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  1. Ilia .

    Greasing the steering bearings the easy way

    Just did this recently on my 17 DRZ400E and there was only a minimum amount of grease in both top and bottom bearing. It doesn't take that long to remove the bars, forks, top and bottom clamps. I used kerosene to de-grease and then repacked with bearing grease.
  2. Ilia .

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Put on a new set of Pirelli Angel city boots on the old girl. https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/en-in/motorcycle/all-tyres/sheet/angel-city 150 rear and 120 front. After a 200km ride, so far so good.
  3. Ilia .

    Spare Street Wheels/Tires for DRZ-E?

    Yep, you are correct. you could still run the standard E disk on the KKE SM wheel and I presume the OEM SMwheel pattern would be the same.. So no need to adjust the caliper. The rear also run the E sprockets. AN SM speedo drive or as I have done installed a Trail Tech speedo which is easy to adjust when changing over different wheel sizes and provide a lot more data on the display.
  4. Ilia .

    Spare Street Wheels/Tires for DRZ-E?

    I have both dirt and SM wheels for my E. Yes the SM wheel and brake set up would be more expensive then a second set of 18/21 wheels with road tires. I do like how the bike handles with SM wheels and with the compression / rebound adjusted for the street. As others have said, the SM set up does not take very long to change over and the brake upgrade is definitely worth it. In fact, I run the 320mm disk on both road and dirt wheels without any issues. In terms of gearing and depending the terrain, 14/15-44/47 and for street 15/16-41/44 combinations are the best in my opinion and changed over in less than an hour.
  5. Ilia .

    Help with new tires for drz400s

    I have the SM KKE wheels, tires, sprocket and disk combo. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/3-5-4-25-17-SUPERMOTO-WHEELS-SET-CST-TIRE-FOR-SUZUKI-DRZ400-DRZ400S-DRZ400E-BLUE/292347360015?hash=item441142b30f:g:wmAAAOSw-iZcMv9a:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true&autorefresh=true The front comes with a 320 mm disk and adapter bracket for the caliper. Braking with the 320 mm disk makes a night and day difference. The package was a simple bolt on and over all happy with the fit and finish. The wheels are dot road legal, SS spokes only needed tightening once or twice, rim paint finish was perfect. The Chinese tires are very soft compound but surprisingly lasted 4000Km with plenty left on the front. I am just replacing the tires this week after 4000 km. The front still has 70% but the rear has reached the wear indicators. I will be putting on some Pirelli Angel front and rear.City https://www.pirelli.com/tyres/en-in/motorcycle/all-tyres/sheet/angel-city Having said all that. If I had found some decent stock DRZ400SM excel wheels, I would have gone with them.
  6. Ilia .

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    Thanks, I have read through that thread but want to keep my DRZ as quite as possible. Just out of interest for other readers, I have pull this info of the DRZ400E.com site http://www.drz400e.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=60 "I didn't touch the jetting on my old 2007 DRZ. This time with all the hype around the JD Jetting kit I thought I would go ahead and give it a try. One note for other Australian 2009 DRZ400E owners is the actual Main Jet is the exact same one as standard a 165, the only advantage is the new needle which I think has removed some of the initial hesitation but this could have been the working of the Power Now that I fitted at the same time". I am still looking for the Holy Grail of duel sport bikes. Light, powerful and low maintenance. Pick any two but you can't have all three.
  7. Ilia .

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    Thanks for the info, will check it out.. Funny thing is that it starts, pulls and runs well with no hesitation, surges or bogging so it's likely to be fine the way it is. It runs out of beans after 7500 - 8000 rpm which sound like normal on these thumpers. Just curious if I re-jetted whether I can squeeze out a little more power without going with a free flowing obnoxious sounding exhaust.
  8. Ilia .

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    Yes the center out of the exhaust tip was removed and boy made the bike loud. I have since put the enduro tip back in. So I guess my thinking is if the dealer removed a number of restrictions including opening up the air box and removal of the center of the exhaust tip, shouldn't the jetting be adjusted as I would assume that it would be running lean?
  9. Ilia .

    DRZ400 Jet Kit Worth It??

    What about the late model E's sold in Australia? They come with the EIHIN FCR39SS flat-side carburetor and de-restricted from the dealer with the air box snorkel removed giving the 3 x 3 opening already. I suspect that the dealer does not re-jet after the restrictions are removed and whilst the bike down not bog down throughout the rev range and starts easily and idles smoothly, I wondering if there is any benefit with re-jetting whilst keeping the stock exhaust and riding at sea level.
  10. Ilia .

    Home made Scotts steering damper mounting options

    So right off the bat, it is a very tight squeeze with only a millimeter clearance between the top of the triple clamp nut and bottom of the handle bar. So precise measurements are key. I have a 50mm riser so anything higher would make this easier. I can still adjust the two knobs on the stabilizer. Parts used- Either scotts or chinese scotts knock off will work. DRZ 400 2000-2018 Tower Std Bars (Height of tube cut down) I can provide my cutting size if you decide to do this. Spacers to lift stabilizer above triple clamp nut. I can provide my cutting size if you decide to do this. long enough M5 threaded bolt to fit through stabilizer, spacer and triple clamp. I can provide my cutting size if you decide to do this. Remove bars and top triple clamp and install scotts tower assemble to frame. (Now is a good time to also remove the lower triple clamp and re-grease your steering head bearings) Make sure that you measure the height correctly before cutting the stem to the correct length. I can provide my cutting size if you decide to do this. Now it's a mater of carefully measuring the position of the stabilizer mounting holes and transferring that the the triple clamp. Drill and tap 2 x m5 holes through top triple clamp. Add, spacers and mount stabilizer to triple clamp. Re-fit bars and you are good to go.
  11. Ilia .

    Suzuki Brand Skid Plate and Rad. Guards

    This deal has been offered in Australia on the drz400e for a number of years now as a promotion at no extra cost. Not sure if any other country is doing the same.
  12. Ilia .

    Home made Scotts steering damper mounting options

    Unfortunately, I don't have any during the modification and assemble process. Is there anything specific that you wanted to know?
  13. Ilia .

    Setting rear sag just to level the bike?

    That's what I have done recently. 2017 drz400e, My weight is around 95kg with gear and whilst the stock suspension was plush, it was not firm enough in certain situations. Taking into account that I would put panniers and a safari tank on at some stage for adventure riding, I purchased a 6.0kg rear and 5.0 front racetech springs. Once installed and without revalving, rear sag set at 95mm, front forks kept in stock triple clamp position, I have still had to dial in a lot of the front and rear compression for street riding but it feels a lot more stable and predictable. Obviously riding out in the bush, I will back out the compression and then access if re-valving is required. As with all bikes that you ride, suspensions settings are a compromise.
  14. Ilia .

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Early 6am ride in the Aussie heat.
  15. Ilia .

    SM forks w/ S shock...need spring recommendations please

    I spoke to Racetech a few month ago with the same question. Their response was as the SM shock was shorter, it would be a good idea to to purchase another S shock and they would lower and re-valve it to re-balance the geometry of the bike. Not sure if you could use a standard SM shock as the SM swing arm is different to the S.