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  1. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    Yes, but it will be pricy just so you know, depending on where you are, with shipping etc you are looking at about $5oo
  2. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    UPDATE: KLX650 ACERBIS green tank is no longer available
  3. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    UPDATE: this tank is no longer available UPDATE: this tank is no longer available
  4. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    This one is available folks. You can see it in the ThumperTalk classifieds area here
  5. Adv Biker

    RTW Trip underway, here are issues I had crossing US

    Great posts. Great reviews. I’m glad you agee with me that pvc frog togs is the solution not some super-hyped-tech jacket $5 pvc suit folded in luggage and buy whatever jacket u like without consideration to whether it s waterproof. Tell us about the air canada deal please. I tried to figure out on their website - not easy... thanks!
  6. That’s good to know thanks!
  7. I see your reply and TorchSport ‘s reply gives me pause. The fact that you have the beefiest hitch is not going to fix car frame issues. Because you loose steering traction in the front and also you get braking issues. On the crv i sold, it felt unstable. I was hoping someone would have some good news for me because i like the idea of the carrier just because it’s so easy and practical.
  8. Yes, draw-tite is 350 lbs, the issue is not Draw-Tite, the issue is that Honda Element (as stated above by Tahoe Gator) has CRV frame. Which only has a max tongue weight capacity of 150 Lbs or so... It is no good that the hitch receiver is 350 lbs
  9. Yes agreed. Very obscure area. Based on readings i did of various state laws, it is not ok. But i see them around all the time. Harbor freight usually has a set of magnet lights intended for use when towing a car. They are always on sale for $9.99. Otherwise some Versa-Haul carriers come with lights built-in.
  10. Thanks man! Not feeling reassured at the moment That makes me worry even more. Cause if your 4Runner has 500Lbs and you felt like you lost some stability, how would it be for somoene with a crv that has much less tongue weight capacity? My gut feel is the carrier thing is fine for a dirtbike (not dualsport). Always wonder when i see dual-carriers that are supposed to carry two bikes....*_* another tip: you always see them on sale on craigslist with a description along these lines: “only used it once” “only used to briefly transport bike home” etc. Feels like people think it is a viable option but change their mind after a use or two i still like carriers, i have an aluminum one for my dirt bikes but i also have a trailer for dual sport and other bikes
  11. Do you know what the tongue capacity of the element is? I’m curious. It cant that much more than a honda crv. see my previous above
  12. There is one thing i didnt see anyone mentioning: the tongue capacity of the vehicle itself. It does not matter that the carrier is rated for 900 Lbs, if your car has a tongue capacity limit of 150 lbs, that’s your limit. This is a weak-link theory type thing. Your maximum weight is the max of your weakest point in the whole combination. This is what TorchSport briefly touches on in his post up above. Same goes for Tahoe Gator, I know that the Honda Element doesnt have a lot of tongue capacity. Normally the formula is your tongue max capacity is 10% to 15% of your maximum hauling capacity. carrier capacity is never an issue, you ll always find the strongest whatever, but it would be of no use if your vehicle cant stand it...i once bought a heavy duty Versa Haul rated for 600 lbs or something above. It was for sport bikes. At that time i had a first generation honda crv, max tongue capacity was about 150 0r 170 lbs or something like that. Because the carrier was heavy duty, it weighed about half that just by itself. So... i used it briefly to transport a ducati monster for about a mile just for a quick test. It didnt look good. I was driving very slowly. Sold the carrier after that. I would like to hear other opinions on this specific point of vehicle tongue capacity.
  13. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    Black KLX650 Acerbis Long Range Rally Large capacity tank to cover long distance this tank is rare, in black color is even more rare. Shoot me your best offer. Best offer gets it. Link with pictures to the classifieds section of ThumperTalk below. Otherwise check the ad in thumpertalk ads section.
  14. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    you sound pretty picky for someone who described these tanks as "They are scarce as unicorns" !!! I was just happy to find one.... anyway, you obviously never imported a tank like this so you probably don't know. for import purposes, cap and fuel tap had to be removed to comply with certain import/shipping regulations. the gas cap and fuel tap are available as well, this tank only uses one fuel tap unlike other models for DR650 and XR650 that use two. Once we agree about price everything will be included. if interested in further discussion provide phone number - you can send it privately. thanks!
  15. Adv Biker

    KLX 650 Oversize Fuel Tank?

    I have a red one. Pics here