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  1. For £3 on you can buy 40kv high voltage generators which will trigger off a 9v supply. Wire one into your bikes loom with a hidden kill switch and mount the two prongs just beneath the seat leather roughly where your balls would sit. Instant tazer direct to the nuts for anyone that doesn't know about it! (Just don't forget to turn it off when you start your bike up lol)
  2. Does this help? It's my home made loom for a 250 without a battery
  3. Special tool my arse. Just get an old socket that looks like it will fit and set to it with an angle grinder. Heres one I made for an xr125 I have a special toolbox full of 'Special tools' that I've made over the years... it's one of my favourite pastimes, pulling out one of those special tools and trying to remember what the hell it was for lol
  4. Let us know how you get on. I've ordered an aftermarket coil that supposedly gives 34% more spark but I'm sceptical. I'm taking a look at my flywheel tomorrow as I'm starting to suspect there may be an issue there
  5. Warm coil up and then measure resistance (if you can't start it warm it with a hairdryer) Should be about 12k ohms to 20k ohms between the plug cap and the earth bolt, and about 0.6 to 1 ohm between the earth bolt and the trigger tab.
  6. If I knew what model it was I would. That page is from the clymer manual which I have already but none of the wiring diagrams in the clymer manual match my components (10 wires on the cdi and 5 on the reg rec). I can't find those particular parts in any diagram online either so that's why I was questioning whether this model was even supposed to be a 12v in the first place. I didn't want to be throwing money at it trying to get 12v by replacing the magneto etc only to find out that those particular components only run on 6v
  7. I'm having trouble starting my 1992ish model from cold. It's kick start only with no battery. I've got the carb set up right now using a colourtune kit and I'm satisfied the is fuel getting through and the choke works. (Carb overhauled, cleaned and new diaphragm). I've pulled the plug and the spark looks weak even with a new plug. The compression feels good but I haven't measured it. When it's running it's only putting out 2.6vdc on tickover and the 3 yellow wires from the mag are showing 2.6vac between each pair. The dc voltage rises to around 5 or 6vdc at half throttle and above half throttle the meter won't read a steady voltage (numbers jump around everywhere). I'm guessing that the weak spark on kickover is because at the speed of kickover I'm only generating a low voltage. My question is this: Do those figures seem correct? I assumed it was a 12v bike and the reg/rec would trim the a.c. voltage to dc but the only steady reading I've been able to achieve is 6vdc. My coil meters out ok (16.25kohm and 0.9ohm) do I was going to replace the reg/rec next, but now I'm not sure because if the reg rec is only getting 2.6vac to start with maybe the magneto needs looking at? All help appreciated
  8. My 250 of 1992/1994 ish age is a 6 speed. Christ knows what it is though as the numbers point to a Djebel but the cdi has 10 wires and the reg rec has 5 wires. No battery either. The previous owner said it once had USD forks too but I can't see any DR250 with USDs
  9. Not yet. The colourtune kit gave a decent result so maybe it not a jetting issue (as it usually starts ok warm and I'd done all the hard work getting it running to use the colourtune kit). It occurred to me that I might need to check that the choke is working correctly. I'll have a look this weekend
  10. I've put up a simple wiring diagram for a 250 that i made myself - colours should be the same as the 350. It does away with the indicators totally. If you got an aftermarket switch for you handlebars without an indicator switch it could be argued that the bike never had them 😉
  11. Hi all. I had a hell of a time trying to find a wiring diagram for my bike so I rewired it and here's the diagram if it might help somebody. It's a 1994 (ish) DR250 (possibly a jap import djebel) with kick start only and no battery. The loom I made has all lights and brakelights but no idiot lights or indicators. Just a simple stripped-back electrical system.
  12. Cheers. I got the bike like this so I have no idea what jets have been changed (if any). The needle does have notches and I believe I am currently in the second notch up. Do you happen to know what size jets it has as standard? It's a mikuni push/pull throttle carb
  13. My Dr250 is a bitch to start cold. I have run it up using a colourtune kit and to get a blue spark on tickover I have to have the mix screw just over 2 and a half turns out. Am I right in thinking I need a bigger pilot jet? If so what size is standard? ( airbox and exhaust has been opened up)
  14. Empty your pockets and go on a diet? 😀