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  1. 15redcrf250L

    2017 CRF250L First Service and Valve Clearance

    My 2015 handbook also calls for a valve service at 16k. From my understanding Honda increased the price of the bike from 14-15 about the cost of the first valve service. They were able to delete the 600mile valves through Engineering R&D. So models 2015+ dont need the valve check until 16k.
  2. 15redcrf250L

    Speedo swap

    Thanks for the valuable information Garth. Great work. I will try to find that wiring diagram and figure out if I could wrap the coil and connect to that rpm wire.
  3. 15redcrf250L

    Speedo swap

    My 2015 crf250L doesnt have the factory tach like the 2017 model. I dont want to add an aftermarket tach. Has anyone heard of swapping a 2015 speedo for a 2017? Thanks.