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  1. With a 110 link, currently moving around between 14-44 for the dirt and 15-41 with super moto wheels. You really have to experiment yourself to find the best combination for the type of riding that you like doing. Sprockets are cheap anyway.
  2. There is no silver bullet here. It all depends on your main type of riding that you are doing and everything else is a compromise. 15-41 great for mainly street / HWY use. 14-47 great for mainly off road use. 15-44 or 14-44 a good compromise for doing both. But you need to try different combinations for yourself to see what you like. Sprockets are cheap.
  3. Just slightly off topic has anyone tried waterless coolant like Evans I have an E with no fan and wanted to drop the boiling point.
  4. 15-44, stock gearing on the S but you should be able to cruise in 5th gear at 6300rpm at 100km/h Otherwise try 15-41 or 15-38 but need to check chain length.
  5. Agreed
  6. 15-41 is good for the road but the 15-44 is a good all rounder. Currently trying 14-44 for the bush which is also a good compromise on 110 link chain on my E.
  7. Or you could move to Australia where you can still purchase a new 2018 drz400e plated for the street.
  8. Out early this morning.
  9. Same here, bought a 400E late last year and use it most on the road. If you can buy some SM excel rims and tires second hand, that would be your best option. Unfortunately, I could not find any at the time so opted for Ebay rim / Tire/ 320mm Caliper combo which have faired really well so far after 3000km. Tires are cheap so will upgrade to something better. For the road try the 15 / 44 or 15 / 41 gearing.
  10. I have to agree. I didn't find the seat concepts much better than the stock seat. Then tried the Maddog seat cushion and whilst that is not the total solution, it was certainly an improvement. Dirt cheap and found on Ebay.
  11. I find the DRZ slips into gear more easily than other bikes when clutchless shifting, however I am always concerned about additional wear on the box over time so 98% of the time still use the clutch. On the other hand I recently installed a annitori quickshifter on GSXR and that makes clutchless shifting so effortless.
  12. Damn photo bombers...
  13. I should clarify that I have run on the road 15-44 with SM rims on my 400E with 112 with adjustment left. Recently changed to 15-41 and had to go to 110 link. Off road I would not run less then 15-44 or the stock gearing 14-47 which will both work with 112 link on an E swing arm. If you are running a SM swing arm, you need advice from someone else..
  14. I have run 15-44 with some adjustment left on 112 link. 14-44 should also work.
  15. How did you fit 15-41 with 112 links. Might have something to do with lowering the bike?...I have tried this recently on my E and 112 links was too long for 15-41.. needed to remove 2 links to make it work. In my opinion 15-44 seems to be the best compromise for HWY and light off road. Stock 14-47 for more technical riding.