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  1. Previous owner said he honed it before he did a top end. Alright thanks. ill be ordering the piston kit soon
  2. Also do you have to lube the powervalves before putting them back In?
  3. Don't need to hone it? Yea It looks like there's clearance there
  4. I'm getting about 53.98-54.04 for the cylinder. I think a b piston 53.95 would be in spec. Tried a magnet and it didn't stick
  5. Can you get a close enough measurement with a micrometer? Not sure if it's sleeved or not, I'll have to check. Im more on the occasional fun use side. I was gonna order a pro x kit.
  6. My cylinder is stamped "b" do I gotta order a b piston kit or the next letter? I cleaned the powervalves, they had a good amount of carbon residue. Am I gonna have to get a new cylinder sleeve after a few more hours?
  7. Here's some pictures of it apart.
  8. Thanks man!
  9. I've teared down a top end before but never messed with pv. I'll post pictures once it's apart. Thanks for now![emoji1360]
  10. Oh okay probably have to get a shop to do That? There's roughly 15 hours on that piston. I bought it with 10 (or that's what the guy said) and put 5 hours on it. Yea I for sure will take cylinder off
  11. Okay guess ill find out tomorrow, that would explain the hiccuping and sputtering probably
  12. I'm gonna tear it down tomorrow. Is that powervalve related though?
  13. That's what exhaust port looks like, pv stuck open creating those scratches?
  14. Is there anyway I can take pv assembly apart without taking cylinder off?