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    93 DR250SE front rim - need replacement rim advice

    ok, thanks for the intel on the years of compatibility. Now does anyone know anyone selling RIMS to fit DR front wheels of those years?? I'm having no luck locating anything other than beat up used ebay wheels.
  2. I bought this great 93 DR250SE a few years ago, front wheel had been bent, but straightened by a local shop. I just put new tires on, and changed the fork oil, but it still has a definite 'flat spot' in it at speed which translates to a mild bump bump bump with every wheel revolution in the handlebars at speed. Shop said it's as good as it can get and beyond further repair, I'd like to replace the rim and lace it up with the original hub and spokes. I can't seem to find a replacement rim for this front wheel. Anyone know any mfg'r that has a rim that will fit, or what other years and models were same rims as 93 DR250SE? (i heard there might be a spoke angle issue between my older rim and newer models...?) Anyone an expert on this? This has a Takasago 21 x 1.60 made on Nov of 1992 (1192) thanks for any help!