straight after a tip-over.
  10. ChampWazza

    2016 Wr250f - modifications for tall riders?

    Bar Risers, 25mm and front mounts with Aluminium Wedges to replace the stock rubber blocks works for me. 6'4 on '17 WR450
  11. ChampWazza

    All 3 Intake valves have zero clearance! Help!

    As mentioned above, you have had a massive oil starvation in this area of your engine. I would be looking a lot deeper into this...I feel the valve clearances are a small part of what's going on inside there mate.
  12. ChampWazza

    Starter motor commutator wear

    As with Pecor mate, or try it your self with the commutator in a drill press and a file...gently. (with two new brushes) I would say most of the pitting has been done when these 'ol girls are sitting at the TDC point and you get the starter 'click'. The natural reaction to the click...keep pushing the button. In effect you have a dead-short across the commutator and you need to 'rock' the engine off TDC. Stay with Yamaha parts.
  13. ChampWazza

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    OK Mate, you're heading in the right direction. Great choice on the Head/Valve option you are taking. It looks like your cylinder is serviceable, but please check service limits from the manual. A new piston kit and pin, top gasket set, cam chain, some head work and your riding again. Best of all, you will now know what you have and regular maintenance (with oil in...couldn't resist, sorry) will keep you riding mate.
  14. ChampWazza

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    Pressure washer is fine as long as you realise that you are forcing water(and dirt) to places not prepared for that force...seals, linkage bearing etc. I hope you start and warm up your motor after any wash? No need for more photos, titanium valves aren't really workable. A trip to a shop now to get new exhaust valves and to see if the seats need work mate.[emoji4] [emoji4]
  15. ChampWazza

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    Those inlets look ok, hard to tell from a photo. Exhaust are not sealing at all. Looks like water/corrosion marks in the exhaust ports, do you use a pressure washer?