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  1. RON specification are different around the world. Here in Australia we have 95 and 98 RON which does not compare apples for apples in other countries. The manual here says 95 Ron is recommended which is what I use. 98 Ron is of no benefit on these motors. Currently, I am running my 2017 DRZ E bike as a Supermoto and changed the gearing to 44 - 15 which is great for the road. My trail Tech speedo is accurate according to my GPS. Interestingly, I rode 180KM the other day without hitting the reserve and this was not highway use.
  2. Sydney Australia
  3. Sydney, Australia
  4. B & B rack Radiator guard Tank grips Tool tube
  5. Only got them 4-6 weeks ago. The ebay add said at the time no tab so for $20.00 took a chance and all good. There is a little up/down movement but nothing that I would consider loose. Run them now for 600km and would not go back to the stock levers. As I said for $20.00, you can't go wrong.
  6. Not sure what they meant by that but everything work well. From memory, the only thing that I had to do was stretch the spring out a little.
  7. I bought these Chinese levers and they look and work just fine. I have the Aussie 18 400E.
  8. Interesting why the same motor would have different maintenance periods.
  9. Oil debates like this are similar on every bike and car forum with varying opinions on the type of oil used and frequency of the change. The fact is that car and bike manufacturers spend millions of dollars on R & D and that's why they come up with the oil specifications and maintenance periods for your bike. If the oil needed to be changed every 1000 or 2000Km then they would specify it. They don't want failures or damage to their brand so it makes no sense why they would specify 6000km / 12 month oil changes if it was really required to be changed sooner. If anything, they will err on the conservative side and you could most likely go longer without an issue but I am not recommending that. The problem is that Chinese whispers start on forums and before you know it, it becomes the done thing and what the hell do Suzuki engineers know anyway. Take every thing that you read on forums with a grain of salt. I have the Aussie 2017 DrZ400E and my maintenance schedule says 6000KM or 12 months. Which manual says 6 months? It's interesting as I also have a GSXR750 and there is a difference between the Aussie and European maintenance schedule. As a Auto Electrician, I have worked on 1000's of cars and bikes over the years and never seen an engine failure when serviced as per the maintenance schedule. Don't get me wrong, It can't hurt by changing the oil sooner but in my opinion, under normal riding conditions and using the correctly specified oil, it's a waste of money and will not prolong the engine life. You are more likely to find the bike in a salvage yard before the engine fails so just enjoy the ride.
  10. If the workshop manual specifies oil changes at 6000km or 12 months for normal road use and you use a quality oil with in specificaion, why do you need to change it sooner? Are you really gaining a benefit by changing it sooner. Surely the oil hasn't broken down after 1000km.
  11. Just did the 1000km first oil change and checked the screen and oil plug magnet for debris. Fortunately all good as you would expect from a new bike and text book break in. Changed filter and oil to Penrite fully synthetic. As this bike (DRZ400E) is primarily used as a supermoto, the workshop manual indicates oil changes at 6000km intervals. Any particular reason why you should change the oil sooner unless you ride hard or mostly off road?
  12. Just bought one of these B & B racks and waiting for it to arrive.
  13. I recently bought the 2017 400E here is Australia and did not notice the throttle issue that you have mentioned. I have changed the gearing from 14-47 to 15-44 so should be similar to the SM. In my opinion the bike it quite smooth when rolling the throttle on and off. You should take it back to the dealer to have it checked out. this does not sound right.
  14. River Rd Wisemans Ferry NSW Australia.
  15. I recently bought a GPR exhaust which is the road approved version. Comes with a removable baffle. It is on par with the stock DB level. I went with this exhaust as I already suffer from tinnitus and wanted a fairly quite exhaust which was also quite a bit lighter. And yes I also wear ear plugs.