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  1. sweet, I swapped my two intake shims around and got one into spec, tried to start and it popped but didn't start. One intake valve I still can't get the smallest (.015) feeler guage in to check. So I'm waiting for a shim kit from eBay, after I re-shim it should be ready to go. Many thanks for the advice.
  2. I have had them checked a couple times and never needed to shim. If I get clearances in spec do u think it will fire up?
  3. checked valve clearances today and the Intake LH is .013, RH .001. Exhaust LH .013 RH .012 forgive me if I'm wrong.. Does the LH intake valve needs a shim of .008 ? And both the exhaust shims .001 and .002 ?
  4. I checked the carb bowl and was clean. Has spark. Connected green earth wire back to loom. Haven't checked thevalve clearances thou, need to get feeler guages, bike used to be hard to start before storage, and used to splutter and die, exhaust header was glowing within a minute the last 5 times I had it running.
  5. I put in a new crank, bearings, new seals and piston+ rings, bike was in storage before I pulled it down. Had a broken kickstart lever and it never really started with the e start button from new. Has new kickstart on it now.
  6. OK so I connected the green wire but still no luck starting, not sure why it won't start. Plug is clean, so is air filter, fresh 98 fuel.......
  7. Hi I've just rebuilt my 05 crf250x and can't get it started, found a broken earth wire attached to the frame next to the rectifier, not sure where it goes, looked at the diagram, but no luck. Please help.