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  1. Last night I was thinking that the simplest thing may be to get my hands on a complete 650L wiring harness and stator - then model my harness after that one
  2. I have a 1994 XR600R that I bought a while back. I'm converting it to my personal hooligan, street, bar, offroad, and anything else I can think of, bike. So far I've put a front end from a CRF on there with 3 height settings. I took 2" out of the rear shock internally. Made an overbuilt rear subframe with 1" tubing. Tried working with metal for the rear tail section, and modified a fuel tank to fit the front. The motor is going to get a new piston, rod, and cam while I'm at it. Many threads on this forum have helped immensely - especially the front end conversion and motor upgrades. Now, I'm getting around to wiring it. When I got it, it was titled as street-legal. It had an old Baja systems light kit on it. It was banged to hell and back. So... I want to keep it street legal. Ideally, I'd like to have LED headlights, tail light, and turn signals. A horn is necessary too. For the switches, I'd like to use some small/micro momentary switches. I've been learning and reading about those over the last few days. I can accomplish this 2 ways: 1. Completely stock harness (XR600R) Then add a separate/small battery that could be charged to run the LED lights, signals & horn. This would be entirely separate from the stock harness. I know I'd have to charge it, but to me, that isn't a big deal as this thing will probably never see more than an hour or two of continuous (city/town) night riding. 2. Make my own harness and use an upgraded stator (Ricky's stator) to make it more like a conventional motorcycle system. Is there a definitive thread that I've somehow missed that details what I'm hoping to accomplish ? Wiring diagrams, explanations, parts etc. etc. etc. ? I do not want a ready made kit (like the Baja Designs) as they seem super expensive compared to what I'd be getting. I have a pretty good electronics store close by where I could get the appropriate wiring, resistors etc if necessary. I'm also going to use some LED lights/signals that I'm familiar using on my other bikes with good success - best thing is: they are cheap, but good quality. If there isn't a good definitive thread already, I'll create something in hopes that it will help others as there are a zillion threads of this nature. I just haven't found one that seems to have all the bases covered, diagrams, products etc. etc. etc.
  3. In a pinch and looking for an XRs only header for my 94 XR600R. XRs only is out of stock - no word on more. Was hoping to get something with a little more diameter (on the tubing) than the FMF powerbomb. Does anybody know of any vendors that might carry an XRs only header. Been searching for a bit and have had no luck. Any others that I can try ?
  4. Racetech doesn't make a spring for my XR, nor do they custom make them. They referred me to Cannon RaceCraft. Does anyone know the internal leverage ratio of those XR/showa shocks? All I can find is that it is somewhere between 3.1:1 and 4:1 (if it's 4:1 a 1" spacer would lower it 4")
  5. It would be nice to use existing or something used as I'm on somewhat of a budget. Can't buy would be worth as much as the bike
  6. Ideally, I need to work with my existing frame and swing arm. I'm comfortable working with the internals of the shock, but want it to work correctly. Seems like the easiest solution would be to find a new spring and machine a spacer to go inside the shock. I'm wishfully thinking that there may be a bolt up solution. Who should I be shopping with for a new/used shorter spring? Is Racetech my only option? Surely, there has to be many that have done the same?
  7. Thanks Erik. Hmmm.... Maybe a 3/4" spacer. Or perhaps a shorter shock? Anybody know of a direct fit? I could machine bushing if I have to. I'd rather not have to fab a mount as the frame is already painted.
  8. Working on a silly hooligan tracker XR600R. Added a CRF front end and lowered it already. Need to lower the rear about 3". I can make the internal spacer, but if there is one available in cyber land to buy, I'd be open to that. From what I've found, if I need to lower the bike 3", the spacer would need to be 1.5". Can anyone confirm this? Then onto the spring. Where could I find a shorter spring? Don't want to cut the existing spring. What should I look for? The rider checks in at 200lbs geared up.
  9. I'll try them again today. Got on hold yesterday and had to go. Thanks guys
  10. Got a set of Showas (from an '09CRF) that I'm putting on a flat track project that I'm building up. They are shortened 5.5" internally by adding a spacer to the damper rod and machining a new groove to limit the extension. Since I had them completely apart to do the work and change the seals, bushings etc., they are completely dry. Couple of questions: How much do you think lowering the forks would alter the volume of oil I need to put back in? If any. Do I need to try and fill the inner cartridge before assembling or will the air bleed valve take care of things ?
  11. Thanks guys - I tend to overthink things. I have what I need now, although I'd love to run the clamps with the smaller offset - that means I'd have to get new forks too.
  12. After a closer look, my forks and clamps are 02-08ish. 47mm sliders 58mm at the lower clamp and 53mm at the upper - confirmed. Do you know if the triples for the 450 are wider ? Every one that I can look at on ebay for 450 and 250s look the same to me. All have stampings on the bottom of 192 and 24 - which to me would indicate 192mm centers and 24mm offset. What is different about the clamps ? Is it the offset ? Looks like the 450s might have gone to a 20mm offset vs 24mm for the 250s?
  13. Setting up a CRF450 for the flat track. 2008 model - 47mm showa forks, stock triples. From the stamping on the bottom of the triple they would appear to be 192mm (7.55") centers and 22mm offset. I have a 19" x 2.5" rim for the front. I've seen many CRFs set up for the flat track that are using the stock forks, (lowered 3.5-4.5") stock triples, and a 19" wheel/tire. When I got my tires, Shinko DOT legal 130/80/19 (27x7.0x19) They don't fit between the fork legs. Shouldn't a Dunlop CD5 tire (same size as the Shinko 130/80/19) be the same dimensions as the Shinko ? I went with the Shinko for a few reasons - easy to get, DOT legal, and cheap. I don't mind getting a Dunlop if I know they would fit between the stock triples. Are you guys shaving the tires down or part of the fork leg to get them to fit, or are the Dunlops just skinnier? Just a note: I'll never be racing this bike. In it's current configuration, it is street legal and I'd like to be able to whip around the neighborhood as well, hence the DOT legal tire option. This is just a learning thing. I've always wanted to give the flat track a go. Getting lessons for xmas.
  14. Been looking for hours, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. I have a set of 47mm showa forks that I think came off an '09ish CRF450. I'm converting a '94 XR600R to a fun-day flat track bike. I was going to run the CRF triples and forks because I see some of the flat track guys seem to be running stock CFR450 triples & forks. (shortened) That makes the swap pretty easy. However, these Shinkos I grabbed on the cheap because they are DOT legal, do not come close to fitting: I'll be running a 2.5" x 19" rim in the front. I thought all the 19" flat track tires (Dunlop, Maxxis) for the front were all the same size: 27x7x19 (130/80/19) Question: Are the triples for the CRF250 & CRF450 the same width ? I was under the impression that they were identical. The part numbers are different.
  15. Just put a new wisco piston in my MT250. It's bored to fit the piston (oversized) Anyway, the copper gasket that I received seems to be for a stock size piston. Anybody had any luck trimming or filing those down to match bore more accurately. As of now, the gasket over hangs the cylinder a hair. Piston does not contact it, but to me, it doesn't seem right. Also, I typically install gaskets dry - factory honda copper gasket. You guys use any spray etc ?