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    Help identifying 250 please, and electrics question too

    Ok it's definitely not a djebel as they had square box section framework at the rear. Mine is tubular
  2. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Oh yeah... It's a 6v system too which muddysthe waters even more lol
  3. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Yeah - I'm really getting into tracing the "family tree" of this bike lol. It's currently got a 350 front end and rear shock on It, and just to confuse things further it's running a BST33 carb which I believe were only on the DR350 range 😂😂. It's definitely a mongrol but it's my mongrel lol and I've managed to get it insured and MOTed so it's all legal 😉
  4. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    It's registered as 1994 but as it's an import it's validation code on the log book shows it as unknown year of manufacture. The frame no points to a 1992 Japanese import Djebel model but it's definitely not a djebel as it has tubular frame (no box section) and no oil cooler. The previous owner said it once had USD front end but the only dr250 I can find any mention of with USD forks was the DR250SH model, but my ecu and stator is different from the SH model lol
  5. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Yeah I couldn't find a wiring diagram for mine anywhere (still cant) so I made my own. Apparently my 10 wire ECU doesn't exist 😂 I just hope I never have to replace it because I have no idea what it's from lol.
  6. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    No idea mate, sorry
  7. Jon Stewart

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    The loom I made for my kick start only 250 if it helps
  8. Jon Stewart

    Parts arrived today!

    Those welds... 😣
  9. Jon Stewart

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Hmmm. I'm in the UK and bought a 250l brand new when they first appeared. I LOVED it because I could commute on it and also use it for trail riding at the weekend.... until about 2 weeks later when I got fed up with the lack of power, so I got the edu and 305 kit (one of the first ones in the uk), airbox mod, yoshi, braided hoses rec... That transformed the bike but it was still a bit underpowered for motorway riding so I sold it. Could this bike be the bike I was hoping to create??
  10. Jon Stewart

    Hello again

    305 kit 😊
  11. If you are considering a DRZ400 you would be better off with a CCM404. They are a British made bike which use the DRZ400 motor for reliability but they use better quality forks, suspension rec. Taller than a DRZ too and lighter. It's the bike that suzuki should have made
  12. Jon Stewart

    12v conversion help needed

    That's the million dollar question! 😂 It's definitely a suzuki Dr Mostly a 250, with 350 front and rear end. BST33 carb. Registered in the UK in 2000 as a 1994 model. Frame/engine number says Jap import 1992. Cdi, rectifier and loom all look to be genuine original to the bike but the number of terminals on the CDI match no known wiring diagram for anything so I ended up stripping all the unwanted buts off the loom and making my own curcuit
  13. Jon Stewart

    12v conversion help needed

    Has anyone managed a 6v to 12v conversion without adding a battery (kick start only)? I want to get a fatter spark on mine but I don't want to add a battery - I've replaced the coil and plug- and I was hoping to use the stator and ecu from my gn250 but it only has one pickup from the stator housing and 3 yellow wires from the 18 windings which are the generated a.c. voltage. My Dr has 2 pickups in the housing, 3 yellow wires from 15 of the windings and 2 desperate windings which have 2 wires which go straight to the ecu. I guessing the two wire which go straight to the ecu on the Dr are something to do with the ignition coil voltage? Pic one is Dr, pic two is gn
  14. Jon Stewart

    Gas in the oil question

    Yeah it confused me because the volume of oil was only about 0.25 litre more than it should be so I can't understand why so much of it came out of the side. When I've had that bung out before I've only had a trickle of oil from there. For that much oil to come out of the side I would have expected to see a total volume of gas/oil mix of around 3.5 litres
  15. Jon Stewart

    Gas in the oil question

    I thought there was only supposed to be a small dribble from out of the side case bung (the hole you put the socket in to rotate the engine). I don't understand how so much came out of there but only half a litre came out of the sump. Surely it should have mostly drained to the bottom of the engine?