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  1. Jorge Fernandez

    KTM Suspension doubts

    ohh, perfect! ill check that out, thanks alot!
  2. Jorge Fernandez

    KTM Suspension doubts

    Thanks for the answers, are the springs expensive? im from Mexico, so Jeff Slavens in colorado is kinda far
  3. Jorge Fernandez

    KTM Suspension doubts

    Hello guys! First time posting.. so im really sorry if this has been answered or asked before but i coudnt find it. Im starting with this amazing hobby and I recently bought a used KTM EXC 300 six days 2013, its a really good bike, sounds and works awesome, but the guy that had it before me, was kinda small (5'5 and 165lb) and had it set up for his size, so i took it with a mecanic and he set it up (SAG?), since im 6'1 and weight 200lbs and also moved the handlebar set up a bit (pushed it foward), i tried the bike on the street and it felt great, but when i went to the tactical terrain/trails/jumps, i really didnt feel comfortable at all, the front wheel feels unstable, uncontrolable, seems like the forks or something are to soft since they go too deep and its constantly bottoming, also turning arround became really dificult, even small rocks were making the handlebar move or shake a loot, and i really dont know what i should do.. Im sending it back to the mecanic to make some changes, but i want to see if you could give me some advice, since knowing how they work in here.. they are going to want to change everything just to make some cash out of it. thanks in advance!