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  1. I'm looking to buy a Safari Tank for longer trips here in NSW. Can you tell me- if they clear radiator guards? How was the fit of the tank in general? I also here that they hold something like 20 Litres?? Roughly how many KM's out of the tank? Did you re-spring the forks / shock for the additional weight? Where did you get your tank from? Cheers
  2. Yes, Have been running 17" wheels on the L7 400E. As you can see from the photos, there is very little clearance with the 15 t sprocket and case saver / chain guide. Whilst the 15-44 combo is a good general gearing set up, I would like to try the 16 - 44 combo as I can keep the stock chain and lower the RPM a little.
  3. A I have the DRZ400E here in Aus. My chain will only allow me to go as low as 15-44 before I need to take some links out. I would like to try 16-44 which I am assuming would be similar to 15-41? Could you go into some detail and or photos as to what modifications were required to the case savers and chain guide. I already had to grind out the OEM case saver to fit the 15 T.
  4. I also went supermoto with my DRZ400e. Changed the sprockets to 15 - 44 which is the 400S gearing using the stock chain.. The 400SM has the 15 - 41 but has a shorter chain. The 15- 44 is a good compromise between torque and highway and you can cruise at 100KM at around 6300RPM. As far as going a bit quicker, you will need to rej-et, open the air box and a freer flowing exhaust all of which can be found when searching this site,
  5. I just ordered the same mirrors and waiting for them to come in. Have you had a chance to see how usable they are on the road. I suspect they will not be as practical as the OEM mirrors. Looks damn good though.
  6. I recently bought these Chinese copies and so far work fine.
  7. I recently did the conversion on my 2017 DRZ400E converting it to supermoto. The wheels came with the 320mm disk and bracket. Pretty straight forward conversion and once the suspension is dialed in for your weight handles well on the road.
  8. Thanks, your logic sounds spot on and yes elevation, terrain, road or dirt bike tires, tire pressure, how hard you are on the throttle all play a part in fuel economy. I frequently get over 190km before hitting reserve- This may explain why- The bike has only 1600km on the clock and only just run in. Road riding Where I ride is is between 60 - 200 meters above sea level. Tire pressure for supermoto tires are checked before each ride at 28F & 33R PSI I certainly don't baby the throttle. I do use a trip counter on my trail tech. From the recent posts, I think that it is safe to assume that with the above conditions that I should be able to get another 30-40km once switching to reserve. Thanks for all the comments, much appreciated.
  9. Yes, I fill to the top. What are the issues with doing this? Does anyone know how many miles / KM you can get out of the DRZ once switching to reserve?
  10. I had an interesting scenario with fuel today. Got a 2017 DRZ400E with standard OEM tank. Changed the bike to supermoto set up and fitted a trail tech with the accuracy confirmed by my GPS. running 15-44 gearing. Went for a ride today with the tank full prior to leaving. Wanted to find out how far I could go until hitting reserve. The type of riding was mainly road and managed to get 198km before she started to die on me. Pulled over and turned on the reserve, started her up again and was just around the corner from home. I was interested in finding out how many litres it took to fill up. Using an accurate measuring container, ended up putting in the whole 10 litres. So my question is, is the petcock faulty or is there additional room for the reserve?
  11. When I changed to the supermoto wheels and a trail tech vapour, I ended up just using the oem speedo spacer,disconnecting the speedo cable and plugging the hole with a grommet. works well with no addition costs.
  12. I stand corrected on where the DRZ picks up the speedo reading. Was thinking of my gixxer When I was looking for an SM speedo drive after changing over from 21 to 17 inch rims, I could not find one for a reasonable price at the time. I do however prefer the trail Tech for a number of reasons and it frees up my dash for other instruments.
  13. Your right dude, my bad. Only relates to changing from 21 down to 17 inch front wheel. I was thinking of my gixxer.
  14. I have the standard foam height seat concepts and like you was not real impressed to start with. Have done around 1000km on the new seat and it's starting to feel better.
  15. Yes, you can use the SM speedo drive but he would also need to change the gearing from the E to the SM to be accurate. At least with the trail tech you can go back and forth with the wheel size and sprocket changes and still have an accurate speedo. All that needs to be done is change the wheels size specs with in the trail tech unit. I am currently running the 15-44 sprockets which is what the S runs as stock in the US. The E came out with the 14-47. From memory the SM runs the 15-41. With the trail tech, you also get a temp gauge and tacho.