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  1. dvm moe

    Hydration system options

    I want some input from the ladies... I wear a Leatt chest protector no matter how hot it gets. And I sweat like an absolute beast. I usually ride for about 3 hours at a time, so I would like to get a backpack hydration system with a good bite valve, a backpack that stays put, and some decent storage space (wallet, hat, keys - not much really). Any models you love and why? Any to avoid??
  2. dvm moe

    Looking for advice on teaching SO to ride.

    I learned on the Honda Rebel, it was inexpensive and practical. Not all that enjoyable. I wish that I had learned on a standard style bike - the riding position is much more natural for me and I think it would have made learning to ride a bit easier. Everyone is different - don't let her get down on herself because it takes more skill to operate a bike than it looks. It's easy for women (in my opinion) to focus on the things that we do wrong. Remind her of how much she has learned with each lesson. Focus her on the achievements she has made on the bike. And don't let her forget that it's supposed to be fun!!! (Just my two cents)
  3. dvm moe

    Looking for advice on teaching SO to ride.

    What helped me the most was starting off in a well maintained field - softens the fall if it happens. Back and forth and back and forth, shifting and braking. (I do think it helped me that I knew how to drive a stick) Once I got used to the basic mechanics of the bike, we moved onto pavement, which was a HUGE step for me. But once I was more comfortable, we set up the obstacles outlined in the safety books so that I could practice more challenging skills before hitting the road. I felt it was a good foundation for skills and confidence. Especially if it's not coming quite so natural.
  4. dvm moe

    Chattanooga Tennessee

    Thanks! I'm working on making some connections so that I can minimize the alone time.
  5. **working hard on getting a pic of me climbing a tree...what could go wrong?**
  6. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    Well, that's just awesome. [emoji15]
  7. dvm moe


    Holy sh&t. I hope your friend is ok...
  8. dvm moe

    Practicing alone

    Beautiful bruises, three broken ribs, a torn up thumb, and lunch at Wendy's. that's when I don't ride alone :-/ As someone said earlier, "acceptable risk". I guess I ride more carefully when I'm on the trails alone.
  9. I'm glad to hear others be so pleased with this bike. I bought one earlier in the summer (my first dirt bike), and I've been having a blast. I'm glad your son is too
  10. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    Good to know... I assume this is something I can teach myself with the help of a service manual? And is this a kawasaki thing or a general dirt bike thing?
  11. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    Gotcha. The 140G model is what I got. I feel like it fits well. Maybe that will change with time... Thanks for the heads up . The G model is what I ended up getting.
  12. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    Thank you - I will do that!
  13. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    I've learned my lesson that bigger is not always better (cue the inappropriate jokes). I learned to ride on a Honda Rebel, then got too big for my britches and bought a Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. Rode it out of spite for a few years and then sold it. Got back into riding with a Moto Guzzi V7 (about 700 cc), then fell in love with my little Yamaha R3 (320cc). I didn't want my intro to dirt to be too intimidating. I wanted the chance to learn and develop my skills first. For now, the size and power are just right. 80% rider, 20% bike.
  14. dvm moe

    Chattanooga Tennessee

    Any ladies or new riders out there? I'm new to the area and new to dirt riding... Been to Prentice Cooper a bunch. I'm just tired of going alone all the time. Are there any group rides or social functions in the area?
  15. dvm moe

    Seeking basic advice

    Is it that obvious? I'm 46.