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  1. Yzinger35

    2006 YZ250F KYB SSS Shim stack

    Ok what is your skill level A, B, C? Also this is a little off topic, but the the rod that holds all the shims and valves together, the nut on top came from the factory mushroomed over the nut so it won't untighten, I could imagine all this interchangeing would be hard on the end of that rod as you have to file the end off everytime. Would Loctite work to make sure the nut wont come off or would all the oil flowing past it mess up the loctite? What do you use to keep it from untightneing?
  2. Yzinger35

    2006 YZ250F KYB SSS Shim stack

    So you would just leave the stock 1.7 kg/mm fork pressure springs in and change up the valving as tom02cr250 stated before? Also this is my first time messing with the shim stack, just was trying to pick it up and learn it myself. I am open to any suggestions. Should have it tested in a few days I'll post what I think.
  3. Yzinger35

    2006 YZ250F KYB SSS Shim stack

    I am also changing out the stock 1.7 pressure springs to a 1.0, I think this will be a good set up for the front
  4. Yzinger35

    2006 YZ250F KYB SSS Shim stack

    Ok, I like the high speed it's just some of the small roots and rocks that beat me up a little. I'll try it out, thanks for the help
  5. Anyone have a solid woods/hare scramble Base Valve and mid-valve shim stack for an A-rider, 160 lb. setup for a 2006 yz250f kyb sss?