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    2005 KTM 250sx spark plug issues

    So just another way late update since someone else might stumble upon this with the same issue. I think I solved it! (Also in this time I checked the carb from top to bottom, float level, seals, everything is good, the carb is like new) First I managed to seal off the top and bottom end of the engine and perform a proper leak down test using silicon to fill up the hole where the governor rod for the power valve comes up and the engine was holding pressure fine even with the oil cap off which finally eliminated the issue. Second I randomly came across an issue with my throttle cable, it got messed up and pinched a little from being the fuel tank and carb being taken off and on so many times, which probably had nothing to do with the bike fouling plugs but I'm no pro. Either way it needed to be fixed so I fixed it and ensured it was seated properly in the carb and was not being pinched up by the gas tank. Third on to what I believe fixed the issue. One component that has never been replaced on the bike is the reeds, it had the original v-force 3 reeds on it the day the bike was bought in 2005 and all the way up until now and until talking to some people that I know with more engine knowledge than me I didn't realize that it was a wear item on a dirt bike, at least for long term use. So went ahead and purchased the new V-Force 4 Reeds and had a look at the old ones and they were definitely worn a bit(looked worn overall and I could see light through side areas and things that should be dark) so i put the new reeds in and fired it up and wow, I'm not a pro mechanic or anything but it certainly sounded a hell of a lot better to me and at the same time after running it for a bit and cleaning it out it began smoking less and way less oil built up in the tailpipe and none dripped from the exhaust port off the cylinder(which was not yet sealed with a secondary sealant due to it being torn apart 50 times I wasn't going to waste sealant) like it had been before the reeds. Now I have yet to get a chance to go ride the bike like normal as I live 2 and half hours away from the woods I ride in but I'm fairly confident everything it running fine and that I will no longer be fouling plugs. When I do end up riding it and ensure its all good again I will make a final post. Again thanks for reading all this stuff and replying, whether it was any of that or not it was helpful to get some other opinions and I have learned a ton through out the process. Before this all I was confident in doing to a bike was basic maintenance and now I have successfully revived a beautiful 2005 KTM! Thanks!!! and i hope someone else finds this helpful as well!
  2. DirtRider820

    2005 KTM 250sx spark plug issues

    Ok sorry for the late reply but i had not had time to act on it. I did a pressure test on the motor, pressure slightly leaked about .5 to 1 psi for 5 minutes but other than that it was looking fine. Then i removed the oil fill cap and it lost all pressure. I don't know enough about two strokes to figure out if that should or shouldn't happen. It is either leaking through the power valve down into the bottom end or through the crank seal and i don't know which one to think it is. How do you properly pressure test a 2-stroke engine with power valves? How do I tell if it is coming from the power valve or the crank seal? The guide mentioned in the post about is on an air cooled motor with nothing about power valves mentioned and anything else i could find didn't explain anything on the subject. Thanks again for all the assistance guys!! Much appreciated.
  3. DirtRider820

    2005 KTM 250sx spark plug issues

    Ok so this will be my first post here after reading tons of threads to assist me I finally need some expert help to my situation. The bike in question had a leak in the right side crank seal that was pulling tranny oil in to the cylander and causing lots of issues, plus had a decent number of hours on the bike so I rebuilt the engine, new piston, rings, sent off the top end to be replated, the works and changed out the seal. Not knowing much about jetting I bought a JD kit and went with the manual recommendations and sure enough it was too rich and was fouling plugs left and right. Since then I have returned jetting to stock, 165 main, 40 pilot, stock needle in clip 4, aircrew 1 turn out, since that was never an issue before crank seal leak. Bike ran fine for a few tanks then I went to start it one ride and it fouled immediately after start up. I'm just feeling a little stuck right now after so many hours of work and don't know where to go from here, could the crank seal still be leaking? And if not what should I be checking? Bike is rode in the trails no track riding in Florida so no elevation and I run 50:1 mix with the recommended oil. To sum it all up should I keep playing with the jetting or do I need to tear down the engine again, bike feels great when running, then all the sudden fouls a plug. I know it been a long post and if you got this far I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this and reply. Any opinions or help would be great I'm at my wits end with this bike. Thanks!