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    07 DRZ400S Motor into DRZ400SM?

    Awesome! That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for the response. I'll update this post next week with the outcome.
  2. Noel Santese

    07 DRZ400S Motor into DRZ400SM?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm just gonna snag up this motor.. Was hoping someone would chime in if they were the previous owner. The TT case savers were a dead giveaway that this bike was ounce owned by a member here lol
  3. Noel Santese

    07 DRZ400S Motor into DRZ400SM?

    Ok New to Thumpertalk.. But pop in to check on posts. Motor in my 07 DRZ400SM is blown. I'm on ebay and about to Purchase an 07 DRZ400S motor (Motor has case savers from TT heres the link http://www.ebay.com/itm/COMPLETE-ENGINE-01-16-suzuki-drz400-drz400e-drz400s-drz400sm-Motor-Cylinder-/162581219463?hash=item25da988887:g:YywAAOSw6YtZXr5F&vxp=mtr ) My question is.. Will this motor swap perfectly with no other modifications to my SM. I know on some DRZ's the clutch type can be different. ( Multi-plate, wet type, manual release on the "S" compared to Wet multi-plate on the "SM". Will this hinder doing the swap? Bike is currently at a shop.. Last thing I want to do is order the wrong motor and everything does not bolt up. Or should I just purchase the "SM" Motor? Really want to make sure there's no differences between the clutch on these 2 motors. Also the bike is from Kentucky. I'm sure this was someones bike on here at one point if there's any info? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks