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  1. Stafford StJames

    2002 TTR90 piston kit

    I ended up buying the piston and rings, both 5mm oversized through partzilla.com. Cost me under $100 including delivery even after the exchange rate. I've got a few bits and pieces off them before. They seem to be pretty good, especially at half the price of trying to get it locally. Now I just got to fit the damn thing!! Hahah cheers
  2. Stafford StJames

    2002 TTR90 piston kit

    hi SOANZ, thanks for the reply. yeah i guess i'm going to have to go OEM. Its a bit of a cost for an old bike, was hoping i could do it cheaper. TrooperLu down around Cronulla does OEM parts, i think it was about $160 for the piston and rings but not including postage. then i have to get the cylinder bored out to match. I guess I should stop trying to be a cheap bastard and bite the bullet! haha Cheers
  3. Stafford StJames

    2002 TTR90 piston kit

    Hi Guys, trying to get a replacement oversized piston kit +.5mm for a 2002 TTR90. The only ones i seem to be able to find from Wiesco etc are for a 2003 onwards? Does this definately not fit a 2002? Does anyone know a manufacturer that makes one for a 2002? Thanks guys, any help is most appreciated.