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  1. Ilia .

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    OK Bob, Installed and gave it a good workout today in the bush. I can say it is a worthwhile purchase and makes a big difference with shifting and plenty of clearance with the case cover..
  2. I have an old scotts damper laying around but the mounting kit for the DRZ is ridiculously price here in Aus. Looking forward to your photos.
  3. Ilia .

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    Will do but I think that you will find a number of threads about this and the 1" longer shifter being the solution.
  4. Ilia .

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    I just ordered one of these. Should help with MX boots. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-BIKEMASTER-Steel-Shift-Lever-1-LONGER-SUZUKI-DRZ-400-S-SM-FREE-SHIP/162579424285?hash=item25da7d241d%3Ag%3AQvIAAOSwGPxaS22N&_sacat=0&_nkw=Steel+Shift+Lever+1"+LONGER+SUZUKI+DRZ+400+S+SM&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 16 hours

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    Looking for a Scotts steering damper mounting kit to suit a DRZ400 S or E as per the attached photo. I have the damper, just need the mounting kit. Send me a PM if anyone has one to sell. I am in Sydney, Australia. Thanks,


  6. I kept the factory speed sensor and just disconnected the cable. I believe B & B make a replacement aluminum spacer if you prefer.
  7. Ilia .

    Why is my chain jumping so bad?

    If you look at the video with the counter sprocket spinning, you will see pulsing at idle as it varies a few hundred RPM. Typical for a single cylinder thumper. That is causing the chain to jump. My 2017 does the same thing when up on a stand and at idle.
  8. Ilia .

    Should i Buy a DRZ400E or a DRZ400SM ??

    The E should come with 14-47 stock gearing and 112 link chain which is great for the dirt but not so much for the road if you intend to ride faster than 80km. 15- 44 which is stock gearing for the S will also fit 112 link chain so you can can still use this combination for light off road / dirt / gravel. You can also use this combination if you change to 17" wheels. If you decide to go 15-41 gearing which is stock SM gearing, you will have to reduce your chain links to 110 links. I keep 2 chains for this purpose. For quick chain change overs, you can use clip links and either silicon / safety wire the circlip.
  9. Ilia .

    Should i Buy a DRZ400E or a DRZ400SM ??

    Agreed, 15/44 gearing is in my opinion the best over all gearing for general riding. The thing is about the 17" wheels is that the bike handles so much better.
  10. Ilia .

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    @merretta, I bought this Racetech plastics kit from a guy on Gumtree and as he already sold his DRZ, got it for next to nothing. So far I have only used the front fender. This is the whole plastics Kit on Ebay but I am sure that you can just buy a 2007 RMZ 250/450 front fender that should fit. Search this site for more info. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Racetech-NEW-Mx-Suzuki-DRZ400E-2000-2009-Motorbike-White-Yellow-OEM-Plastics-Kit/263200192402?epid=21017020117&hash=item3d47f43792%3Ag%3AZ9UAAOSwKX9aswi8&_sop=10&_sacat=10063&_nkw=drz400+racetech&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313&LH_TitleDesc=0 The stock seat was pretty hard so as most DRZ owner replaced it with a seat comfort seat which is better but your ass still gets soar after a couple of hours.
  11. Ilia .

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Had the afternoon off and could not have spent my day any better then in the Aussie bush.
  12. Ilia .

    Should i Buy a DRZ400E or a DRZ400SM ??

    I bought a 17" wheel / tire / sprocket / 320mm disk package from Ebay. I just swap the disk between wheels and the braking is 1 finger with standard OEM pads and rubber brake lines. I also removed the the standard dash set up and install a trailtech speedo which reads both 17" & 21" with minor adjusts. The E on road tires is a different feeling completely to the knobbys and you will thank yourself once you ride the road on the 17" wheels. The DRZ400E is not particularly great at off road or road but is a very versatile budget bike that you will have a lot of fun with.
  13. Ilia .

    Should i Buy a DRZ400E or a DRZ400SM ??

    Buy the E and get a set of 17" motard wheels. that's what I did here in Aus. More HP and a wheel change in 30 min.
  14. Ilia .

    Life left in this sprocket? (pic in post)

    Looks fine, but as front and rear sprockets are so cheap for the DRZ, I'd probably change them together.
  15. Ilia .

    2019 DR-Z400's

    Looks like they have reinvented the bike for 2019.......