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  1. Ilia .

    Welding on the bike

    It's always a good idea to disconnect both terminals from the battery. I would also remove the tank to be safe. You should then be good to go.
  2. Ilia .

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I have the seat concepts and still breaking it in. Just put the Mad dog on today so will see if I can ride longer then a couple of hours straight without getting a sore ass. Ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-Black-Coleman-Comfort-Ride-Seat-Saddle-Protector-Cover-Motorcycle-Motorbik/273078553988?hash=item3f94c00d84:g:BS4AAOSw9vlajRb1:rk:7:pf:0
  3. Ilia .

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    OK, Had some time today to tinker around on the DRZ. 1) Fitted a GSXR screen to an old headlight shroud that I had lying around. 2) Installed a 5 liter rotopack to the B & B rack. Should get around 300km with this set up. 3) Added some rubber to the B & B bash plate. Yes it does stop the engine vibration noise coming up from the bash plate.
  4. Ilia .

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    15/44 on trails, gravel light dirt is fine. It when you need additional torque going up more technical elevated terrain that you need to feather the clutch more. 14/44 is better but a PITA to change the front sprocket if changing wheels every weekend. I only have 47, 44 & 41 tooth sprockets so can only tell you that 44T fits and 41T does not fit 112 link chain. Others might chime in here if they have.
  5. Ilia .

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    I guess it all depends on weather you do more road or trail. If you do more road go to 110 link and and change between 15/44 and 15/41 If you do more trails stay with 112 link and change between 15/44 and 15/47.
  6. Ilia .

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    You cant do 15/47 on 110 link. you can barely fit 15/44 on 110 link. I run 110Link on my L7 E so I could run 15/41 SM wheels and 14/44 dirt wheels.
  7. Ilia .

    Drz400E to SM swap gearing

    With 112 link you would best to go with 44T on the SM wheels. Not sure if you could go 43 or 42 but 41 tooth wont fit with 112 link chain. 15/44 is a good compromise for the street. 15/47 it good for trails.
  8. Ilia .

    best brakes for drz400e?

    Currently I am using a 320 mm rotor for both street and dirt. The improvement is day and night compared to the standard DRZ400E rotor. I am using the stock pads and have a braided line to fit next time that I do a full fluid flush so will be interesting to see if this adds to the braking power. First thing that you should do is bleed your brake system. old brake fluid and air in the line will make the brakes feel spongy. Things to consider when upgrading the rotor.- 310 / 320 mm rotor for the street is such a good upgrade and recommended. 310 / 320 mm rotor for the dirt is debatable as the larger disk is exposed to more damage from rocks and branches. A front end lock up is also more of a possibility. As I am manly doing light off road, the 320 mm disk is manageable. For more extreme off road a smaller disk size would be my recommendation.
  9. Ilia .

    Fitting SM wheels

    Or you could do it this way.
  10. Ilia .

    Fitting SM wheels

    OK, here is what I do. Some people like to remove the pads but I remove all but one of the disk allen head bolts. Swing the disk out of the way while inserting the wheel and axle. Once in place, you can then move the disk back between the pads and re-insert the disk allen head bolts. After the first time it is really simple to do. Make sure that you torque every thing down to spec and don't over tighten anything.
  11. If you are still concerned, Take it back to the dealer. It's under warranty.
  12. Ilia .

    Fitting SM wheels

    No need to remove the brake pads. Just push the pads back in the caliper so as they are opened up fully. As you start sliding the wheel in, you then start sliding the caliper back on the swing arm. This will give you an idea of what you will need to do even though it is a E swing arm. Take your time and you will be fine.
  13. Ilia .

    Fitting SM wheels

    Yes, brake caliper need to come off first or at least sliding at back far enough to get the wheel started.. be careful not to scratch up our new rims when sliding past the lower chain guard and sliding the caliper back in.
  14. This is a guy from Western Australia that posts up youtube videos on dirt bikes and rides. He is a self confessed bush mechanic and trying his best to sort this problem out for a friend. If any of you guys have any experience and can provide some advise via his youtube channel, i'm sure it would be very much appreciated. Part one Part two
  15. Ilia .

    2019 Honda CRF45L to DRZ434 comparison

    Australian sites have the CRF450L listed as $14212 out the door. Honda have this price point all wrong. Way too much compared to the other competitors. I'm predicting that they wont sell well at that price and discounting will start early. Listed wet weight at 131KG. The DRZ is 138kg so not a lot difference there but the DRZ feels heavier then that. Honda have stated "it is designed to go 32,000km between major strip downs" but do not specify oil change intervals. I think most people would go for a KTM, Husky, Beta ect before throwing down this sort of cash on the Honda. Let's see what the price is after 12 months or so.