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  1. If you search ebay you can find a bracket that fits to the E caliper. I am using a 320mm disk.
  2. I have just been trialing the 15-41 and for HWY cruising think it's a good compromise. For supermotard and light trail, I will be going back to 15-44 for a little extra torque.
  3. Recently, I did the 17" wheel conversion on my E. At the time I was looking for some OEM SM wheels but none were available. I ended up buying ebay Chinese rims, tires, sprocket and disk package. I guess it depends on the supplier but I have to say that the quality and fitment was spot on. 2000KM later and still no issues. Trying to burn through these tires so I can put a decent set on but the grip on Chinese tire are adequate.
  4. I'm running 15/44 on my E at present and find it a good compromise between torque and highway speeds. Tried fitting a 16T front and had too many issues with it hitting the swing arm and did not want to grind it down. Also had to modify the chain slider.. As we speak, just received a 41T rear and will try the 15/41 combo this weekend as I am heading on a 800km camping trip.
  5. Yes, Here in Australia. Also comes with the KEIHIN FCR39SS flat-side carburettor and Fuel petcock with an "off" position
  6. I currently run the stock air box and jets in my 2017 DRZ400E and was surprised to see that the air box hole size was already a 3 x 3 out of the factory. Has anyone seen this before?
  7. What sort of weight can you load on the sub frame as I have heard that they are not that strong. I should add that I have the 400E.
  8. How would you compare the suspension feel after swapping over? Just trying to work out if it's worth the trouble. I initially thought that it would just be a fork swap but now looks like that I will have to lower the E shock or purchase a SM shock,
  9. Already have the 17" wheels and a 320mm disk fitted to the E forks.
  10. Has anyone with an E or S changed their forks out for an SM forks? I generally do more road with my E (17" wheels fitted) and prefer the USD look. I have also spoken to Racetech here in Australia and they have confirmed that the SM forks are better fork for road use. However racetech brought up a important point that I did not take into account. The SM forks are shorter which will change the geometry quite significantly meaning that that the rear will have to be lowered to compensate. Racetech has advised that if you just change out the forks, you will lose front end grip. I picked these forks up for $100.00. Came with what you see in the photo as well as the speedo and front caliper. As it is off a 07, I will need to service the forks. Any advice??
  11. I just recently bought a 2017 DRZ400E and as a precaution pumped bearing grease to the swing arm nipples. 5 or 6 nipples from memory. will this not get grease onto the swing arm? I have read people using all types of grease. Is standard bearing grease adequate?
  12. I'm looking to buy a Safari Tank for longer trips here in NSW. Can you tell me- if they clear radiator guards? How was the fit of the tank in general? I also here that they hold something like 20 Litres?? Roughly how many KM's out of the tank? Did you re-spring the forks / shock for the additional weight? Where did you get your tank from? Cheers
  13. Yes, Have been running 17" wheels on the L7 400E. As you can see from the photos, there is very little clearance with the 15 t sprocket and case saver / chain guide. Whilst the 15-44 combo is a good general gearing set up, I would like to try the 16 - 44 combo as I can keep the stock chain and lower the RPM a little.
  14. A I have the DRZ400E here in Aus. My chain will only allow me to go as low as 15-44 before I need to take some links out. I would like to try 16-44 which I am assuming would be similar to 15-41? Could you go into some detail and or photos as to what modifications were required to the case savers and chain guide. I already had to grind out the OEM case saver to fit the 15 T.
  15. I also went supermoto with my DRZ400e. Changed the sprockets to 15 - 44 which is the 400S gearing using the stock chain.. The 400SM has the 15 - 41 but has a shorter chain. The 15- 44 is a good compromise between torque and highway and you can cruise at 100KM at around 6300RPM. As far as going a bit quicker, you will need to rej-et, open the air box and a freer flowing exhaust all of which can be found when searching this site,