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  1. RSA199

    2 stroke performance shops

    I looked at a few different heads, haven't picked an exact head out yet but it's narrowed to 3, pipe, reeds, clutch, and some smaller miscellaneous parts have all been settled on. I think I'm going to go the bolt-on route when I first get the bike until it's ready for a fresh-up. When the time comes I'm going to get ahold of Terry Varner, if for some reason Varner is heavily back logged it'll go to Harris Performance. Can't wait for March I'll tell you that. Already got a bulk of my gear, and quite a few tri-axles of dirt dumped on the property. Now I just have to find the time to push it around and get creative.
  2. RSA199

    2 stroke performance shops

    Well I'm 30, but I'm in great shape (minus knee, ankle and back injuries, they require ice and Advil) but I still "got it" in my opinion. I weight train and keep my cardio up. I can run a mile in about 6:30 and regularly run 5-7k distances. So I think I'm more than capable of handling a 2 stroke. When I feel like I physically cant hold my own on 2 stroke I'll trade it in.
  3. RSA199

    Gear choices

    Thanks for the added input, especially the recommendation on the insoles, I'm sure they'll save me quite a few Advil. Looks like I'm sold on the SG 12's.
  4. RSA199

    Gear choices

    Back in the day I never even heard of Gaerne, probably because I couldn't afford afford them at a younger age. So I'm glad I did a little research and got some feedback off you guys. LukeYZ426F-How was the break-in on them? Or were they pretty comfortable and ready to go outta the box? My feet are flat so if they are as comfortable as most shoes that's a huge plus for me.
  5. I'm sure this is a commonly debated topic so sorry for asking a revolving question. But, this so far this has been WAY more complicated than I anticipated. Boots: I was going to go with a higher end Alpine Stars but then I read about the quality of Gaerne and Forma. Could you go wrong with either of the 3? *Note* I've had ligament and tendon damage to both ankles, they don't work as good as they should so if certain make/model offers better ankle support I'd like to hear about it. Helmet: I was going to go with Fox Racing's V3 (with the magnetic visor release.) Haven't heard much about how it performs in keeping your skull intact and concussion prevention. Everybody swears by (it seems) Shoei, Aria and Bell. So from research it has me re-thinking the purchase. Ive had plenty of injuries over the years and I move like I'm 60 instead of 30. So let's get back into motocross right! Lol. I'm just trying to get top notch gear, not cool looking gear, gear that will provide the best protection and keep me on a bike and out of a wheel chair. Any suggestions is appreciated, I haven't bought gear in 10 years (at least). So I'm all ears. Thanks in advance!
  6. RSA199

    2 stroke performance shops

    The 125 won't be strictly a track bike, my family owns a 265 acre farm, lots of trail riding, smaller track on the property, etc. I just have more fun on a 2T, I'm not competing to turn pro lol, just something I want to get back into as an adult as the funding allows for a nice setup. On another note, I can't thank you guys enough for the recommendations. I'll have plenty of time to go through and talk to a few builders and have it tuned for spring.
  7. RSA199

    2 stroke performance shops

    I'll look into some of the heads you guys referred, I appreciate the input. I rode my brother-in-law's 2015 KX 250F a few times and I just wasn't a fan. With the huge layoff I need to learn to ride aggressively again and sharpen a lot of skills. Plus the way I look at it if I can ride a 2 stroke, then I can ride 4 stroke. The same can't always be said the other way around.
  8. After a long overdue hiatus from MX, (when pros still rode 250-2's) I've decided to pull the trigger on a TC 125. I have my mind made up as far as the pipe combo/reeds, as well as a few other bolt-on's. My main question is, who's top notch in porting/polishing these days? Harris Performance (out of Texas) keeps catching my eye, has anyone rode/seen their work? They're pretty pricey but I'm willing to spend the cash on upper echelon work. Thanks for any/all help! (144 kits are out of the question, I can't race against 250F's at the local track with a big bore kit.)