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    1993 Honda cr125R

    Lol i Deserve 5000 applauses and well it dawned on me that I should put a cloth around the connecting rod so nothing drops into the bottom end after the fact, yeah after I dropped the Piston clip in I was like &%$#@! it gotta take it all apart now so I left it and I have a 250 shock in my 125 I obviously had to get it in there so obviously it won't come out nice and easy so I snapped a screw driver trying to pry the shock out figured it's winter now with snow on its way I should refill the rear shock with oil and nitrogen for next season
  2. yamahayz450ffi

    1993 Honda cr125R

    Dropped a piston clip and I snapped a screw driver (it was sooo thin) so the broken piece fell in there too, but if I can't get the transmission together I'll just pay someone to do it but I put my 450 transmission together in my hand onetime watching a video I should be okay
  3. yamahayz450ffi

    1993 Honda cr125R

    Lol i have the tusk tools I've watched videos seems pretty straight forward I removed the entire top end and took my reeds out and removed the engine from the frame without having the slightest clue what I'm doing I just look at it like how could I get experience without ever doing it yeah know lol
  4. yamahayz450ffi

    1993 Honda cr125R

    Okay thanks I'll give that a try tomorrow, for my kill switch if I can't figure it out then I'm going to just take the kill switch out completely and leave it like that I just need to split my case get 2 little things I accidentally dropped into it removing the top end and put it together again and put the engine back in
  5. yamahayz450ffi

    1993 Honda cr125R

    Trying to pull my engine out of my 93 Honda cr125R it's out of the bike not even in the frame anymore but I noticed I have to disconnect my clutch and kill switch, I don't know much about bikes I'm literally learning as I go just wondering if anybody on here knows what to do? I could use some help I tried to look for a owners manual online couldn't find one and can't find nothing on google or YouTube any advise would be greats !
  6. yamahayz450ffi

    09 Yamaha yz 450 engine rebuild

    I'll definitely follow your instructions on what you've given me I am doing a complete rebuild I just salvaged what I possible could so far I'm looking at replacing the crankshaft, rod, piston, cylinder crankcase along with all the crankcase bearings and such everything else looks good to reuse i plan to get wiesco parts im somewhat thinking of a big bore kit just can't really decide so far I have emptied the old crankcase just have to buy all the new parts and do my best to put it all together
  7. Hello it's my first time rebuilding a 4 stroke yz 450 engine. Not only that it's my first dirt bike engine rebuild ever. I'm looking at rebuilding the entire engine I salvaged what I could off my old crankcase as the old crankcase is garbage. I'm buying a new crankcase and other parts needed to do this build. I was just wondering if anybody could give me tips on how it's done and If anybody knows what kind of tusk tools are needed to do this build if you could let me know that would be awesome thanks.