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  1. Not yet. The colourtune kit gave a decent result so maybe it not a jetting issue (as it usually starts ok warm and I'd done all the hard work getting it running to use the colourtune kit). It occurred to me that I might need to check that the choke is working correctly. I'll have a look this weekend
  2. I've put up a simple wiring diagram for a 250 that i made myself - colours should be the same as the 350. It does away with the indicators totally. If you got an aftermarket switch for you handlebars without an indicator switch it could be argued that the bike never had them 😉
  3. Hi all. I had a hell of a time trying to find a wiring diagram for my bike so I rewired it and here's the diagram if it might help somebody. It's a 1994 (ish) DR250 (possibly a jap import djebel) with kick start only and no battery. The loom I made has all lights and brakelights but no idiot lights or indicators. Just a simple stripped-back electrical system.
  4. Cheers. I got the bike like this so I have no idea what jets have been changed (if any). The needle does have notches and I believe I am currently in the second notch up. Do you happen to know what size jets it has as standard? It's a mikuni push/pull throttle carb
  5. My Dr250 is a bitch to start cold. I have run it up using a colourtune kit and to get a blue spark on tickover I have to have the mix screw just over 2 and a half turns out. Am I right in thinking I need a bigger pilot jet? If so what size is standard? ( airbox and exhaust has been opened up)
  6. Empty your pockets and go on a diet? 😀
  7. I have a dr250 or indeterminate age/model. It's a bugger to start cold. It is kick start only, No battery. When I crank it over I get a weak spark (I'm guessing that's why it's hard to start). When it's running it's only showing 2.6v on tickover rising to 6v when revved. Should this be a full 6v all the time? If so that would explain the hard starting as I would have to kick it over really fast to get 6v and a strong spark, or is this normal for a bike with no battery? Thanks - Jon
  8. Hi all, my DR250 (of indeterminate age and model) has a weak spark. It's kick start only (no battery, nor has it ever had one). When I eventually get it started it is only showing 2.6v at the headlight and other connector blocks, which rises to 6v when revved. I'm guessing this is why it's got a weak spark as I'd have to kick it bloody fast to get 6v. I've not had a bike with no battery before do what could be causing this low voltage? I tried using a reg rec from a gn250, which was physically smaller and it ran but only showed 0.9v on tickover
  9. If it helps I metered out the electrics and it ticks over at 2.6v raising to 6v ish when revved
  10. Thanks. I saw those (but in Japanese) on a different site. They unfortunately don't show the electrics properly though - I need to see the wiring diagrams to accurately identify it by the number of wires to the CDI and their colours
  11. Thanks, but im still confused. At the bottom of the spec sheet for the djebel on that page it says 'battery 12v'. Mine doesn't have a battery nor does it have the associated wiring or cdi for a battery 😐
  12. 107 I feel like I've been all over the internet looking but I can't seem to find a definitive answer
  13. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help me identify my bike as I'm struggling to get correct wiring diagrams to get it wired up for an mot. I bought it with 1994 licence plate (I'm in the uk) and paperwork. It has kick start only, no battery. It's obviously been imported to uk back in 2001as it says so on the v5 logbook but I don't know where from. It has brakelights, headlight, tail light, Speedo (although it has 350 front and rear end so I'm guessing the Speedo isn't original also). The frame number has been covered in powdercoat but is partially legible and it seems to corresponds with the v5 paperwork. The number is: SJ44A-****** (six numbers which I won't share online). This format doesn't seem to match up with the suzuki frame numbers for US or UK bikes though. The v5 logbook shows it as a suzuki 250. I got a clymer manual and looked at all the wiring diagrams (I want to add indicators and a horn for mot) but going by my CDI none of the models in the manual match my bike. My CDI has 10 wires coming out of it (an extra orange wire not shown on the diagram) - plus the kick start only diagrams don't have brakelights and brake switches etc on them. Any ideas?