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  1. Hi all, From Sydney's north west and new to the forum. Just purchased a 2017 RZ400E recently. I enjoy tinkering around on the bike so have for the time being converted to supermoto. My second bike is a sports bike so I didn't buy it for the power or lack there of but a lot of fun non the less. Looking to do some off road riding and wondering if there are riding groups out there doing some weekend trails?
  2. Yes, routed with the brake line with cable ties but made sure that there was enough movement when the shock is depressed.
  3. I just installed mine on the weekend. A couple of things to consider- You can keep your OEM speedo spacer if you like. Just disconnect the cable and block the cable hole. You can keep the blinker, Neutral and high beam cluster. Unscrew it from the speedo and double sided tape to the voyager. I mounted my sensor to the front of the forks via a bracket instead of drilling into the caliper. Use the red wire from the original speedo harness for constant power. no need to go to the battery. Use a fuse as detailed in the instructions. Black wire to ground under a triple tree bolt. RPM wire to positive side of coil. Need to remove tank. A couple of hours to fit this but well worth it.
  4. I am still running in my 2017 drz400e and on the road with 14-47 gearing and knoobys I was getting 160km before going to reserve so the OP either has an issue with the bike or ringing the neck off in first and second gear. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference with the supermoto conversion 17" wheels with 15-44 gearing.
  5. Had I similar experience when I bought the DRZ. The 47-14 gearing for the road is not ideal, brakes were ...well..adequate and the suspension was squishy. This is a great dual sport bike but not a sports bike. if you are using it for the road more, you need to make some changes. Here is what I did. I am around 200 pounds. Wound in the compession front and rear, wound in the rear shock spring. Left the rebound as is. Added supermoto 17" wheels and street tires Added 320mm front disk Changed gearing to 44-15 These 4 basic mods alone made all the difference on the street and reversing back to dirt bike takes about an hour.
  6. I have a Gixxer 750 and only recently purchased the DRZ400E converted to supermoto. The Gixxer is great for smooth roads, accelerates like a bullet, brakes on a dime, corners like it is on rails and the inline 4 engine is like a Swiss watch. In comparison, the DRZ is a little agricultural, vibrates a bit, down on power, carburetor and heavy. great for exploring the back rough roads. Can be converted back to a dirt bike in around half hour. Whilst they are both completely different bikes, lately I have enjoyed the DRZ more because you can be a bit more of a hooligan and not get yourself into too much trouble.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Now you have got me thinking. With the 2 spacers supplied, the wheel was centered between the forks. When fitting the OEM speedo spacer the wheel was offset by 3 mm, so I assumed that by adding the washer that it should be OK. I will do some more investigation and check the distance between the forks at the axle and further up to see if the forks are indeed pushed out. Thanks again.
  8. Unfortunately, the spacer provided on the speedo side didn't come with a seal that fitted so i just refitted the speedo spacer. With the 3mm washer installed to the caliper side, that seemed to even things up. It rides fine and nothing is binding up. May look at the spacer issue down the line..
  9. OK, Thanks for the feedback. I have installed the 17" wheels and can confirm that the stock chain is fine with the 15-44 sprocket configuration and in fact there is still plenty of adjustment left setting the chain slack at around 40mm. The new set up for the street is much better without the knobbys and 14-47 sprockets. The wheel change over was a bit of a PITA as the front wheel was not centered and needed a 3mm washer to correct. The caliper then needed to be moved over a little to compensate. All in all, very happy and will post a few picks shortly.
  10. Hi guy's, New member here from Australia. Just purchased a 2017 DRZ400E and just needing a little advice. Most of my riding will be 80 road / 20 off road. I have bought a set of 17' supermoto wheels with a sprocket configuration of 44 - 15. The stock is 47 - 14. Just wanting to know if the stock chain will be too long for the 44 - 15 set up or do I need a second chain? Cheers,
  11. In Australia, the E's are road legal so I have bought a set of 17" rims to convert to supermoto but will keep the original rims and tires when going off road.
  12. does anyone know if you need to change the chain when changing from stock 47-14 to 44-15 sprockets for the DRZ400E?