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  1. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    Uh oh, It’s already on the way to XRs. They said a week to a week and a half. I kinda need it quick.
  2. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    I’m leaning toward sending it out to XRsOnly for them to weld it up and remachine it. But - how much clearance could I get away with?
  3. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    Hmmm... found a few thread where they mentioned just filing/sanding down that center bearing and going forward. Not sure about that, although it makes a little sense as the 2 outer bearings would seem to take the brunt of things. I don't see a hole there for oiling - is there one? I plan on ordering a new cam, rockers (4) and the 2 outer bearings at the least. The lower/sub rockers look good(much better than the rest of things), but I'll probably go ahead and grab those too. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    Well, it seems to be getting worse. The 2 outside bearings that house the cam seem good. They are tight, and spin like new. One is darker than the other - probably got HOT. But the center cam journal/surface ain’t pretty. Is there anything that could be done there? Or, am I looking for a new head? I can’t for the life of me find a downloadable pdf of the Honda workshop manual. I ordered one on eBay last week and received one for an XR400 - still not sure how I did that. Is there a working link to one that anyone knows of while I wait for my manual to come in? Also, is there a specific thread to a complete top end rebuild? Seems like there’s always 1 definitive thread with tips, tricks and photos.
  5. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    I’m in Texas... digging back into the motor today for a good look
  6. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    Bearing surfaces look shockingly good. Was surprised at what I was able to get new Honda parts for it. (Rockers & can). Still debating how far to go. Piston/rings/valves/seals bearings... I guess if I keep it, it would be worth it.
  7. greenjeans

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    1994 XR600R Took off my valve cover yesterday evening just to take a look. One of the rockers was worn almost concave... Cam looks good in comparison. Now I'll at the very least have to measure the cam and see if it is toast too. The other rockers aren't as bad. From the threads I've been reading, oil starvation seems like the most common culprit, however, nothing really looked burnt - just worn the F out. I have no idea how many miles are on this beast. It has definitely been apart at least once (you can see tool marks on the bolts.) Are there any used parts for these? I can't seem to find much - even on ebay. I'm only in the bike for $350, so I guess I could put some money into it, but I was really looking for an XR600L when I stumbled upon this one. Was a bit hard to start but it actually ran pretty good to have rocker wear like that. So - Are there any used parts stashes that you guys know about? Or should I just bite the bullet and get new rockers, cam & bearings ? Then, where do I stop? I don't really want to buy $1000 worth of new parts for this beast.
  8. greenjeans

    XR600R street legal wiring definitive thread? LED

    Last night I was thinking that the simplest thing may be to get my hands on a complete 650L wiring harness and stator - then model my harness after that one
  9. I have a 1994 XR600R that I bought a while back. I'm converting it to my personal hooligan, street, bar, offroad, and anything else I can think of, bike. So far I've put a front end from a CRF on there with 3 height settings. I took 2" out of the rear shock internally. Made an overbuilt rear subframe with 1" tubing. Tried working with metal for the rear tail section, and modified a fuel tank to fit the front. The motor is going to get a new piston, rod, and cam while I'm at it. Many threads on this forum have helped immensely - especially the front end conversion and motor upgrades. Now, I'm getting around to wiring it. When I got it, it was titled as street-legal. It had an old Baja systems light kit on it. It was banged to hell and back. So... I want to keep it street legal. Ideally, I'd like to have LED headlights, tail light, and turn signals. A horn is necessary too. For the switches, I'd like to use some small/micro momentary switches. I've been learning and reading about those over the last few days. I can accomplish this 2 ways: 1. Completely stock harness (XR600R) Then add a separate/small battery that could be charged to run the LED lights, signals & horn. This would be entirely separate from the stock harness. I know I'd have to charge it, but to me, that isn't a big deal as this thing will probably never see more than an hour or two of continuous (city/town) night riding. 2. Make my own harness and use an upgraded stator (Ricky's stator) to make it more like a conventional motorcycle system. Is there a definitive thread that I've somehow missed that details what I'm hoping to accomplish ? Wiring diagrams, explanations, parts etc. etc. etc. ? I do not want a ready made kit (like the Baja Designs) as they seem super expensive compared to what I'd be getting. I have a pretty good electronics store close by where I could get the appropriate wiring, resistors etc if necessary. I'm also going to use some LED lights/signals that I'm familiar using on my other bikes with good success - best thing is: they are cheap, but good quality. If there isn't a good definitive thread already, I'll create something in hopes that it will help others as there are a zillion threads of this nature. I just haven't found one that seems to have all the bases covered, diagrams, products etc. etc. etc.
  10. In a pinch and looking for an XRs only header for my 94 XR600R. XRs only is out of stock - no word on more. Was hoping to get something with a little more diameter (on the tubing) than the FMF powerbomb. Does anybody know of any vendors that might carry an XRs only header. Been searching for a bit and have had no luck. Any others that I can try ?
  11. Racetech doesn't make a spring for my XR, nor do they custom make them. They referred me to Cannon RaceCraft. Does anyone know the internal leverage ratio of those XR/showa shocks? All I can find is that it is somewhere between 3.1:1 and 4:1 (if it's 4:1 a 1" spacer would lower it 4")
  12. It would be nice to use existing or something used as I'm on somewhat of a budget. Can't buy new...it would be worth as much as the bike
  13. Ideally, I need to work with my existing frame and swing arm. I'm comfortable working with the internals of the shock, but want it to work correctly. Seems like the easiest solution would be to find a new spring and machine a spacer to go inside the shock. I'm wishfully thinking that there may be a bolt up solution. Who should I be shopping with for a new/used shorter spring? Is Racetech my only option? Surely, there has to be many that have done the same?
  14. Thanks Erik. Hmmm.... Maybe a 3/4" spacer. Or perhaps a shorter shock? Anybody know of a direct fit? I could machine bushing if I have to. I'd rather not have to fab a mount as the frame is already painted.
  15. Working on a silly hooligan tracker XR600R. Added a CRF front end and lowered it already. Need to lower the rear about 3". I can make the internal spacer, but if there is one available in cyber land to buy, I'd be open to that. From what I've found, if I need to lower the bike 3", the spacer would need to be 1.5". Can anyone confirm this? Then onto the spring. Where could I find a shorter spring? Don't want to cut the existing spring. What should I look for? The rider checks in at 200lbs geared up.