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    1986 YZ250 anyone with knowledge on it??

    So I just saw your reply for some reason, you think it's an 88??
  2. Dennis Wilson

    1986 YZ250 anyone with knowledge on it??

    Ok, so after doing compression test, found that there was no compression. The previous owner had not upgraded the bike, but found that the stock piston of 68mm was too small, and the bike has been bored out to 69mm. Should've checked beforehand, but was lazy with it and just assumed. Put old piston back in and fires right up Everytime. Running a 50:1 mix, thinking of lowering the oil ratio to reduce some splooge in exhaust... Also, I'm running a b8es ngk plug, does anyone recommended upping it to like a b9? Or just go with the irridium? Runs great, only issue left is getting new Piston the right size, which can be ordered, and the idling. Still doesn't idle but for a couple seconds if that. But could also be jetting due to the setting where it is to have a touchy throttle response. Have tuned to lift up and take off/snap at any gear with the throttle.
  3. Dennis Wilson

    1986 YZ250 anyone with knowledge on it??

    Ok so got it all put back together, new Piston, clutch cable, etc etc. Bike won't start up, even with starting fluid. Backfires like every fifth kick or so out the exhaust. Will check timing tomorrow, plug was wet.
  4. Dennis Wilson

    1986 YZ250 anyone with knowledge on it??

    Sorry guys, have been on the oil rig, just got back in town. Ordered a bunch of stuff before I left, including a new Piston so tomorrow will install all the new stuff and let y'all know how it does. I'm sure it's going to be lack of compression, but also readjusted the carb and cleaned it. Looks like when the original owner had it, he put the needle attached to the slide/throttle cable in wrong. The plastic piece and little spring we're in wrong, etc etc. Throttle seems to work shit tons better but we will see when running. Thanks for the help, will post later.
  5. Dennis Wilson

    1986 YZ250 anyone with knowledge on it??

    I ordered a new Piston, cables, etc. Two weeks and I'll be back home to work on it, cold compression was 93psi, haven't tried hot. Used to idle when I picked it up but still had the initial start problem. Haven't tried after cleaning carb and readjusting needle.
  6. I'm looking for some help with my 86 yz250. I picked this bike up for 500, runs decent and is in fairly good shape. It has a carb for what I'm assuming is a 90s bike.. Has anyone experienced that? I have an issue now where it won't idle, and will only cold start with starter fluid. Once it's been fired up, it starts up every kick after.