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  1. Sorry Eric - my tiny brain is overloaded. The harness I took off the bike was a train wreck - at least the BD portion of it. It did not have the stock AC regulator. Am I correct in thinking that the negative ground from the BD rec/reg regulates the voltage to ignition, CDI etc? The 2 photos below show, the stock XR600R harness that I’m working with and the handrawn one is what I’m hoping will work??? I can handle the switches lights etc once things get to DC voltage. I just don’t know if I’m getting the power from the stator to the system properly. I appreciate your help here and will have to buy you a beer or several drinks of your choice.
  2. At I correct in thinking the 2 yellow wires on the reg/rec are where the power from the stator go “in”? 1 is a frame ground and the other gets the lighting lead from the stator? It controls the voltage? Then the red and black wires are DC going out to lights etc. Finding some things about “floating ground” as if I need to be more confused. Does my diagram work or????
  3. I’m still not sure if it’s stock or modified (the stator). It seems to have the 3 factory colored harness wires (green, white, and blk/red). I figured it was stock. But all the diagrams I find blue instead of white. There are 2 coils that look different from the others, but still has 6 unused posts. Since my rec/reg has 4 wires, I still don’t know where wires need to go, or if I’m just doomed to buy a new stator from Ricky. I’m thinking the stock AC reg goes away since I have that combo unit. Would the 2 yellow wires from the rec/reg be joined? Blk/red from alternator still goes to the CDI. Green from alternator is frame ground. Leaving white to be my lighting coil?
  4. Here's where I get confused. I only have 2 lead coming out of the alternator. The stock AC regulator has 2 wires. I have a reg/rectifier that has 4 wires (2 yellow, a black, and a red) It's an older Baja designs unit. Any ideas here? I still want to add in the small battery pack.
  5. I'm gonna draw something up tonight. you mind taking a look at it tomorrow and see if I'm on the right track? I think I like where your going here. If not, I'll have to pop for the new stator kit. Probably the smarter idea anyway.
  6. No, it was a crappy old Baja - not LED.
  7. Maybe I'll give this old harness a test before I go buying anything. I just don't get why it would have the DC. Just for the horn and battery ? There were NO LEDs in it when I got it. Just old filament bulbs.
  8. Thanks for humoring me with all my questions. Since this bike is more of a novelty, I'm trying to keep things as cheap as I can. My initial thought was to run it with the simple stock harness but eliminate the headlight and tail light. This would necessitate me finding a stock AC regulator (no biggie there) But, I have what appears to be a combo rec/reg unit that I may be able to use? Just not the DC power output? Or, safer to just use the stock AC regulator? I do have a battery pack that I could use. Then, with an isolated battery, run the DC LED headlight, DC LED tail light, and DC turn signals. It would have a handlebar switch to control those. Granted, you'd have to re-charge the battery when you used it. But - to get it inspected, it would be able to run the lights, tail light, signals etc. on it's own. There are a couple stations down here that are pretty lenient when inspecting motorcycles - especially shiny ones. The more I think about it, the more I start leaning toward the Ricky Stator etc. but then I'm out another $350 or more (adding a key ignition switch and wire) If I were going to keep the silly thing, I'd definitely go that route. I feel I'm making this harder than it should be.
  9. I was hoping to not have to buy another stator, but it is starting to sound like the better choice. 2 feeds ? So, I'd still need the stock AC voltage regulator? I'm trying not to have to buy more things than I have to. Any chance you have a wiring diagram that you used from Ricky? If I'm thinking this correctly: 2 leads - 1 would go straight to the main (stock harness) and the other one would go to a regulator/rectifier to run the DC LED lights, turn signals & horn ??? I'll post a photo of the bike below. It's not gonna be a desert/trail bike anymore. And I suspect that it will not see any night trails ever again, but It's titled for the street and I'd like to keep it mostly "legal" just in case. It has a headlight, but mostly for emergency lighting - like you got stuck at the bar at night etc. It's running the Baja Designs squadron sport headlight and some generic LED turn signals & brake light. The squadron sport is only 26 watts & 2 amp - I wonder if I could get away with running it off my old harness/parts and maybe just buy a new rec/reg ?? The thing that has me a bit confused on the set up that came on the bike - it has a rectifier/regulator that looks like the one in the Ricky's electric kit. But, the bike had NO LED lights. They had added turn signals - It was an OLD Baja Designs kit. I need to see if I can find a part number on it. It looks the same as the DC rec/reg that they sell here: https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/regulator-rectifier-dc-wired.asp * 99% sure It will be running the trail tech Vapor for tach & speedo
  10. 94 XR600R. It had an old Baja designs kit in it. I’m trying to figure out if the alternator has been upgraded/rewound. I have a few questions. Lemme know if this is silly or flawed. I want to go back to the original wiring for it. But, I was thinking of wiring a stand-alone circuit for the headlight, tail light, and turn signals. All LED. In theory, this bike isn’t going to be ridden much (if ever) at night. I have a Baja designs squadron sport for the head light and inexpensive LED turn signals, brake light and a DC horn. All to be run by a rechargeable battery. But, if this stator has been rewound, I’d be inclined to try wiring it all in together. But, the LED turn signals etc would require diodes??? You guys think this has been upgraded? The bike is not running at the moment - I just finished a full top end rebuild. I don’t remember the turn signals working at all when I got it. And it ran, just not well. The stock harness seems uncut and intact - it’s just missing the stock AC regulator. If I ran the stock harness, would eliminating the stock headlight and tail light be as simple as capping those wires?? my brain is tires - all suggestions greatly appreciated
  11. greenjeans

    What is this part? Help!

    So if I have the cam in, I wouldn’t be able to see the hole correct? Now I’m curios about running without it. Any advantages? this is my first XR, I’m more of a CB750 guy.
  12. greenjeans

    What is this part? Help!

    1994 XR600R
  13. greenjeans

    What is this part? Help!

    I have this pin & spring that I cannot remember where it goes. I can’t find it in the parts fiche or my manual. I believe it might go in the cylinder head somewhere? I had it in a tiny baggy with the cam chain tensioner.