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    ADVICE: KLX 110L vs KLX 140

    I'm about 6' and I occasionally ride my girlfriend's KLX110L around the backyard. Riding that bike I'm like a bear riding a tricycle in a Russian circus. It's hard to put my feet on the pegs, my knees are sticking out to the side, it's just goofing around for me to try to ride it. It's really a child's bike, maybe a short-term starter bike for a very small adult. A KTM 150XCW will take 100 lbs off a WR250R while still being physically sized for a grown-up and having as much power as you're ever going to need.
  2. I ordered a fair amount of stuff from that site last year. My impression was always that this was a side business that this guy runs in his spare time, but I always got what I ordered, I always got it promptly, and he was responsive over email to resolve a problem I had where something showed up with a part missing (which wasn't really even his fault).
  3. mantakos

    2017 150 XC-W Review

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  4. Looking through "bikefind" for a CRF 250x, it shows a bunch of Craigslist ads across the country for a 2016 CRF 250x for $2000. The ads are listed in Memphis, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Boston. All the ads show the same bike in front of the same house, for instance: https://memphis.craigslist.org/mcy/6253426319.html https://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/6253400410.html Does anybody know what kind of scam this is? Are Nigerian princes making their fortunes selling dirt bikes? -harry