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  1. alexqwerty

    S3 big bore kits?

    I have an Athena 280 kit in my 2011 250r and it's been faultless. Sorry I can't help more than that.
  2. alexqwerty

    IMS Or Acerbis Oversize Tank for 2014 CRF250R?

    I have the acerbis on a 2011. Was easy to fit, has been bulletproof*. * Not actually shot at.
  3. alexqwerty

    Whats wrong with my bike?

    This is what happened to mine. Piston has disintegrated. Athena 280cc time.
  4. alexqwerty

    Does the exhaust cam lobe have an oil feed?

    No, turns smoothly. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the piston and bore have seen better days. 280cc here we come!!
  5. Hi, I've got a 2011 crf 250r, and it ran low on oil. The exhaust cam lobe looks like it got hot. Turning it over by hand, it seems like the hole in the back of the cam lobe isn't supplying oil like the intake lobes do. Is this normal? Thanks folks