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  1. Shoot, I just used the bolts to tighten it down. I will take it off again and see if I bent anything. Thanks for the ideas! the decompression is auto and hooked into the motor down by the kickstarter. It has no tension and is not opening the valve as it should, Can't I just disconnect it to make sure it is not affecting my compression?
  2. They Are... what do I do now?
  3. No, I didn't was I supposed to ?
  4. Just purchased a 1984 Honda xl350r and it ran great but had an oil leak from under the valve cover, Naturally I took the valve cover off and fixed several stripped bolt holes with heilicoil, slathered both sides of the gasket in silicone and assembled everything back together tight. Now I have what feels like no compression and the bike doesn't even come close to starting. Any ideas? I never disconnected the timing chain or cam so I couldn't have messed up the timing right? Thanks in advance....