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    85xr350r rear drum brakes

    Ok yeah I found the adjuster I never thought about rotating the brake lever. I will have to try that.
  2. Paul Hoffman

    85xr350r rear drum brakes

    I got a 85 xr350r a couple months ago it came in pieces and it's my first dirt bike so I don't know much when it comes to working on it. It came with no chain and pretty worn rear shoes and after getting g all the other kinks out of the bike I ordered them. Well I put them in and if I put the axel to where the chain is good the rear tire is locked up if I put it to where the brakes can turn the chain is way too loose.. In order to get them both right I have to move the axel all the way forward but I would have to cut the chain and something just doesn't seem right. What is the proper way to fit it all together. I'm just hoping it didn't mess up cutting the chain to the old brake shoes the wife will kill me if I tell her I have to order a new chain now.