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    Anyone 49 plus still riding?

    I'm hanging with a bunch of little kids here! I'm 68 and still riding dirt DRZ400S as well as sport with my S1000XR...and still shop for bikes just about everyday. Take at least 2 or 3 3000 mile road trips (no trailering) a year. I'm in Texas so the off-road is fairly tame as compared to you guys in Colorado and Utah but it is what it is. Next project...Restore some vintage (60's-70s) Honda or the like and bring a pile of junk back to life! I've been riding since I was about 25 (I got a late start)! One local guy is 90 and still in the saddle. He handles the curves better than most too! Oh...and I just cleaned both of the bikes...yes, the DRZ was dirty.