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  1. Ok I'm looking for plastic kit or whole fender kit. I can't find them all. Does anyone know if the 110 will fit or any others that fit without drilling new holes
  2. Bike is finished and she starts up. Needs a tune up new pipe and little odds and ends. Thanks for the help everyone
  3. I use rotella 15w40 and no problems just not sure on weight for the yz
  4. I have a battery porter cable
  5. When is all in gear I had my wife hold the tire as I tighten with my torque drill. No strip or damage done either. I made sure not to hurt it in anyway lol
  6. I checked all my stuff I have from my other motor off my spare yz and nothing is missing. I only have 1 of all parts
  7. There was a bolt that went on after and I put that on now it stays and don't move. He never put the gear in or bolt
  8. Small gear that wasn't even in there so I took the casing off put back on and the bolt to hold it on and put everything back and now the bike kicks over like normal. Will be putting in all fluids and testing today or tomorrow. Will update whether it runs or not
  9. I use rotella in my klx
  10. Ok I have finished rebuilding my yz125 and I want to know what is the best oil to use in the motor. I bought the Yamaha live for the gas mix but not sure on oil. I live in Florida where it's hot all the time not sure if that makes a difference. I know it does when we race nitro cars. Any help is needed thanks.
  11. Well I found the problem a gear was left out
  12. He's my neighbor and he's trying
  13. He's put them together all his life and races them not sure what he did wrong
  14. Yes I can put it in gear and kick it and it almost sounds like it wants to turn over