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  1. Jake97

    Nice Jersey,, dumbass

    Well I wear a jersey set because I don't want to trash my regular cloths. Besides those jerseys are meant to be worn offroad and it keeps me cooler over a regular pair of jeans and a long shirt.
  2. Jake97

    2012 rmz 250 motor noise

    My 2012 RMZ 250 has low hours (32.2 hours) and there has been a rattling noise that has developed when I ride it. It's only when the bike is moving in gear and seems to die off at higher RPM's and if I jump it. I can't find anything that is loose on the bike and I'm starting to think its something within the engine or transmission. This noise doesn't seem to be effecting anything currently but if anyone knows what it is or could be let me know.
  3. Jake97

    PA dirt bike owners- title question

    Thanks for the replies it for sure helped. It was no where near as complicated as I thought it would be. Guy had the title in hand and we got everything worked out within a few minutes..
  4. Jake97

    PA dirt bike owners- title question

    So I plan on buying a dirt bike this week but this is my first time buying a bike myself so I'm not too sure of what papers will need to be signed. I live in the state of PA so if I'm correct the bike should have a title. I need to know what the process in which I should get the bike in my name after purchasing it. Yes the bike does have papers with it.. thank you to anyone who can give me some help.