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  1. ChefChuck

    New to the TTR

    Yea thats kinda why i was planning on doing a new setup. Its just for a pit bike to play around with so im looking for comfort. Right now it feels like im riding a bike with cliff hangers lol
  2. ChefChuck

    New to the TTR

    Well i plan on doing this all myself. Not very familiar with the reservoirs but i have seen a lot of them. Ill check the stickys after work.
  3. ChefChuck

    New to the TTR

    The actual shock absorber is pretty much done for. There is zero resistance or bounce back. I thought about rebuilding the shock, but like i said before being a big guy i think it would be a waste of time and i should just buy a little more heavy duty set up.
  4. ChefChuck

    New to the TTR

    See... i have no idea what any of that means lol. This is the first thing on 2 wheels ive owned. Kinda why i joined a forum.
  5. ChefChuck

    New to the TTR

    ok guys, i picked up a 2002 TTR125 from a buddy and i am trying to find a good place to find upgraded parts. I am a big guy (6ft5inover 200lbs) and am trying to make this a pit bike. I cant already tell that the rear shock is trashed. I would usually just buy the OEM replacement but being that big dude+ tiny bike= suspension issues, i am looking for a good upgrade. Everything i have found doesnt look like it would work with the way it mounts to the bike. Im new to bikes so help me out!!