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  1. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Which is better? yz125 or cr125?

    I will be buying a used bike, cannot afford a new one.
  2. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Which is better? yz125 or cr125?

    Hello, I'm looking at getting a cr125, but a lot of people say the yz125 is the best 125 2stroke, so I want to now why I should stick with the cr125 instead of change over to the the yz?
  3. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Which is better? yz125 or cr125?

    Hello, I'm looking at getting a cr125, but a lot of people say the yz125 is the best 125 2stroke, so could you guys tell me why you think the yz is better the the cr?(besides that the yz has been being produced for longer)
  4. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Kicks over fine (1st/2nd kick) or not at all

    Had an 1985 Xr350r did the same sold it before I bothered getting it running really good but getting it to top dead center then a real good kick if 1st/2nd kick did not work, I pulled the compression release, turned off the fuel, opened the throttle at least 2/3 then, 10 slow light kicks, let go of the throttle and compression release turned the fuel back on, then top dead center and hard fast kicks.
  5. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    3 intake valves?

    How does it change reliability. is it more reliable or less?
  6. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    3 intake valves?

    Hey, so I just realized that wr250's have 3 intake valves. Never heard of this so sounds weird, why did Yamaha do that and what other bikes have this? Thanks
  7. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    How to get more low end power

    Thanks for all the suggestions.
  8. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Obnoxious Cleaning/Maintenance

    I'm with ya I spend hours cleaning and working on my ttr-250. I clean it after every ride and purposefully look for stuff to fixed make look nicer or mod.
  9. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    How to get more low end power

    Hey, So I have a 2006 ttr-250 with a 2005 yz250f muffler, and the air box was modded to match the muffler, but it does not have as good of low end power as my brothers and my dads XR250s. it also stalls at a higher rpm then the XRs was wondering if any of you have any tips on increasing low end power and/or reducing the rpms before it stalls? Thanks
  10. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    What is it?

    Just looked up a yz250f muffler and its identical thanks a lot
  11. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    What is it?

    Hello, I have a 2006 ttr250 that I bought about a month ago. I love the bike there's no problems, but when I looked at the owners Manuel I realized I don't have the stock muffler. I don't know if the header pipe is stock or not, but could you guys help me out and let me know what's stock and what's not, and if so what kind it is. Thanks
  12. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    ttr230 vs crf230 which should I buy?

    Hello, I have been looking for a new trail bike I can throw around. I'm looking at a 2006 ttr230 very clean low hour bike, the other option is a 2003 crf230f with a full pro circuit pipe kit but has been riden considerably more and costs $200 more. What's your guys thoughts on it/suggestions on which I should buy?
  13. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke

    Hey, Now this topic is all over the internet and I know theres no real answer, but I just wanted to hear your opinion do think 2 stroke or 4 stroke is better and why? Thanks
  14. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    Show off your XR

    Thanks for all the awesome posts! Really shows you how much of a legendary these XRs were! So lets keep these things running for as long as we can!
  15. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    What bike is best? YZ vs CR

    well, thats way out of my price range, and I know ktm performes excellent but I want the world renowned reliability of yamaha or honda. Remember in not putting down ktm thats just not what im looking for right now, but thanks for the opinion.